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Pedagogical/professional resources

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Pedagogical/professional resources. committees PWR library (admin) (resources) Norlin – rhetoric & composition journals/websites mentors Small Group Feedback & Universal Observation “water cooler” conversations. CU Resources.

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pedagogical professional resources

Pedagogical/professional resources


PWR library (admin) (resources)

Norlin – rhetoric & composition journals/websites


Small Group Feedback & Universal Observation

“water cooler” conversations

cu resources
CU Resources

What to do when you’re concerned about a student:

“Assisting the Emotionally Distressed Student” .pdf on our site and at:

external resources rhet comp
External Resources: Rhet/Comp
  • CU’s Rhet/Comp faculty resource page:

  • Purdue Owl:
  • U of Wisconsin/Madison WC:

Teaching portfolio:

  • Teaching philosophy/narrative (grounded in pedagogical theory)
  • Syllabi
  • Assignments
  • Evaluations (student and peer)
small group feedback

Small Group Feedback

pilot program fall 2011 and fall 2012

evaluation/revision spring 2012

classroom interviews conducted in the fall

all faculty who are teaching participate

asking 2 questions:

1.  What are the strengths of this class for you?

2.   What are your suggestions for improving this class?

designed to find out what we can do early in the semester to improve student learning

universal observation

Universal Observation

peer observation conducted in the spring

all TT and instructor-level faculty are required to participate

lecturers are invited to participate

GPTIs are required to participate but observe each other

format = lesson plan, observation, report by observer, reflection by instructor, meeting

reports & reflections go into personnel files

teaching portfolio

Teaching Portfolio

The teaching portfolio has been identified as a continuing professional development tool that provides a method of linking self-development with enhanced teaching and learning practices. Indeed, colleges and universities . . . have implemented the teaching portfolio as a method to judge teaching performance for promotion and tenure.

McColgan & Blackwood

teaching portfolio definitions

Teaching Portfolio: Definitions

an educator’s personal collection of factual accomplishments and strengths in teaching McColgan & Blackwood

conveys the quality and scope of an individual’s teaching McColgan & Blackwood

an autobiography of personal growth Jarvinen & Kohonen

documentation over time describing the full range of your abilities as a college teacher Urbach

teaching portfolio parts

Teaching Portfolio: parts

personal material, such as personal reflections and statements of teaching responsibilities;

material from others, such as peer and student evaluation; and

products of teaching and student learning

McColgan & Blackwood

teaching portfolio parts1

Teaching Portfolio: parts

CV - with a special section dedicated to pedagogical activities.

Personal reflection regarding teaching and learning or “teaching philosophy” – 1/3/5 pages

A description of what the lecturer has achieved demonstrated through 4-5 examples

Relates to the second part of the portfolio

Makes evident that the teacher has reflected on teaching over a period of time and has made the effort to implement his or her ideas in practical teaching.

Andersson & Roxa

teaching portfolio parts2

Teaching Portfolio: parts

Urbach’s seven dimensions:

What you teach

Content overview: syllabi, assignments, conceptual map of major topics, samples of study guides, student performance samples that illustrate how you teach

Changes in your teaching and courses

Rigor in your academic standards

Student impressions of your teaching and their learning

Your efforts at developing your teaching skills

Assessments of your teaching by colleagues

teaching portfolios lund

Teaching Portfolios: Lund

Lund University in Sweden wanted to change the paradigm from teaching to the scholarship of teaching. Created a “pedagogical academy” to certify teachers who attain “excellent teaching practice” [ETP] – must apply for admission and successful completion results in a certificate, a salary increase, and increased funding for the teacher’s department.

The following criteria are specific to Lund University, but are also indicative of how teaching portfolios are assessed in higher education.

teaching portfolios lund1

Teaching Portfolios: Lund

Lund’s assessment criteria:

(1) the applicant bases his/her work on a learning perspective;

(2) the personal philosophy of the applicant constitutes an integratedwhole, in which different aspects of teaching are described in such a way that the driving force of the applicant is apparent;

(3) a clear development over time is apparent—the applicant should, preferably, consciously and systematically, have striven to develop personally and in pedagogical activities;

(4) the applicant has shared his/her experience with others, with the intention of vitalizing the pedagogical debate;

(5) the applicant has co-operated with other lecturers in an effort to develop his/her teaching skills;

(6) the applicant is looking to the future by discussing his/her future development, and the development of pedagogical activities.

teaching portfolios pwr instructors

Teaching Portfolios: PWR Instructors

We call them “Reappointment materials”

Self assessment of teaching and service (i.e., Personal Statement)


Syllabi and Assignments for the review period

Supplemental Materials

Non-Peer Review Committee colleague observation letters

Student letters solicited by the candidate

Copies of publications

Classroom interviews conducted by FTEP (see VCAC checklist)

Selected assignments demonstrating pedagogical approach

See VCAC Checklist at

teaching portfolios pwr instructors1

Teaching Portfolios: PWR Instructors

Standard of Review = Meets Normal Expectations

Typically, this means demonstrated excellence determined by

a comparative ranking of FCQs in the program and university;

compliance with CCHE transfer articulation and fulfillment of course objectives, as reflected in syllabi;

commitment to the missions of the program and university, as reflected in syllabi;

demonstrated currency in the field of Rhetoric and Composition and related fields;

pedagogical relevance to the college experience and missions of the university.

teaching portfolios pwr lecturers

Teaching Portfolios: PWR Lecturers

PAST – no standardized criteria

PRESENT – we look at

teaching materials

class observations


FUTURE – developing something more formal

what s next

What’s next?

evaluate the sessions

pilot program

should we continue?

how can we improve?

Weeks 8-15

classroom observations & reports

open office hours for Lonni and Kathy – any thing you need, come ask