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WorkKeys Job Profile 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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WorkKeys Job Profile 101

WorkKeys Job Profile 101

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WorkKeys Job Profile 101

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  1. Presented by Janet Hawkins ACT - Authorized WorkKeys Job Profiler WorkKeys Job Profile 101

  2. ACT (American College Testing Program,Inc) Workforce Development: Career Ready 101 / KeyTrain WorkKeys Assessments Career Readiness Certificate WorkKeys Job Profiling Career Readiness Employer Partnership

  3. WorkKeys Job Skills System Job Profiling: Determines the level of skill necessary for entry and effective performance Education / Training: Efficiently closes skill gaps Skill Assessments: Measures an individual’s skill level Can lead to obtaining an CRC

  4. Oklahoma Certified Work Ready Program Partnership • Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development • Oklahoma Department of Commerce • Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

  5. Career Readiness Certificate Training: CR 101 CR 101  WorkKeys Assessments Job Profile Introduction to Career Ready 101 Finding Your Career Creating Your Career Goals Financial Awareness Preparing for Your Career Real-World Experience

  6. CR 101 (cont’d) KeyTrain Career Skills • The Job Search • Work Habits • Workplace Effectiveness • Communication Skills • Business Etiquette

  7. CR 101 (cont’d) KeyTrain Pretest Workplace Skills • Reading for Information • Applied Mathematics • Locating Information • Applied Technology • Writing • Business Writing • Teamwork • Workplace Observation • Listening

  8. For More Info…. KeyTrain/CR 101 Statewide Free Access

  9. WorkKeys Assessments CRC 101 WorkKeys Assessments Job Profile • Applied Mathematics • Applied Technology • Business Writing or Writing • Listeningfor Understanding • Locating Information • Reading for Information • Teamwork • Workplace Observation

  10. Career Readiness Certificate • Issued by ACT through the State of Oklahoma: Office of the Governor, recognized nationally. • Person must be WorkKeys assessed in these three areas: 1. Applied Mathematics 2.Locating Information 3. Reading for Information 61,000+ Career Readiness Certificates issued in Oklahoma (9/30/2011)

  11. OK Career Readiness Certificates

  12. National Career Readiness Certificate

  13. ACT WorkKeys Job Profile CR 101 WorkKey Assessments Job Profile • A WorkKeys Job Profile is a job analysis system that helps businesses identify the skills and skill levels employees must have to perform particular jobs effectively. • WorkKeys job profiling is conducted by job analysts who have been trained and authorized by WorkKeys industrial/organizational psychologists.

  14. Career Readiness Certificate Employer Benefits • Decreases training time • Decreases production errors • Reduces turnover, overtime and waste while increasing morale • Tool for hiring and promoting employees • Knowing the ability level of the employee

  15. Career Readiness Certificate Job Seeker Benefits • Builds confidence that skills meet the needs • Determines skill training needs • Improves opportunities for career • Increases chances to be hired • Provides skill upgrade training • Opportunity for promotion “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” -Lao-Tzu

  16. Case Studies VF Jeanswear, Corp. Seminole, OK Pelco Products Incorp., Edmond, OK StoneHouse Marketing Services Norman, OK Sooner Power Plant

  17. ACT WorkKeys Job Profile • Uses Content Validity Strategy • Establishes evidence that the relevant WorkKeys tests measure skills that are representative of the content of the job • Establishes that the skills are critical to job performance • Complies with EEOC, Uniform Guidelines **These are the key differences vs. an Occupational Profile.**

  18. ACT WorkKeys Job Profile Customized for your Business Step 1: Initial Task List Step 2: Task Analysis Step 3: Skill Analysis, Repeating Process Step 4: Documentation Results that can be used to support hiring, promotion, and training decisions

  19. Job Profile Steps • Step 1: Initial Task List The job profiler develops an initial task list of the tasks most relevant to the job. Example: Handles customer complaints concerning billing by identifying the nature of the problem, correcting minor billings errors, and forwarding requests.

  20. Job Profile Steps(cont’d) Client Contact and Tour • Tours company • Job Shadows • Collect specific job information • Reviews initial job task list • Determines subject matter experts (SMEs)

  21. Job Profile Steps (cont’d) Step 2: Task Analysis • Conducted on-site at company • Subject Matter Experts, facilitated by Job Profiler • Modify, add, or delete tasks

  22. Job Profile Steps: Task List

  23. Job Profile Steps (cont’d) Step 3: Skill Analysis • Define a WorkKeys skill • Identify tasks requiring the skill • Discuss how tasks require skill • Skill level determined with examples of problems and situations • Use consensus process to determine the level of skill required.

  24. Job Profile Steps (cont’d) • Step 4 : Documentation • Supporting evidence from discussions • Tasks statements • Entry and Effective performance levels • Recommendations for using report

  25. Example of Entry and Effective 2 Entry Level 3 Effective Level

  26. Job Profile Report

  27. ACT’s Responsibility • Company must follow EEOC, Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedure. • ACT intends to take all reasonable steps necessary to defend the WorkKeys program, and its use by a given employer in a particular instance.

  28. Job Profiling: Why? • A legal tool for use in hiring and promoting • Decreases training time • Decreases production errors • Emphasis on tasks for recruitment efforts • Improves efficiency of your training practices • Increases morale • Reduces turnover, overtime, and waste • Better return on investment (ROI)

  29. Replacement Cost Per Employee Replacement cost of an employee is 150% of base salary. Money used for: • Training Cost • Unfilled Position Cost • Recruitment • New Staff Hiring • Separation Processing Bliss-Gately, “Cost to Replace Tool”

  30. Costs? The costs of a job profile with 3 skill analysis is less than the cost of losing one employee.

  31. Oklahoma Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) Recognize the CRC when presented by a potential employee. Request the CRC from all job applicants and include “CRC Certified Preferred” in hiring announcements. Require the CRC when hiring or evaluating current employees for jobs that are profiled by an ACT authorized WorkKeys job profiler.

  32. WorkKeys System Job Profiling • Reading for Information • Applied Math • Applied Tech _____________________ • Reading for Information • Applied Math • Applied Tech Step 1: Profile the Widget Assembly position. The job analysis shows: Step 2: Review the qualifications of applicant by the WorkKeys Assessment that was taken. Assessment

  33. WorkKeys System • Reading for Information (RI) • Applied Math • Applied Tech (AT) Step 3: Compare the skills needed for the position to applicants skills. Her RI and AT skills meet the job requirements. Yet, she falls short in Applied Math requirements. She can improve her scores using CRC 101. Need Determination

  34. Employers Share Comments “Having the right employee with the right skills for the job is of utmost importance. Employees stay longer, like their job, are reliable and have the ‘care factor.’” David Tucker, Chief Operating Officer StoneHouse Marketing Services “We need a better trained workforce, one that can transition from one job to the next. That is why OG&E now requires WorkKeys assessments for all job applicants. WorkKeys clear explanation helps both the job seeker and employer know exactly where more training is needed for a certain job.” Gilbert Hall SeniorTraining Coordinator, OG&E

  35. Bottom Line Proficiency in basic skills is a prerequisite to successfully learning other skills necessary for career advancement and adaptation to new technologies.

  36. CRC 101WorkKeys Assessment Job Profiling • CRC101(the training) - Free license available through the Oklahoma Department of • WorkKeys Assessment (the tests) – Job Applicants test at Workforce Oklahoma locations. • Job Profiling (the skill levels required for a specific job) - Contact Career Tech representative or <> for list of Authorized ACT WorkKeys Job Profiler.

  37. Job Profile Janet Hawkins ACT- Authorized WorkKeys Job Profiler 405 612.3061