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LINK THINK TANK. June 17, 2014 Best Minds in the State Peer to Peer Support Programs. Purpose of the START LINK THINK TANK. Increase the Implementation of Peer to Peer Support Programs Across the State of Michigan. Day 1 Agenda. Minute to Win It Games

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  1. LINK THINK TANK June 17, 2014 Best Minds in the State Peer to Peer Support Programs

  2. Purpose of the START LINK THINK TANK Increase the Implementation of Peer to Peer Support Programs Across the State of Michigan

  3. Day 1 Agenda • Minute to Win It Games • Who is here today and what are they doing with Peer to Peer Support • Barriers to Implementation – 3x5 Cards • Set Up District Table • Café Tables • Lunch • Elementary and Secondary Breakouts • Elementary – Room • Secondary – Room

  4. Day 2 Agenda • Review Day 1 • 12 Minutes Talks with Brainstorming Session • Fundraising • LINK Banquets, Recognition, T-Shirts, Media • Scheduling/Staffing/Case Conferences • Burn Out • Lunch – Longevity • Technology • Data Collection • At Risk Students • Summary of Work Completed at THINK TANK • What’s Next

  5. Purpose of the Minute to Win It Competition • Model fun needed in Peer to Peer Support Programs • Scoreboard Creates Synergy Amongst Peers • Creates Cooperative Experience between people that don’t know each other • Common Theme • A role for a Student with ASD within the competition

  6. Minute to Win It Games • 6 -7 People on 6 Teams • Stay with your Team Throughout 2 Days • 7 Minutes to Name Your Team and Pick a Captain • Selected Participants will Report to Same Area for Every Game • Games Will Occur Throughout the Two Days • Rotate Team Members Throughout Competitions – Everyone to participate • Stiff Competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Teams

  7. Minute to Win It Teams

  8. Minute to Win It Games • Dave Schoemer and Margie Mayberry to Facilitate • Margie Mayberry in Charge of Score Board • Melissa Kurek in Charge of Organization of the Games

  9. Game #1 Teams Each Select One Person from Their Team to Participate in Game 1 Participants Go To The Center Tables

  10. Game #1

  11. Please fill out 3X5 Cards Prior to the Break • On the 3X5 Cards, please list the three biggest barriers to the development and implementation of peer to peer support programs • Why are other districts not implementing Peer to Peer Support Programs • Top 3 Reasons Why • Please Leave Cards on Table

  12. Introducing the Peer to Peer Support Programs Across the State of Michigan

  13. Troy SchoolsOakland County Lisa Carruthers - General Education Teacher – Created a LINKS Program in her 3rd Grade General Education Classroom

  14. Proud to be a…LEOPARD LINK! We ventured through the school year with some highs and lows. Our journey began with a SMILE! We tackled each week TOGETHER knowing we are “linked”.

  15. The Power Of One One song can spark a moment, One whisper can wake the dream.One tree can start a forest, One bird can herald spring. One smile begins a friendship, One moment can make one fall in love.One star can guide a ship at sea, One word can frame the goal One vote can change a nation, One sunbeam lights a roomOne candle wipes out darkness, One laugh will conquer gloom. One step must start each journey.One word must start each prayer.One hope will raise our spirits, One touch can show you care. One voice can speak with wisdom, One heart can know what's true, One life can make a difference, You see, it's up to you! Ashish Ram Very early in this journey We were reminded of the Power of One all over again!

  16. Our Story…T.E.A.M. TimeTogether Everyone Achieves More • We started small – focused on ONE • Powerpoint presentation led by Peer (parent present) • Pamphlet was given to students to share at home • 27 out of 29 students signed up to be a LINK • PEER and LINK responsibilities created by ALL stakeholders • Names of Links for the first week were shared • Check-in • Daily or as needed • Weekly during TEAM Time • All students take notes to reflect on week (individually) in written form in writer’s notebooks • Complete debrief sheet (Celebrations, Problems, Solutions) together through Link/Peer discussion (Friends share their thinking when appropriate) • Send copy of debrief sheet home with Peer and Link to share with parents • Friends take notes during process in preparation for their Link time or in reflection • Responsibilities for PEER and LINK are on desks (visual reminder for Peer, Link, and Teacher) • Reset • New week = 2 new Links with one carry over from week prior • Revisit goals/reflections from debrief of week prior to start current week’s debrief • Review confidentiality and respect of personal situations

  17. Through this process experiences may include… LINK THINK what a Link is really about! reflecting, learning, and THINKing about life through a new lens! TANK the gamut of emotions… …like being a fish out of water! remembering to breathe! feeling like WE could do anything? falling in love over and over, and over again! BE the Power of… Most of all… …MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  18. Eastern Upper Peninsula2nd Longest Drive to Get to the LINK THINK TANK Ann Carey - Teacher Carrie Carr – Teacher Consultant – Stretching the Pupil Accounting Rules as Far as they Can Stretch

  19. Eastern Upper Peninsula LINKS Bringing Communities Together

  20. The EUPISD • 19 school districts • 4,000 square miles • 7260 school age students • 105 students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder • 22 LINKS programs throughout the 19 districts • 425 LINKS, 65 target students

  21. Community Sledding Event • Collaborative regional effort between EUP LINKS Programs and community peer program - Autism Peer Activity League • LINKS programs held bake sales to help finance renting out the sledding hill • Held at Sault Seal Recreation Center • Open to anyone in the community -all regional LINKS programs invited • Sledding, pizza, hot chocolate

  22. LINKS Spring Events Links Bowling Party You are invited to come and bowl with the Soo High Links Club at the Don Dee Lanes in the Soo! We will bowl on March 27th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Cost is $2.50 per bowler, per game, this includes your shoe rental. Students must provide their own transportation. RSVP required with attached form to Ms. Jessica by 3/24/14 My child ____________________ will be attending the Links Bowling party on 3/27/14. My child wears size _____________ bowling shoes. Parental signature Contact Number Come for Links Movie Night!!!! When: Monday, May 5th, 2014 Where: Salvation Army, 132 W. Spruce St., Sault Michigan Time: 6-8 p.m. Students should bring a non-perishable item to donate and their own beverage for the movie. RSVP to Miss Jessica by 5/5 if you plan to attend. Questions call Mrs. Craven at 906-440-9773

  23. Celebrating success in the local districts • Linkapalooza • Parent night / ice cream social • Pizza parties • Chili night • Field trips

  24. Gwinn Area Community SchoolsLongest Distance to Get to LINK THINK TANK Meghan McLeod – Special Education Teacher Made it into the Local Newspaper in the First Year of LINKS

  25. COOR ISDUp North Brenda Vaughan - Teacher Consultant 4 of our 6 districts have active LINK groups

  26. Peer to Peer Supports COOR ISD Brenda Vaughan

  27. Individually tailored--- Problem solving = Meeting mechanics and running the board Social opportunities Classroom support Lunch Buddies Recess Buddies RAKs Expansions into the culture of the school– Trinity Transitioning Dances Social outings Sporting events Buddy Benches

  28. Grayling LINKs

  29. LINKs are Us! Key points • Multiple Facilitators • Internal connection • Individualize group

  30. Maybe the Most Beautiful Place in the Lower Peninsula Mike Wolfe – School Social Worker

  31. Freeland Community Schools Saginaw County Pretty Much in the Middle of Nowhere Kim Miller – Teacher High and Elementary School

  32. Shepherd Public SchoolsJust South of Mt. Pleasant Laurie Potie – Social Worker Extraordinaire

  33. St. Johns Public SchoolsFurther South of Mt Pleasant Missy Keller – LINK Teacher – Probably one the Busiest Persons at this Training

  34. Holt Public SchoolsIngham County Mary Garrigus – Teacher Consultant Extraordinaire Probably the longest history with START Been with us since $@%&... Let’s Just Say Forever

  35. Haslett Public Schools Ingham County Lisa Basore – Teacher Consultant Never Say “YOU CAN NOT DO THIS” To This Person

  36. Grand Haven Public SchoolsBeautiful BeachOttawa County Tricia Nutt – Grand Haven High School Leadership Role - Peer to Peer Support Programs - West Side

  37. Jenison Public SchoolsReally Hard to Find When You Are Directionally Challenged Stacie VanLaan – Teacher of Students with ASD Collecting Data Before Data Collection Was Cool

  38. Martin Public Schools(Again in the Middle of NowhereAllegan AESA Erin Gauthier – Quilt Maker Amy Silsbe – Teacher Consultant Moved Center Program for Students with ASD from Segregated Facility into a General Education Building…Cross and Same Aged LINKS PROGRAM is EXPLODING

  39. Allegan AESA/Martin Peer to Peer

  40. New Behavior Plan for Alyssa

  41. Mentoring Same Age Peers Teaching the same age peers how to help out their friend Teaching them to play a new game at recess Friendly reminders to stay quiet Social cues – “we don’t kiss at school” Showing them how to help in specific situations

  42. Hamilton Community SchoolsOn Fire in Ottawa County Becky Myers – Special Education Supervisor Parent Volunteer On-Line System to Support Students with ASD and LINK Students

  43. Game #2 Teams Each Select One Person from Their Team to Participate in Game 2 Two Participants Go To The Center Tables

  44. Game #2

  45. Forest Hills Public SchoolsKent County DeAnne Friar – Speech and Language LINKS Students Beyond Students with ASD

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