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Act IV, Scene i PowerPoint Presentation
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Act IV, Scene i

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Act IV, Scene i - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Act IV, Scene i. Iago tells Othello that Cassio has told him of his affair with Desdemona. He agitates Othello with lewd images. What is the result?. Othello falls into some type of fit (falls into a trance/faints).

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Act IV, Scene i

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Iago tells Othello that Cassio has told him of his affair with Desdemona. He agitates Othello with lewd images. What is the result?

Othello falls into some type of fit (falls into a trance/faints).


Cassio shows up at this point, and Iago tells him to come back later. How does Iago say he will show Othello further proof?

Iago tells Othello to hide himself. When Cassio arrives, Iago will get him to repeat the story of the affair with Desdemona.


Iago plans to get Cassio talking about Bianca, so Othello will think Cassio is talking about Desdemona. What further information does Iago reveal about Bianca?

Although Bianca supports herself “by selling her desire” and beguiles (charms) many men, she dotes on (shows love for) Cassio. The situation amuses Cassio.


How does Iago manage to get Cassio to talk about Bianca while Othello thinks he is talking about Desdemona?

Iago tells Cassio to keep after Desdemona so she will plead his case with Othello. Then, in a low voice (so Othello can not hear), he mentions Bianca’s name, so Cassio will speak of Bianca.

what is the purpose of having bianca show up at this point

What is the purpose of having Bianca show up at this point?

Bianca brings Desdemona’s handkerchief back, and Othello recognizes it. Iago is able to show how little Cassio values “the foolish woman your wife” because Cassio gave his whore Bianca the handkerchief that Desdemona gave him.


Why does Othello say one moment that Desdemona is a sweet creature and, in another breath, talk of letting her rot?

Othello is torn between love and hate.

what news does lodovico bring from venice

What news does Lodovico bring from Venice?

Othello is to return to Venice and leave Cassio in charge in Cyprus.

how does desdemona react to the news

How does Desdemona react to the news?

Still innocent as to what is happening, Desdemona is happy for everyone. Othello misinterprets (takes the wrong way) her happiness.

after othello slaps desdemona in front of the guests how does she react

After Othello slaps Desdemona in front of the guests, how does she react?

Even in the face of this humiliation, Desdemona is composed, but she can not hold back her tears.


In his somewhat deranged state, Othello refers to “goats and monkeys.” It appears to make no sense, but it is a reference to what earlier comments by Iago?

When Iago earlier described the sexual appetites of Cassio and Desdemona, he used these words. Critics point out that Othello has now lowered himself to Iago’s level. Iago uses lewd animal imagery throughout the play, but this is Othello’s first use of this type of imagery.

what does lodovico ask iago and what is iago s response

What does Lodovico ask Iago and what is Iago’s response?

Lodovico asks Iago whether Othello is still the noble Moor he knew in Venice. Iago says, “He is much changed.”