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NEL Oil, Gas & Chemicals PowerPoint Presentation
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NEL Oil, Gas & Chemicals

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NEL Oil, Gas & Chemicals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NEL Oil, Gas & Chemicals. Gregor Brown Business Manager Oil, Gas and Chemicals. Introduction. Background to NEL Overview of capabilities and services to industry in oil, gas & chemicals Examples of some specific activities. TUV NEL Ltd. National Engineering Laboratory

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NEL Oil, Gas & Chemicals

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    1. NEL Oil, Gas & Chemicals Gregor Brown Business Manager Oil, Gas and Chemicals

    2. Introduction • Background to NEL • Overview of capabilities and services to industry in oil, gas & chemicals • Examples of some specific activities

    3. TUV NEL Ltd • National Engineering Laboratory • Established as a government agency 1950 to provide an independent and confidential service to UK industry and government • Privatised in 1995 • 150 staff with head quarters and laboratories in East Kilbride, Glasgow • Wholly owned by TÜV Süddeutschland

    4. Market Sectors/Business Divisions • Oil, Gas & Chemicals • Government/Management Consulting • Automotive, Aerospace & Defence • Power Generation • Environmental Monitoring

    5. Mechanical and chemical engineering Fluid dynamics Flow measurement Fluid properties Thermal engineering Separation processes Software & Instrumentation Production technology services

    6. Facilities Flow facilities for oil, water, gas and multiphase flow (National Flow Measurement Standards) Erosion rig (air/water/sand) Heat transfer test rigs Chemical compatibility test facility Software database and computational tools Fluid properties, fluid dynamics, stress analysis People A good mix of expertise and practical experience Capabilities

    7. Services Overview

    8. Examples of activities • Technology transfer activities • Software products • Development Projects/Consultancy • Heat Transfer and Flow Service • Orifice metering system headers JIP • HRL South Morcambe terminal metering upgrade • Multiphase flow metering • HSE erosion investigation

    9. Technology transfer clubs • Conferences and seminars • Training courses • Tech transfer clubs • Oil-in-Water Club • Produced Water Club • Flare Gas Club

    10. PPDS product suite Quality assured fluid properties database and calculation tool Data Validation Process data validation Meter data reconciliation Custom Software Client web pages and intranet applications Information management incorporating flow and thermodynamics knowledge Software services

    11. HTFS Heat Transfer & Flow Service Software owned by Aspentech R & D supported by NEL e.g. HTFS ACOL crossflow heat exchanger program developed at NEL Widely used around the world for exchangers like these

    12. Joint industry projects • Hi-water I & II JIPs • Multiflow I & II JIPs • Evaluation of the performance of multiphase flowmeters • UKOOA oil-in-water guidelines • Oil-in-water analysis JIP • Ultraflow Wet-gas JIP • NEL Wet Gas JIP • Ultrasonic Meters for Oil JIP • Fatigue Life of Fibre Ropes • Industrial Water Use

    13. Headers JIP and consultancy • Headers Joint Industry Project • Investigation into the effect of headers on orifice metering systems • Lab and computational analysis • Basis for revision of standards and work on specific installations • South Morecambe Terminal • 50million Sm3/d of natural gas • AGA3 “any other configuration” which requires 145D or flow conditioner • ISO 5167 requires a flow conditioner • Other maintenance issues

    14. South Morecambe

    15. South Morco

    16. South Morecambe • Computational analysis confirmed the following problems: • Swirl (up to 7°) • Velocity distorted > 5% • Errors > 0.23% • One case = 0.75% • Orifice plates were replaced by 3 ultrasonic meters installed in the 3 metering runs where the flow profiles were best

    17. South Morco

    18. Multiphase metering Multiphase metering important technology for marginal field development and well management Technically, the simultaneous measurement of oil, water and gas flow is very challenging

    19. In the 1990’s NEL Created a benchmark performance test through the Multiflow I and II Joint Industry Projects Tested the majority of the meters that had been developed into commercial products Performed factory acceptance tests for the likes of Amerada Hess, Philips, Shell, Petronas, BP, Kerr-McGee etc, etc. Provided consultancy and training for oil companies in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and South East Asia NEL Involvement in Multiphase

    20. The Multiflow JIPs Sponsors Amerada Hess Amoco BP ChevronTexaco Elf ExxonMobil JNOC Petrobras Philips Saudi Aramco Shell Schlumberger Total

    21. Tullich Multiphase Metering Consultancy to identify suitable test site for two multiphase meters based on process data Selected ChevronTexaco Humble test site Devised test plan Supervised tests as independent witness Liased with Kerr-McGee / ChevronTexaco / Framo during tests Analysed the data and prepared the final report

    22. Tullich Multiphase Metering

    23. HSE bend failure investigation • Pipe bend failure analysis • CFD analysis and lab testing • Customer: HSE (& Shell)

    24. Funded by the National Measurement System Directorate of DTI Three year cycle Four main themes Maintenance and Traceability Research Intercomparisons Knowledge Transfer Flow Programme

    25. HSE bend failure investigation Complex interactions at work Valve location doubled the rate of erosion Able to advise on prevention of reoccurrence General guidance document prepared for HSE Flow solution Particle paths Erosion Model

    26. Clients

    27. Broad capability Expertise and experience in key areas of production & process systems engineering Flow measurement Fluid properties Heat transfer Erosion Valves, separators, instrumentation Independent organisation having strong links with industry Potential partner for technology R&D Summary

    28. QUESTIONS?