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Printing Press. By: Zoe A. and Baili K.  Core #1. Who invented it? A German inventor named Johannes Gutenberg. When? 1400’s A.D. Where? Mainz, Germany. Johannes Gutenberg. Was an entrepreneur. Born in 1400 Mainz, Germany. Johannes Gutenberg.

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Printing press

Printing Press

By: Zoe A. and

Baili K.

 Core #1

Who invented it?

A German inventor named Johannes Gutenberg.


1400’s A.D.


Mainz, Germany

Johannes gutenberg
Johannes Gutenberg

  • Was an entrepreneur.

  • Born in 1400 Mainz, Germany.

Johannes gutenberg1
Johannes Gutenberg

  • Invented the printing press around of age 40.

Johannes gutenberg2
Johannes Gutenberg

  • He was German.

  • Died on February 3,1468.

Johannes gutenberg3
Johannes Gutenberg

  • In 1440 Johannes completed his wooden press which used movable metal type.

Johannes gutenberg4
Johannes Gutenberg

  • In 1444 Johannes returns to Mainz, Germany and sets up a printing shop.

Johannes gutenberg5
Johannes Gutenberg

  • In 1454 Johannes prints indulgences.

    *indulgences are notes sold to Christians by the pope, pardoning their sins.*

Johannes gutenberg6
Johannes Gutenberg

  • In 1455 inventor Johann Faust gains control of printing business.

Johannes gutenberg7
Johannes Gutenberg

  • In 1457 is the first known color printing.

Johannes gutenberg8
Johannes Gutenberg

  • In 1460 Johannes reestablished himself in the printing business with the aid of Conrad Humery.

Johannes gutenberg9
Johannes Gutenberg

  • In 1499 printing had become established in more than 2,500 cities around Europe.

Important ideas and facts
Important Ideas and Facts

  • It was the most influential invention of the second millennium A.D.

Important ideas and facts continued
Important Ideas and Facts Continued………

  • First Chinese characters were being put on scrolls, this was their idea of a printing press.

Important ideas and facts continued1
Important Ideas and Facts Continued………

  • Before the printing press, only churches and royalty were wealthy enough to have printed books.

Important ideas and facts continued2
Important Ideas and Facts Continued……

  • Johannes Gutenberg published over 4,000 books that were printed, one was the 42-lined bible 

Important ideas and facts1
Important Ideas and Facts

  • During the Middle Ages, reading was done as a social activity.

Important ideas and facts2
Important Ideas and Facts

  • In 1457, the first known color printing, printed red and blue initials along with the black text.

Important ideas and facts3
Important Ideas and Facts

  • The earliest mention of a printing press is in a lawsuit in 1439.

Important ideas and facts4
Important Ideas and Facts

  • In 1468, the invention spread rapidly after Johannes death.

Important ideas and facts continued3
Important Ideas and Facts Continued…..

  • The printing press could make 240 prints per hour.

Effect on society
Effect On Society

  • When Johannes invented the printing press it changed the middle ages forever.

Effects on society continued
Effects On SocietyContinued

  • The Printing Press changed the way books were made, printed instead of hundreds of copies written.

The hourglass
The Hourglass

-Hourglasses were used to time 30 minute spans of

time on Navel ships.

The hourglass continued
The Hourglass Continued…..

-Many churches were furnished with ornamental stands to hold the glass.

The hourglass continued1
The Hourglass Continued….

  • Used to measure speed on a ship.

  • Hourglasses contained Mercury, but sand was the ideal substance.

     This is the planet mercury, they don’t put this in the hourglass though.

The hourglass continued2
The Hourglass Continued


Chartres, France


It was invented around the 9th century but it wasn’t until the 14th century of the evidence it existed.


Luitprand, a monk.

Interesting facts of the hourglass
Interesting Facts Of the Hourglass

  • The medical hourglass was an excellent gift for a physician.

  • There were different types of hourglasses, such as the Medical Hourglass.

Review questions
Review Questions

  • Who invented the printing press?

  • What was the Printing Press used for?

  • Who invented the hourglass?

  • What was the hourglass used for?

  • How many cities did the printing press spread to?

Work cited page
Work-cited page