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SYSPRO Listview and customization features

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SYSPRO Listview and customization features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SYSPRO Listview and customization features. Johan Myburgh. Customization – how, what and who?. ISV Developer. ISV Extender. Reseller/ Customizer. Business Managers. End User. General Business Software

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customization how what and who
Customization – how, what and who?









End User

General Business Software

Build business applications (Financials, Manufacturing, CRM, etc.). Primary customer for MBF V1.


MBS Green, TAP Members

Customization Usage

Customization as part of original app

Industry Software Specialists

Build business applications by leveraging general purpose functionality from another vendor or product team. Customizes some to integrate with new software.


MBS Green, TAP Members, Other ISVs

Customization Usage

All aspects of customization


A business or IT organization customizes to satisfy particular customer requirements.


IT Shop, VAR, ISV’s Consulting Group

Customization Usage

All aspects of customization

Decision Makers

Managers at a customer that make business decisions and run the company using business software. Want to fit the software to business needs and changes.


Accounting Mgr, CEO, Inventory Mgr

Customization Usage

Business Rules, Processes, Config

Business Software Users

Day-to-day users of the business software. Change the software to fit the way they perform daily tasks.


Payroll clerk, Sales Rep, Admin Assistant

Customization Usage

Primarily look and feel of the UI

right product tools
Right Product - Tools

Visual Studio


Business Manager Tools


Use Visual Studio to author customizations. The developer customizes existing MBF software. The developer has a similar tools experience as creating new MBF software (i.e., no new learning curve).

Target Users

ISV Developer, ISV Extender, Reseller/ Customizer (with dev skills)

Runs within the application. Exposes a very simplified programming model to MBF. Only allows the developer to write event code.

Target Users

Reseller/Customizer (with basic dev skills)

Define company- or department-wide policies and processes for the business using on/off checkboxes, parameters, graphical tools and narrative rules.

Target Users

Business Managers

Runs within the application. Allows each user to change the look and feel of a report, form or action.

Target Users

End Users

  • Windows
    • Each application you load from SYSPRO is typically loaded in a window (IMP040)
  • Forms
    • Each Window contains several forms (or Panes or Frames)
    • Forms are currently read-only or writable
    • Forms go by a certain name
  • Fields
    • Fields make up the various items under a form
    • Each field contains a description and a value
  • Values
    • Fields have certain types of values
    • They might be read-only/writable
    • They could be editable, contain a link, a button or list
    • Values can be set from a script
adding fields
Adding fields
  • The following types of fields can be added:
    • Related fields
      • Fields that might or might not be part of the default UI relating to the current form
      • This information typically come from a master table
    • Custom fields
      • SYSPRO users might be familiar with the concept of a custom form
      • These fields can only be placed in writable frames
    • Scripted fields
      • If you simply want to display information (not post it and not relating to the form)
      • These fields are NOT posted to tables in our DB!
modifying form field behaviour
Modifying Form/Field Behaviour
  • Events
    • Various events fire during the rendering of a form or field
    • You can programmatically hook into these events and change the program’s behavior
  • Scripts
    • Scripts are plain-text files stored on the server and contain VB Script code that handles elected events
    • Scripts can read all information from al forms but only write to certain Forms and certain fields
  • Objects
    • Represent fields programmatically
    • Object values can be set or their appearance can be changed
    • Objects can also be set to contain buttons
smart links
  • Create a context menu on any field with any amount of items to click on
  • Smart-Links can kick-off any internal (SYSPRO) or external application
  • They can also launch a quick-view