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Annual Think-Tank Summit Big Bay Resort June 03-06, 2013 Corporate Vision for Tomorrow

Annual Think-Tank Summit Big Bay Resort June 03-06, 2013 Corporate Vision for Tomorrow. Enterprise Software. accounting advertising (ILS) prospecting owners prospecting tenants electronic payments client facing web activities call center management tenant screening

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Annual Think-Tank Summit Big Bay Resort June 03-06, 2013 Corporate Vision for Tomorrow

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  1. Annual Think-Tank Summit Big Bay Resort June 03-06, 2013 Corporate Vision for Tomorrow

  2. Enterprise Software • accounting • advertising (ILS) • prospecting owners • prospecting tenants • electronic payments • client facing web activities • call center management • tenant screening • document management • work order management • fixed asset management • collections • reporting • business intelligence

  3. Technology Trends • Mobilization • tablets, smartphones • Visualization • pictures, video • Socialization • blog, yelp, SEO, voice recognition • Virtualization • outsourcing, virtual assistant • Personalization • chat, data mining, security, PCI

  4. Mobilization

  5. Mobile Devices

  6. SmartPhone as a Tablet And you’ll need this to watch movies on it.

  7. SmartPhone vs. Tablet 9.7” 3.5” • pay rent • enter w/o • retrieve phone # • access property data and status • perform inspections • enter violations • run software applications Connectivity?

  8. Application Centric • Internal (employee) vs. external (clients) • Cross platform support • Android • iOS - iPhone • Blackberry • Windows – OSX (Mac) • Native app vs. browser based (HTML5) • look and feel • hardware accessibility (camera, GPS, local storage) • performance

  9. Mobile Aware Website • Rev • Exp • Most websites are a mess in a smartphone browser • videos don’t play • text difficult to read • painful to navigate

  10. Augmented Reality • Rev • Exp GPS location and/or camera used to display additional information

  11. Visualization I’ve told you – This family is not moving to higher video technology until we’ve mastered pong!

  12. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words? Shouldn’t a video be at least a 1,000 pictures? But how many pixels does it have?

  13. Socialization • Rev • Exp

  14. Social Media • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • YouTube • Yelp • Epinions • Facebook Places • FourSquare

  15. Virtualization • Exp • Rev

  16. Virtual Assistant • Exp • Rev • reliability • training • time shift resources • transaction or time based • best for back office tasks • Incrementally scalable (up and down) • significant cost savings

  17. Procurement Networks • leverage purchasing power • standard prices • reduced administrative costs

  18. Personalization I thought poker night would be more social. No sir, we don’t put any personal data on your room card key. We do note on there, however, if you’re a lousy tipper.

  19. Telephony Integration • call statistics • call recording for quality assurance • PM software integration • enhanced caller ID • call routing • information retrieval • auto call logging

  20. Portals • Student Admin • Member • Board Director • Resident • Owner • Vendor • Marketing • Site Admin • Payment (w/ Merchant or Bank Gateway) • Leasing Application • Inspection • Package Tracking

  21. Lead to Lease and Beyond • Rev • Exp • website and ILS leads • follow up with CRM software • online rental application • merged lease document • email renew options

  22. Privacy and Security • Exp • Rev We have a new privacy policy. The way I see it, if someone wants to steal MY identity, that’s their problem.

  23. Privacy/Security Issues • Password Techniques • Layering techniques • Encrypting government IDs • Vaulting credit card information • Added security roles and layers • Media Security

  24. Multifamily Trends • revenue management • on-site leasing • secret shopper • community development • brand promotion

  25. Market Focus & Software Needs • Multifamily • Focus on the prospect and resident satisfaction. Affordable Housing industry in the US is heavily compliance oriented. • 3rd Party Residential • Focus is on the Property Owner. Emphasis on acquisition and relationship to the Owner. • Association Management • Focus is on the Boards. Heavy work order emphasis (maintenance, inspections, and violations). Large amount of mailings and emails to Homeowners.

  26. Market Focus & Software Needs • Student Housing • Focus on the student. Communications to parents, guarantors, emergency contacts. Occupancy planning requires reservation system, financial aid tracking, gender management, and roommate matching capabilities. • Senior Living • Focus on the health and well-being of the resident. Communication needs with the family of the resident. Legal compliance issues. • Vacation Rentals • Calendaring and Reservation systems are paramount. Short Durations rentals. Rental Specials.

  27. The Release Process - Sources • Sources for Release Contents • Client-Funded Enhancements • Strategic Modifications • Client-Requested Enhancements • Bug Fixes • Releases of 3rd party software • Development environment releases • Database vendor releases • Alliance partner enhancements

  28. Release Process – Decision Making • Fluid process leads to difficult planning & estimation process • We must react to market trends, competitive pressures, and legislative requirements • Customizations often required for large sales • Resource constraints • Impact of frequent releases on the whole organization (documentation, implementation, client care, etc.) • Impact of frequent releases on the client base

  29. Release Process – Is it like Construction? • Construction Metaphor and Software development • Static Plans vs. a different plan every time • Standard physical process vs. human logic and behavior • Brick laying basically the same for 2000 years vs. programming Technology that continually changes • One building in one place. Software now runs on multiple platforms (web browsers, platforms, and operations systems)

  30. Planned Releases - 10.02 (2013Q3) • Broadstreet -- Fixed Assets • Broadstreet – Web Services API • Broadstreet – Requisition Security – Update PO after Approval • Broadstreet – Add Property Name to all Report Headings • ClientRequest -- Report Headings on pages after the first should be minimized • StudentHousing -- Summary Month-End Balancing Report • StudentHousing -- Reservation System for Student Housing • Associations -- Print and Mail Payment Coupon Books

  31. Planned Releases - 10.02 (2013Q3) • Strategic -- Changes to Custom Fields • Contacts and Prospects share a pool of custom fields • 10 tabs and group headings on all notebooks with custom fields • Increase Text limit to 2,000 for text fields • StudentHousing -- Integrate with University Student Housing Software (RMS) • ClientRequest -- Export Month-End Summary Journals in additional formats • Associations -- Print and mail via USPS mail merged Notecards • ClientRequest -- Numerous small misc. client requests

  32. Planned Releases - 10.03 (2013Q4) • Strategic -- Add Support for SMS Text services within PropertyBoss including sending merged text from RentRoll. • Strategic -- Configurable Event Handling system to automate specific tasks (email, text, letters, etc.) in PropertyBoss on either a time-based or event-based schedule. • Numerous small misc. client requests

  33. Planned Releases - unscheduled • Not Specifically Release Based (but may require specific PropertyBoss Release) • Strategic -- Mobile Contact Manager • Strategic -- Mobile Inspection System that does not require connectivity • Strategic -- Print and mail via USPS mail merged Payment Coupon Books • Mobile-Friendly portal layouts

  34. Planned Releases - 10.04 (2014) • Mobile, Mobile, Mobile • PULSE - Business Intelligence System • Broadstreet work orders

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