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11 Misconceptions about Social Media | Advanced Digital marketing agency in bangalore

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11 Misconceptions about Social Media | Advanced Digital marketing agency in bangalore

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  1. 11 MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA A Comprehensive Guide -  Digital Marketing W R I T T E N B Y AJAY KUMAR RAI www.digitalvalueadd.com https://www.facebook.com/digitalvalueadd/ https://www.youtube.com/

  2. Social media marketing is an ever-growing way to promote your business and interact with audiences you might not have reached otherwise. But, for as much as it’s discussed by marketers online, there are still quite a few misconceptions we’d like to clear up. Here are 11 Misconceptions about Social Media to help prepare you for smooth sailing. Google+ is Useless Google+ posts are indexed by a search engine that boosts your SEO results and improves CTR. you'll realize a lot of targeted communities to affix.

  3. You'll promote your products or share your posts, blogs, articles and pictures. Google+ helps you rank at the highest of SERP page Don’t Share the Same Content If you think that that redundancy of posts can irritate your customers then you're wrong. 

  4. Redundancy of posts significantly will do additional good to your business. You can build brand and bring awareness concerning your product or services by promoting them all told social media channels. Bad Reviews are Bad for Business Usually, several businesses attempt to cut back the negative reviews on their social media page. Negative reviews will truly be seen as a chance to convert an unsatisfied customer client to a loyal fan by addressing review properly. People forever have their opinions thus enable them to precise openly. There is no need fear for the negative reviews as you can justify and also helps in improving your products and/or services.

  5. Sharing your Competitor’s Content Its okay to share your competitor`s content to your audience.  You'll be able to offer additional helpful content to your own audience and that they are glad for it. Using Trending Hash Tags Using additional or immaterial hashtags won't facilitate your business but only annoy your customers. Social media is all regarding providing relevant and helpful information to your customers. 

  6. Always use relevant and accurate hashtags in all Social Media Sites. Social Media is only for Younger's Nowadays people of every age use social media channels. Facebook alone has 1.23 billion of active users. 

  7. Facebook is that the most used social media platforms among all ages. All Social Media Channels are Same Every social media channel has its own special options and specific audience. Ex: B2B companies finds  a lot of success in LinkedIn than other Social Media channels. Social Media is not required We all agree that Search engine helps you to rank if you have got right keywords. Due to high competition and ever-changing of rule it's terribly tough for the small scale industries to alone relay on Search Engine.

  8. By using Social Media Marketing you'll be able to promote your product and services. It helps to seek out the correct audience quickly and simply instead of waiting your customers to search you via search engine. Social Media is Present all The Time

  9. In Social Media it's important to own a technique and continue it. Posting plenty of content on social media doesn’t impress your audience. Here, quality is a lot of vital than amount. Check that posts work higher and take a look at to boost the standard of posts. Social Media is easy & Free Social Media appearance very simple as a result of everyone seems to be there on. In Business, Social Media selling could be a terribly tough job. you'll connect with right customers as long as you employ right strategy. Incorrect use of Social Media or conveyancing inappropriate message will cause harm to your business.

  10. Social Media isn't specifically free. we are able to be part of any Social Media channel for free of charge, however that doesn`t mean that they don’t charge for any thing – we still need to invest to run ad campaigns in Social Media. More Followers means More Business Big numbers don`t really mean a lot of. Measure your success based on the engagement level of your posts. Having a million followers mustn't be your main goal. Here too, quality is a lot of important than amount. You'll be able to offer additional helpful content to your own audience and that they are glad for it.

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