corporate social responsibility n.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corporate Social Responsibility. Team: B2. Agenda. Strategy Introduction Common CSR initiatives Strategic CSR principles CSR categories Social Sustainability Environmental Sustainability Economic Sustainability Justification of CSR Conclusion References. Strategy 4.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Presentation Transcript
  • Strategy
  • Introduction
  • Common CSR initiatives
  • Strategic CSR principles
  • CSR categories
    • Social Sustainability
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Economic Sustainability
  • Justification of CSR
  • Conclusion
  • References
strategy 4
Strategy 4
  • Identify new user groups of SeaSpray and SeaHorse
  • Introducing jet ski and Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) racing clubs
  • Increase rescue/military sales team by 1 person
  • Increase marketing budget to £160 K
  • Identify additional specification for the users
  • Reduce production by shedding 2 production operatives
  • New technology investment

Business decision making linked to ethical values, compliance with legal requirements, and respect for people, communities, and the environment around the world (Thomas & Nowak, 2006)

  • Correct reputation add value to companies with various ways: charge higher prices, have loyal customers and attract better human and capital support
  • CSR has been established in marketing as it helps the image and reputation of a company (Lii & Lee, 2012)

What’s CSR?

Why CSR?

  • Traditionally in the United States, CSR has been defined much more in terms of a philanthropicmodel. Companies make profits, unhindered except by fulfilling their duty to pay taxes. Then they donate a certain share of the profits to charitable causes.
  • The European model is much more focused on operating the core business in a socially responsible way, complemented by investment in communities for solid business case reasons.

(Mallen Baker, 2004)

common csr initiatives
Common CSR initiatives
  • Sponsorship – it is suggested that can generate more money than every kind of advertising
  • Cause-related marketing (CRM) - has a positive effect on consumers perception and customers respond positively to CRM initiatives
  • Philanthropy - is related with corporate image and social recognition and can improve customers attitude towards a company

(Lii&Lee, 2012)

strategic csr principles
Strategic CSR principles
  • Cultivate needed talent
  • Develop new markets
  • Protect labor welfare
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Profit from by-products
  • Involve customers
  • Green your supply chain

(Heslin&Ochoa, 2009)

1 social sustainability
1. Social Sustainability
  • Sponsorship in races and clubs
  • Provide education about boats through establish Kids racing club
  • Support people that were made redundant
2 environmental sustainability
2. Environmental Sustainability
  • Greening manufacturing processes
  • Minimize wastes during the production through R&D
  • Design environmental friendly products and services
  • “Big cleaning day” - trade-in old boats
3 economic sustainability
3. Economic Sustainability
  • Recycling/ re-usage components of old boats from the inventory
  • Partnership with other organisations
justification of csr
Justification of CSR
  • Sponsoring activities
  • Old boats trade-in
  • Environmental activities
  • Educational activities
  • Collaboration with other company
  • Utilization of technology and marketing investments
  • Reduce inventory
  • Higher sales
  • Attract customers
  • Advertisements
  • Improve corporate image
  • Customer’s better attitude/perception toward the company
  • Alternative revenues



  • When customer’s perception about the company CSR approach identifies with their personal beliefs, they are likely to support it.
  • In whole, CSR is a way for companies to do PR, improve their corporate image and increase sales.
  • Internally, CSR is a way to save money and reduce costs of production

(Lii&Lee, 2012)

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