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The Customer Service Model. Customer Service Staff for Helpline and Order Processing Nine Dedicated Contractor Staff with long-term experience Direct access to Four Civil Servants and 35 other contractor support staff

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The sewp customer experience

Customer Service Staff for Helpline and Order Processing

Nine Dedicated Contractor Staff with long-term experience

Direct access to Four Civil Servants and 35 other contractor support staff

All interactions are measured for quality and timeliness with One Business Day response as a goal

2 Contract Holder Relationship Managers (CHRMs)

Daily interaction with Contract Holders

Mediation, support and oversight of Customer – Contract Holder interaction

Striving to Deliver Amazing!

The SEWP Customer Experience

Procurement lifecycle

Pre-Order Support

Review Requirements when scope is uncertain

Assistance on SEWP Processes including step-by-step walk through

Online Quote Request Tool

Order Processing

Review, process and forward orders to Contract Holder

Orders must be sent to SEWP Program Management Office (PMO) by Government Agency

Reconcile and track orders through completion

Post-order Support

Process and post order status data

Assist in order resolution

Procurement Lifecycle

Quote and pricing assistance
Quote and Pricing Assistance

  • Scope and Statement of Work (SOW) Review

    • If any concerns about an SOW and/or scope of requirements, submit information to for review and advise

  • If number of quotes received is less than expected, SEWP can assist in researching the cause and solution: contact

  • If quoted price is higher than expected or otherwise questionable, contact and we will research and provide recommendations

Training and outreach
Training and Outreach

  • On-site Training on Contracts, SEWP Program, and Tools

    • Free – that is right, the cost is $0

    • In-depth: 1.5 to 2 hours

    • 2 CLPs (Continuous Learning Points)

    • Worldwide

    • Any size audience

    • Contact / 301-286-1478 or see any SEWP staff member

  • Training Video

    • Same cost as the on-site training

    • Quick overview of main concepts

    • 15 minutes

    • DVD copies available

Frequently asked questions online knowledge base
Frequently Asked Questions Online Knowledge Base

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    • 80% of current helpline questions are answered in FAQ’s

      • We are always happy to answer questions personally

    • Frequently asked questions are available on SEWP website with search function

    • Glossary – SEWP definitions

  • Help ticket submissions and tracking

    • Customer Support Center Demonstration

    • Useful for non-office hours and for do-it-yourselfers

    • User receives email confirmation of receipt with ticket number for reference

  • FYI: Ticketing System is an example of Software as a Service purchased under the SEWP contracts

The customer service model

Customer Service

Submission Confirmation

Order process overview
Order Process Overview

Order Preparation

Order Processing





Classify -






Log Order


Order submitted

-Assign ‘Received Status

-Via Email / Fax / PRISM

- Acknowledge Receipt

- Attach Internal QC Checklist

Populate Internal QC Checklist

We Examine Order for Required Info:

- Contract Holder

- Agency




- Critical Info. Check


-Issuing Agency

-ITARS # (for VA)

-Training (DOD)

-Fair Opportunity Form (+$5 mil)





- Req’d Information

- Contract Holder

- Agency

Order sent to Contract Holder (CH)

CH verifies receipt

Order submission information
Order Submission Information

On fax cover sheet or e-mail text area include the following:

  • Include a Point of Contact (POC)

    • POC will be notified of all updates related to this order

    • If Contracting Officer (CO/KO) provides e-mail address, he/she will also be kept automatically informed of all updates

  • Zip code of the CO/KO’s office

  • Order Number (if credit card, provide order number to track with)

  • Expected delivery date

  • RFQ Number

  • VA: Include ITARS or reason ITARs is not needed

Order process
Order Process

  • Order is e-mailed or faxed from customer to SEWP Program Office

  • For e-mailed orders, confirmation immediately provided to customer including a Ticket Number

  • All orders initially reviewed and tracked

    • Initial Tracking Number assigned (referred to as the Q Number)

  • If initial review uncovers a problem, order is put into Problem status:

    • Contract Holder is automatically notified

    • Customer will receive a phone call and/or e-mail explaining the issue

    • Problem notification occurs within one business day but typically within 3-4 hours

Typical order problems
Typical Order Problems

  • Wrong Contract Number

    • Contract number does not match the Contract Holder’s name

    • A GSA contract number is provided instead of a SEWP contract number

  • Vendor is not a SEWP Contract Holder

  • Support Service Contractor issued order but is not authorized

  • For Veterans Affairs: there is no ITARS tracking number

  • For Department of Defense, the signing official is not trained

  • Order is not readable or is missing pages

  • Order modification sent in but we cannot locate the original order

Scope review check
Scope Review Check

  • Orders over $100,000 are reviewed by upper management to verify the order is in scope

  • Rarely an issue

    • Most common issue concerns services

  • Orders over $5 Million require Fair Opportunity backup

    • A Fair Opportunity Form

    • Or the SEWP RFQ (Request for Quote) number

Order entry information
Order Entry Information

  • User Delivery Date

    • Customer’s expected delivery date, if provided

    • Defaults to 30 days, if customer has not provided an expected date

    • Contract Holder must either meet the date or provide an explanation and negotiate a different date

  • Order status is set to ‘Entered’

  • Point of contact(s) (POC) selected

  • Order Sequence Number (OSN) is assigned

    • Unique number used for tracking

    • When referring back to order for any issues or mods, it is helpful to note the OSN

Order processed e mail
Order Processed E-mail

The following SEWP Order has been entered at the SEWP Program and forwarded to the Contract Holder CDW*G

Delivery Order Number : CBCL751

Order Status : ENTERED

Expected Delivery Date: MAY 13, 2011

Contract Number : NNG07DA35B / CDW*G

Award Date : 03/21/11

Mod Level : 0

Control Number (OSN) : 134319

Total Amount : 2812.6

Surcharge Amount : 12.6

Agency Number (or ITARS) : 549990

CO Name :

CO Phone :

Either contact us at or call us at (301)286-1478 if you have any questions.

Thank You,

SEWP Staff

E mail notification
E-Mail Notification

  • Indicates order has been processed and forwarded to the Contract Holder

  • OSN provided (Control Number)

  • Calculated Fee listed

    • Informational only – no changes required if fee is different on order

  • Contract Holder must verify receipt

  • Customer does not need to reply – Thank You’s are not needed

  • Any questions / issues should be sent to

Order evolution tracking
Order Evolution & Tracking

  • SEWP Logs History of Order from Original Receipt through Shipment

    • Order Status Can be Obtained on Website (under ‘Order Info’)

    • For recent info on order contact Contract Holder and CC

Order status shipped
Order Status - Shipped

  • Contract Holder has shipped all products

  • Contact Contract Holder (cc if shipment not received

  • All products requiring shipment should be fulfilled

  • Shipped status does not imply service related items; e.g. installation, training, warranty; have been fulfilled

Shipped e mail
Shipped E-mail

The following information concerning Order#: "742P15030" and osn: "133383" was provided by Contract Holder Rep. "Analisa Chase" of "Intelligent Decisions".

Status was changed from ENTERED to SHIPPED

Shipped Date was entered 03/28/11

The following Remarks were added:

All product shipped.

Order status partial and poponly
Order Status – Partial and POPOnly

  • Parital Status => Contract Holder has shipped some of the products

  • POPOnly Status => Order does not contain any items to be shipped

    • POP refers to Period of Performance; e.g. only service related items; e.g. installation, training, warranty; are on this order

Order status canceled
Order Status - Canceled

  • Customer has sent in a mod or e-mail to cancel order

  • Contract Holder has denied acceptance

    • Customer POC has been notified

  • Order has a problem which has remained dormant for over 30 days

  • Orders canceled in the SEWP system can be reset to Entered status through a notification from the customer

Order status delayed
Order Status - Delayed

  • Contract Holder is delaying the processing of the order until an issue is resolved

  • Typically requires an order mod or an email communication

  • Contract Holder is not responsible for delivery fulfillment until issue is resolved

    • Please pay attention to these e-mails (sample on next slide)

  • There are only a defined set of reasons for a Delayed status as listed in next set of slides

Delayed status e mail
Delayed Status E-mail

The following information concerning Order#: "657R14175" and osn: "133955" was provided by Contract Holder Rep. "Michael McCabe" of "Blue Tech, Inc.".

Status was changed from ENTERED to DELAYED

Delay Reason is Customer placed order based on expired quote.

The following Remarks were added:

Order has been placed in Delayed status indicating that BLUE_TECH is delaying acceptance and processing the order because it is based on an expired quote. Please contact the Contract Holder for an updated quote.

This order stems from a request put out on 8/25/2010.

Reasons for delayed status 1 of 3
Reasons for Delayed Status (1 of 3)

  • Awaiting an order modification

    • The Delayed status e-mail should indicate the nature of the required mod

    • Some typical mod requirements:

      • Customer request to wait for a mod to change some item on the order

      • Contract Holder information (address, name, etc) is incorrect

      • The item is end of life and a replacement is needed

        • Price cannot be increased

  • Awaiting availability of funds

    • Contract Holder is not obligated to fulfill and order if the order indicates that funds are not yet available

    • Often resolved through a simple mod or e-mail confirmation

Reasons for delayed status 2 of 3
Reasons for Delayed Status (2 of 3)

  • Award date needs to be updated because SEWP Quote tool not used

    • Items on the quote were not on the SEWP Contract at time of award

    • Use of the SEWP Quote tool prevents this from occurring

  • Contract Holder needs credit card information

    • Contact the Contract Holder

    • Do not e-mail or provide SEWP Program Office with credit card number

  • Customer included unacceptable Terms and Conditions (Ts and Cs)

    • Additional Ts and Cs must be mutually agreeable

Reasons for delayed status 3 of 3
Reasons for Delayed Status (3 of 3)

  • Customer placed order based on expired quote

    • Most quotes valid for 30 days

  • Order did not match the quote

  • Order resulted from Market Research

    • Market Research based quotes are unverified and therefore cannot be used to place an order

Assistance with order issues
Assistance With Order Issues

  • Contact Contract Holder Program Manager

    • List of contacts under “Contract Holders” menu at

  • Cc on all correspondence

  • SEWP Program Office provides advice, recommendations, problem resolution and tracking of issues

Contract holder relationship manager

2 Full-time staff serve as CHRMs (Contract Holder Relationship Managers)

Liaison between SEWP Program Management Office (PMO), Contract Holders (CH), Industry, and Users

Daily if not hourly interactions between CHRMs and Contract Holders

Annual one-on-one meetings with each Contract Holder

Discuss past issues

Promote good communication

Quarterly Program Manager Meetings

Assist Government Customers with Issue Resolution

Provides mediation, research, recommendations, and/or a sympathetic ear

Objective is to provide a balanced perspective

Contract Holder Relationship Manager

Chrming activities

Industry Events Relationship Managers)

Semi-annual Industry Forums

Please encourage any company you work with who wants to know more about SEWP to attend one of these events (send email to

Sales Training

Sales forces at all Contract Holders are required to be trained on SEWP Contracts

Manufacturer Training

Track Program Performance

Assist in review and approval of product catalog updates:

Technology Refreshments (TR)

Statement of Work and Scope Reviews

Oversight of Contract Holder Only Page (CHOP)

Web site used to provide Contract Holders with a suite of tools

Manage the Contract Holder Reports

CHRMing Activities

Contract holder reports

SEWP provides Contract Holders with an array of periodical reports

Contract Holder is fully informed of all SEWP-related activities, actions, and issues in a timely fashion

Agency and Contract Holder Total Usage – Monthly

Delivery Order and Quote Request Summary – Weekly

Pending Quote Requests – Daily

Orders With Upcoming or Overdue Delivery Times – Daily

Order Receipt and Order Summary Issue Report - Daily

Contract Holder Reports

Sewp notification recipients
SEWP Notification Recipients periodical reports

Program performance categories 1 of 2

Reporting Category periodical reports



Surcharge Payments

Customer Satisfaction

Response to Customer Complaints

Quality of Products and Services

Information Distribution

Correct Information


Marketing Materials


Follow Customer Contact Guidelines

Program Performance Categories (1 of 2)

Program performance categories 2 of 2

Delivery Category periodical reports

Orders Delivered by Expected Delivery Date

CH Follows SEWP Procedure for Delivery Delays

CHOP Used to Update Order Status

Customer Properly Notified

Contract Adherence Category

Quote in Accordance with SEWP Rules

All Quoted Items on contract

All Quoted Items included in Verification File

Quote Submitted Through SEWP Quote Interface

Attend Required Meetings

Follow SEWP Delivery Order Policy

Reporting Accuracy

Program Performance Categories (2 of 2)

Program performance ratings

Ratings are based on 4 levels periodical reports

Blue = Excellent

Green = Very Good

Yellow = Fair

Red = Poor

In general, multiple problems in a given area within a 3 month window causes a downgrade

After a downgrade, 3 months without any issues results in an upgrade

Program Performance Ratings

Program performance page
Program Performance Page periodical reports

Program performance what it means

Program Performance does not constitute the official Past Performance ratings based on FAR Part 42.15. Customer Satisfaction

Annual past performance ratings may be obtained upon request

Goal is to have everyone rated Excellent

Contract Holders were awarded a contract in part based on evaluation of program level capabilities

Best use of the Program Performance ratings is to encourage Contract Holders to resolve issues quickly and with minimum delay

SEWP Program Office would rather have a satisfied customer than a downgraded Contract Holder

Program PerformanceWhat it Means

Program performance what a low rating means

If a rating is Good or Poor: Performance ratings based on

Check the category:

Reporting and Information Distribution are unlikely to affect an individual order performance as these tend to be Program level issues;

Contract Adherence issues may be Customer related – typically related to Quoting or Program level issues

Delivery and Customer Satisfaction may indicate an issue with past order fulfillment

Contact the SEWP Program Office, especially for Poor Ratings in Delivery and/or Customer Satisfaction

Program Office can provide more details on the meaning of the rating

Future version of the Quote tool will flag Contract Holders with low program performance ratings

Program PerformanceWhat a Low Rating Means

Program performance what you can do to help

Send information about any Contract Holder issues to Performance ratings based on

CC: on any correspondence with Contract Holder concerning an issue

If we do not know about the problem, we cannot assist

If we do not know about a problem, we cannot prevent it from happening again

Program PerformanceWhat You Can Do to Help

Contact us

Helpline: Performance ratings based on 301-286-1478 Mon–Fri, 7:30 AM–6:00 PM ET

Fiscal Year End Hours are Extended. Watch SEWP Website for exact details.

Always open till midnight on September 30th

Fax orders to: 301-286-0317

E-mail orders & modifications to:

E-mail for Assistance :

Always CC SEWP when corresponding with Contract Holder regarding any issues

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