Commemorating the hokkien immigrants
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Commemorating The Hokkien Immigrants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Commemorating The Hokkien Immigrants. An Integrated Humanities ACE project by: Yap Kai Herng (27) Jacus Pek Le Xuan (16) Ryan Ong Rui Song (15). A Brief Introduction.

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Commemorating the hokkien immigrants

Commemorating The Hokkien Immigrants

An Integrated Humanities ACE project by:

Yap Kai Herng (27)

JacusPek Le Xuan (16)

Ryan OngRui Song (15)

A brief introduction
A Brief Introduction

  • The Hokkien Community is the largest Chinese dialect group in modern Singapore, making up 41% of the Chinese population here.

  • The Hokkiens came here mainly doing trade, being heavily engaged in the spice trade, but also trading coffee, rubber, flour, fodder, Chinese tea, hardware, building materials, textiles, tropical fruits and rice.

  • All of the Hokkiens came from Fujian.

  • Hokkiens came to Singapore due to rural poverty, overcrowding and insufficient land for farming.

Why commemorate
Why commemorate?

  • The Hokkiens sacrificed their relationships and the comfort of their homes to come here to work, helping in Singapore’s growth as a port and nation.

  • They were the largest Chinese immigrant group and therefore had the greatest contribution to Singapore.

What our monument is about
What our monument is about

  • It is about commemorating the hard work and labour of the early Hokkien immigrants and remembering their bravery to come here in search of a better lifefor themselves and their families.

The monument
The monument

  • (add monument here, I dunno what monument you guys are thinking about)

Meaning behind design
Meaning behind design

This is to show our appreciation for the Hokkiens who have contributed to early Singapore’s success as a port. They have braved through the journey of life and found a place to work at, a sunny island where hopes werehigh. The Hokkiens are a group of people who should be remembered as long as Fujian and Singapore continue to exist, as they are a great people, skilled workers who assisted Singapore to this very day.