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Human Resources Essential Information 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Resources Essential Information 2012

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Human Resources Essential Information 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Resources Essential Information 2012 . 2011. Professional Development. Welcome. Durack Institute of Technology Award Winning Training Provider. Professional Development. The Human Resources Team. Les Walters Manager Human Resources – 2759 Christine Maddison

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Human Resources Essential Information 2012

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Presentation Transcript

Durack Institute of Technology

Award Winning Training Provider

Professional Development

the human resources team
The Human Resources Team

Les Walters

Manager Human Resources – 2759

Christine Maddison

Senior Human Resources Officer – 2812

Roberta Ralph

(Monday and Tuesday) Human Resources Officer – 2800

Brooke Harding

(Wednesday, Thursday + every 2nd Friday) Human Resources Officer- 2800

Professional Development

essential information
Essential Information

Imagine the word “Induction”

Think instead

Professional Development


EssentialOrganisational Information

There to empower YOU

Professional Development


Let’s find out:

More about your roles and how they interact

More about the conditions and entitlements

More about the organisation

More about payroll, and pay related information

More about essential Human Resources information

More about policy and procedure

Professional Development


Teaching Role

Award – TAFE Lecturers’ General Agreement 2008

  • Grade 1-5: Cert. IV TAA (or equivalent)
  • Grade 6-9: Diploma TAA (or equivalent)
  • Annual increments
  • Advanced Skills Lecturer

Professional Development

non lecturing
Non Lecturing

Non Teaching Role

GOSAC Award 1989 (As amended to 2011)

Public Service & Government Officers’ General Agreement 2011

Agency Specific Agreement

  • Salary band
  • Annual increments

Professional Development

pay conditions
Pay & Conditions
  • Probation
  • Pay periods & pay closure
  • Methods of payment
  • Deductions (social club & tea fund)
  • Superannuation
  • Salary Packaging

Professional Development

additional benefits at durack
Additional Benefits at Durack
  • Atmosphere
  • Facilities
  • Dedicated Wellness Program
  • Access to Certificate and Diploma Level Professional Development
  • Dedicated Team Building, Quality, Professional Development and Wellness Days
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program

Professional Development

essential information1
Essential Information

We’ve saved everything in Moodle.

Moodle is a learning platform – accessible via the Durack Home page.

Professional Development

what will i need to start
What will I need to start?
  • Induction Manual
  • New Lecturer Individual Learning Plan
  • Non-Lecturing Induction Checklist
  • Casual Staff Checklist
  • Mentoring and Mentoring Booklets

Professional Development

what will i need to do
What will I need to do?
  • Meet with your Manager and complete a site specific induction
  • Meet with your mentor
  • Attend your essential information sessions
  • Tick off your checklist and hand back to HR when completed
  • Read the Staff Code of Conduct
  • Read the WA Public Sector Code of Ethics
  • Ask questions!
  • Attend HR Training Sessions (Accountable and Ethical Decision Making, Discrimination Series and Equity and Diversity)

Professional Development

director manager induction
Director/Manager Induction
  • Overview of Institute
  • Tour of Institute
  • Responsibilities of a RTO
  • Introduction to Mentor
  • Duty Statement / Role Description
  • Machinery and Equipment Competency
  • Policies and Procedures, Forms
  • Proximity Card / Building Access and Security
  • Use of resources / equipment / stationery / rooms
  • Name Badge / Business Card
  • Network Access / Phone / Intranet / Email
  • Performance Goal Setting

Professional Development

induction sessions
Induction Sessions
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Human Resources
  • Organisational Overview
  • Learning Resources Centre
  • Information Systems
  • Client Services
  • Training Support Services
  • Finance including travel
  • Records
  • Physical Resource
  • Indigenous Training Services & Cultural Awareness

Professional Development

  • Criminal Screening Clearance (All Staff)
  • Working with Children Check
    • All lecturing staff
    • Nominated non-lecturing positions

Professional Development

other stuff
Other Stuff
  • Corporate Uniforms
  • Name Badges
  • Business Cards

Professional Development

personnel payroll
Personnel & Payroll

Education & Training Shared Services Centre (ETSSC)

Professional Development

what will etssc mean to me
What will ETSSC mean to me?
  • Visualise your payroll officer, in their office processing payroll.
  • Now..............
  • Visualise that office......
  • In Perth

Professional Development

contact hr or payroll
Contact HR or Payroll?
  • Pay queries 
  • Leave queries
  • ESS queries and password resets
  • Return of signed contract
  • Return of employee details form
  • Pay deduction processing
  • Salary variations
  • Variations to working hours and/or work patterns

Professional Development

personnel payroll1
Personnel & Payroll

Payroll Enquiries

(08) 9264 8383

Professional Development

employee self service ess
Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Access via intranet
  • Personal details
  • Bank accounts
  • Pay slips
  • Salary variations
  • Leave balance and leave history
  • Leave bookings
  • Skills (Qualifications and Certificates)
  • Training History (courses, sessions, seminars, inductions, etc.)
  • Training resources via ETSSC Intranet
    • ESS Café
    • Online resources

Professional Development

staff conduct
Staff Conduct

Professional Development

what do i need to do
What do I need to do?
  • Complete your Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (AEDM) training online
  • Read WA Public Sector Code of Ethics Material
  • Read Staff Code of Conduct Booklet
  • Actively promote and practice the principles in these materials

Professional Development

respectful workplace summary
Respectful Workplace Summary

Professional Development

respectful workplace summary1
Respectful Workplace Summary
  • We respect diversity and are sensitive to the needs of individuals and cultures
  • We do not harass, intimidate or abuse people. We respect diversity and treat others with courtesy, consideration and sensitivity.
  • We maintain constructive and professional relationships appreciative of each others respective roles

Professional Development

social media and communication
Social Media and Communication

Professional Development

key policies
Key Policies
  • External Employment
  • Offer of Acceptance of Gifts or other Incentives
  • Use of Computing and Communication Facilities
  • Public Comment
  • Alcohol and Drugs at the workplace
  • Tobacco and other restricted substances (ETS and Sale/Supply)
  • Intellectual Property

Professional Development




Training Records

Send to Human Resources

Professional Development


Sessions, Conferences, Seminars, Short Courses and Inductions

  • Learn at Lunch
  • Professional and Career Development
  • Online Development
  • Professional Development Days
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Management

Professional Development





Professional Development