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Payroll & paperwork for Adjuncts and Temp employees PowerPoint Presentation
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Payroll & paperwork for Adjuncts and Temp employees

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Payroll & paperwork for Adjuncts and Temp employees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Payroll & paperwork for Adjuncts and Temp employees. Understanding the Process from A-Z. Determining employment type: getting employees paid. Determining Employment type. Regular-Benefitted Employees-This process is done through HR Eligible for benefits Accrue Leave Yearly contract

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payroll paperwork for adjuncts and temp employees

Payroll & paperwork for Adjuncts and Temp employees

Understanding the Process from A-Z

determining employment type
Determining Employment type
  • Regular-Benefitted Employees-This process is done through HR
    • Eligible for benefits
    • Accrue Leave
    • Yearly contract
  • Temporary Employees
    • No Leave accruals, no benefits
    • Employment length varies
    • Submits hourly timesheets
    • Adjunct Instructors
    • No Leave accruals, no benefits except tuition waiver
    • Employment length varies, per semester basis
  • Work Study Students
    • Student Workers
    • Documentation processed through Financial Aid
which form should i use
Which Form Should I Use?
  • Supplemental Compensation Form
    • Additional duties above original contract
      • Faculty Overloads
      • Professional teaching Adjunct
      • Portfolio Reading
      • Lead Instructor
    • Providing additional services, require additional pay.
  • Personnel Transaction Form
    • Employment Contract
    • All temp employees should have one
      • Adjunct Instructors
      • Non-credit instructors
      • Tutors
initiating a supplemental
Initiating a supplemental

There are “How To” manuals on the SJC website, under Human Resources on the left of the page. Below is the link.

supplemental compensation forms
Supplemental Compensation Forms
  • Each supplemental that is submitted needs to include
    • Job Title
    • Department
    • Date(s) work is to be performed
    • Brief Description of Services
    • Account number with appropriate object code
    • Pay information, time/credit hours, hours/credits/fixed amount, and rate of pay
initiating a personnel transaction form
Initiating a Personnel transaction form

There are “How To” manuals on the SJC website, under Human Resources on the left of the page. Below is the link.

personnel transaction forms
Personnel Transaction Forms
  • Basic Employee Information is required

Datatel ID, if you enter this, the rest of their information will automatically populate the fields. If you don’t have it then enter the information below:

    • First and Last names
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • SSN & birthdate, if you have it

Follow “How To” manual for entering the rest of the information needed

after the personnel transaction form is submitted
After the personnel Transaction form is submitted

If employee is a new hire, complete the new hire packet

new hire paperwork
New Hire Paperwork
  • Required for ALL NEW EMPLOYEES and returning employees who haven’t worked for SJC in the past 12 months
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • W-4
    • NMERB Enrollment Form
    • I-9
    • Emergency Contact Information Sheet
    • Anti-Harassment/Drug Free School/Injured on the Job/ and Computer Usage policies.
    • Criminal Background Check
new temporary employee checklist
New Temporary Employee Checklist
  • Submit Personnel Transaction Form to Human Resources
  • Have new employee complete New Hire Packet:
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • W-4
    • NMERB Enrollment Form
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Anti-harassment receipt certification
    • Drug Free Schools and Communities receipt certification
    • What to Do If Injured on the Job receipt certification
    • Computer Resources Acceptable Use Policy
    • Background Check Authorization form if position meets criteria
  • Submit signed PT to Human Resources with completed New Hire Packet
  • The I-9 form can be completed once employment has been offered.
direct deposit form
Direct Deposit FORM
  • Optional
  • Must attach voided check or print out from their bank with the account and routing number, to avoid errors
  • Bank information must be completed and the form must be signed
  • Can be split between 2 or more accounts
    • Employee must state exact dollar amount they would like to put in each account
      • Forms that say, “Split in half, etc.” or have a percentage listed, will be returned
form w 4
Form w-4
  • Required by Federal Government
  • Please make sure the form is signed boxes 1 – 5 are completed
    • Employees will often ask, how many dependents should I claim? Should I file single?
      • Offering this advice could make you liable if there is an error in reporting.
      • Make the employee accountable to read the top portion of the form that includes basic directions, and notes.
nmerb enrollment form
NMERB Enrollment form
  • This form is REQUIRED for all employees who work 10 or more hrs/wk or teach 3 or more credits per semester
  • Verify that the top portion of the form has been filled out completely, and that at least one box has been checked.
  • Make sure that the updated form is being used. Revision date of 02/06/12.
  • Secure signature at the bottom of form.
  • Do not provide any information in the Employer Certification Section. HR will complete this section.
i 9 compliance
I-9 Compliance
  • Required by the Federal Government.
  • New form was issued, for use as of 5/7/13
  • Section 2 should not be completed by employee
  • If you complete Section 2, you have to also complete the Certification section
  • If you are not sure about documentation, PLEASE CALL Savana Vigil at x3429 for assistance.
  • Attach a copy (front & back) of the documentation used to complete Section 2
emergency information
Emergency information
  • Form is required for all employees.
  • Must provide a contact name and number.
    • If unsure about address, it can be provided later.
  • Physician information is highly recommended but not required, as well as allergies, and medical conditions.
  • Inform employee that if there are changes in information to contact HR with updates.
anti harassment drug free school injured on the job policies
Anti-harassment/drug free school/injured on the job policies
  • Form is required for all employees.
  • Employee should retain the policy. Do not submit back to HR.
    • The receipt certification states that the employee has received a copy of the policy.
  • Ensure that the Receipt Certification is signed, and dated by the employee.
  • Advise employee to keep this policy in a personal file for reference.
computer usage policy
Computer usage policy
  • Form is required for all employees
  • Employee keeps the yellow copy, HR gets the white copy.
  • Employee must sign and date
  • The employee should keep this policy in a personal file for reference.
criminal background check
Criminal background check
  • Criminal Background Checks are now required for ALL employees.
  • Must be ran before employee can start working.
  • We can only require the “Top Candidate” to complete the authorization form.
  • The department will be contacted once the check is ran.
  • For questions regarding the Criminal Background Checks, contact Debbie Hernandez at ext. 3609 or email her at
payroll office notes
Payroll office notes
  • Accessing Pay Advices On The Web
    • Only If You Have Direct Deposit
    • Follow printed directions.
  • Hourly Timesheets
    • All paper timesheets should say 2009
    • Contact Payroll Office to schedule web entry training
  • Payroll Office Contact Information
    • Juanita Pacheco, Account Tech, 566-3245
    • Carol Carreon, Payroll Supervisor, 566-3543
account number object codes
Account Number object codes
  • Commonly used object codes
adjunct tuition waivers
Adjunct Tuition waivers
  • Adjunct Tuition Waivers are not the same as Staff Waivers
  • Adjunct Waivers do not require a supervisor signature
  • The waiver MUST HAVE the department and account number on it prior to coming to HR for approval
  • Adjuncts are eligible for one waiver per semester taught
  • These waivers may be transferred to a “qualified” family member if the adjunct instructor is not going to use the waiver themselves
  • If the waiver is being transferred, HR must have appropriate documentation; Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Adoption Papers, Affidavit of Domestic Partnership, etc.
29hr week limit
29hr/week limit
  • Due to the Affordable Care Act, temporary employees and Adjunct Instructors will be limited to 29 physical hours per week. This will be effective January 1, 2014.
  • Adjunct Instructors –
    • 1 credit hour = 3 physical hours
      • 1 hour face-to-face + 2 prep hours = 3 physical hours

Example: 3 credit hour class = 9 physical hours

Example: 4 credit hour class = 12 physical hours

  • Temporary employees can still have more than one position but they cannot work more than a TOTAL of 29hrs for all positions combined.
  • Please check to see if the employee is working in another department.