Software defined radio
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Software Defined Radio. 長庚電機通訊組 碩一 張晉銓 指導教授 : 黃文傑博士. Outline. Digital Hardware Choices Hardware Elements DSP Processor Field Programmable Gate Arrays Trade-Offs in DSP, FPGA and ASIC. Digital Hardware Choices.

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Software defined radio

Software Defined Radio

長庚電機通訊組 碩一 張晉銓



  • Digital Hardware Choices

  • Hardware Elements

  • DSP Processor

  • Field Programmable Gate Arrays

  • Trade-Offs in DSP, FPGA and ASIC

Digital hardware choices
Digital Hardware Choices

  • Flexibility-Overall system clock rate be adjustable in different data rate

  • Modularity-allow easy replacement or upgrading of subsystem

  • Scalabilityallow the radio to be enhance to improve capability (increase channels)

  • Performance

    • Power consumption, cost ,computational capability metrics

Hardware elements
Hardware Elements

  • DSPs:microprocessor-based, support high level languages like C, offer the most flexibility

  • ASICs:circuit in fixed silicon ,optimized speed and power consumption, requires sophisticated circuit design and layout software tools.

  • FPGAs: provide much hardware-level reconfigu-rability, flexibility: DSP>FPGA>ASIC.

    Tools for FPGA are similar to those for ASIC

    Trade: flexibility, processing speed and power consumption

Dsp processor
DSP Processor

  • Digital Signal Processors,DSPs are designed to include special functional units in the hardware as well as special instruction in the microcode

    • FFT or Viterbi decoding

    • Consists arithmetic logic unit (ALU), accumulator MAC unit and data and address buses

    • For wireline and wireless communication ,or general control application

Dsp architecture
DSP Architecture

  • Harvard Architecture

    • Program memory and data memory

    • On-chip or off-chip memory

  • Uniscalar Architecture

    • More than one multiplier and ALU

    • Execution of one instruction per cycle

  • Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD)

  • Very Long Instruction Word Architecture

  • Superscalar Architecture

  • Hybrid Architectures

Numeric representation
Numeric Representation

  • Fixed Point

    • Less power and cost

  • Floating Point

    • Easy to program than fixed point DSP


  • Pipelining is setting up and executing in parallel the various stages of instruction processing

Field programmable gate arrays
Field Programmable Gate Arrays

  • Optimized for multilevel circuit

  • Static random access memory (SRAM)

  • SRAM-based FPGA can be reprogrammed and on-the-fly during the operation of the sys.

Application of fpga to software radios
Application of FPGA to software Radios

  • System with high sample rate

  • System with very-high-order FIR filters because the algorithm can be implemented in parallel

  • System with fast correlators because the LUT architecture of FPGA provides a fast and efficient way to build correlators

Trade offs in dsp fpga and asic
Trade-Offs in DSP, FPGA and ASIC

  • Low complexity can be solved with DSP

  • FPGA and ASIC tend to be more useful when the complexity of the problem increases

  • Using a combination of DSP, FPGA and ASIC.

Software defined radio

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