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Elder Abuse Policy Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Elder Abuse Policy Presentation

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Elder Abuse Policy Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elder Abuse Policy Presentation

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  1. Elder Abuse Policy Presentation Community Support October 3, 2011

  2. Overview Purpose for Policy Development Process Why do we need consistent policies Considerations for Policy Development Having a Specific Template Structure Identifying whom should be involved Community Support

  3. Overview continued … Other related policies within Western Health Barriers to Policy Development Current Actions within Western Region Community Support

  4. Purpose for Policy Development Process • Policy Framework provides direction in addressing the needs of people whom Western Health are serving • In relation to elder abuse, we are looking at multiple policies across the continuum of care • There has to be a written policy and procedure guide on doing policy framework Community Support

  5. Why do we need consistent policies To help employees understand what is expected of them To assist in orientation of new employees To ensure plans are in place in case of an emergency To ensure that clients/patients/residents receive a consistent level of service to improve their overall health and well being Community Support

  6. Considerations in Policy Development To write policy, we need to identify the needs of the target population Environmental scan Regional Profiles Regional Demographic i.e. Western Health provides service to a region with a rapidly aging population. Within that population, what are the issues: poverty, stress on families caring for aging parents Set Goals and Priorities Assign Timelines To Ensure Accountability Community Support

  7. The policy should have a specific template structure that would include: Purpose – why the policy exists Policy – Key statement on the organizations position. Definitions – needed for less commonly understood, but key terms. If multiple definitions may want to create a glossary. i.e. Elder Abuse Procedure – What needs to be done to carry out the policy .Write out the steps in simple language, include what has to be done and in what order. Complex procedures may require headings and subheadings Guidelines – Clinical practice or best practice guidelines are included here. Community Support

  8. The policy should have a specific template structure that would include… Legislative Context – Where you state whether there are any provincial or federal legislations, directives or by-laws that have to be followed as they provide the broad framework for the policy References - List other references related to the policy, including other policies, literature references, research or other documents that may be useful for users of the policy Key Words – for intranet search. This makes it easier for employees to find the policy from which they are seeking direction. Forms – Include sample forms that would be used as part of the policy’s procedures Community Support

  9. Identification of People who would be involved in the development of Elder Abuse Policies Internal Partners Social workers in acute care, long term care and community support Nurse managers and nurses working in these areas Emergency room staff Physicians Etc. External Partners Police Senior resource centres Primary health care teams Coalition to end violence groups Community members Community Support

  10. After a draft policy is developed, a copy is forwarded to stakeholders for review and comments. This feedback will be taken into consideration to be incorporated into the final policy which will be brought through the approval process Community Support

  11. Other Western Health Policies that deal with Violence Duty to Report Violence Prevention Occurrence Reporting Disclosure of Occurrences Serious/Severe Occurrence Reporting and Management Harassment and Discrimination Free Workplace Community Support

  12. Barriers in Policy Development There is a need for clear and consistent definitions that are within all policies. An example would be within the following three groups: suspected neglected adult (defined), abuse of an older adult (defined with age), and abuse of a vulnerable adult (defined) There should be discussion on whether there is a need for mandatory reporting for staff across the continuum of care Community Support

  13. Barriers in Policy Development… • Access to financial and human resources required to put in service. i.e. home support hours, easy access to specialized services, communication language barriers, complexity of cases • The identification of skill set and tools in: • Assessing capacity • Screening referrals • Assessing risks • Developing case plan Community Support

  14. Barriers in Policy Development… • Access to information and sharing of information in/outside the organization • Current Neglected Adults Welfare Act legislation has limitations. (i.e. looks at neglect but not abuse, difficult to effectively conduct investigation) • Very positive that there is new legislation coming out next year. An Act Respecting the Protection of Adults Community Support

  15. Current Action Within Western Health • There is a designated resource to research the practices in relation to assessing/investigating allegations against vulnerable adults • We are reviewing current regional demographics and statistics to assist in policy development. • We are reviewing past and current practices; and regional and provincial policies and standards. Community Support

  16. Current Action Within Western Health • Identifying gaps and risks in current practice and policy within the Western Region • Identifying in-service priorities for staff and managers • Participating in regional and provincial committees to address issues in relation to violence against older persons Community Support

  17. WESTERN HEALTH • Policy development around elder abuse is very important if we look at our own demographics, in trying to meet the needs of seniors we know that we have an ever increasing aging population and this will be a priority issue Community Support

  18. Thank You Sean Hillier Social Work Consultant Community Support Program Western Health 149 Montana Drive, 2nd Floor Stephenville, NL (709) 643 8717 Community Support