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ASYCUDA Overview

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ASYCUDA Overview. … a summary of the objectives of ASYCUDA implementation projects and features of the software for the Customs computer system. ASYCUDA ++. ASYCUDA ++ is a computer program developed by UNCTAD as a Customs automatic data processing system.

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ASYCUDA Overview

… a summary of the objectives of ASYCUDA implementation projects and features of the software for the Customs computer system.


ASYCUDA++ is a computer program developed by UNCTAD as a Customs automatic data processing system.

ASYCUDA was developed in the interests of facilitating international trade and so assist economic development.

The reliance of national revenue on the collection of duties and taxes, and accurate trade statistics, is a strong incentive for the introduction of computers to Customs.


…. however, technology is only a part solution to trade facilitation issues.

Many problems experienced by countries are partly the result of inefficient or complex Customs procedures and documentary requirements.

In implementing ASYCUDA UNCTAD encourages the adoptionof new procedures and concepts.



UNCTAD’s objective is simply that the

country obtains the maximum possible

benefit from the implementation of


  • Meeting the country’s own national objectives; and
  • Achieving trade facilitation through standardisation and simplification.

In implementing a major project

such as ASYCUDA, there are many

factors critical to success.

Effective computer software

is an essential component, but

other contributing factors

are of equal importance…


Government &

Management Support

Project Management

And Technical Skills

Facilities and


ASYCUDA++ Software

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All components are essential

for the complete success of

an ASYCUDA Implementation



  • Visible support by all levels of the National Administration.
  • Skills in Project Management, Information Technology and modern Customs control methods.
  • Suitable infrastructure, including office facilities and equipment.
  • Effective and flexible Customs software, such as ASYCUDA++.
Management Support


Management support means that a high level commitment is needed to see that: -

  • Adequate human and material resources are allocated to support both implementation and long term operations under new procedures.
  • Any necessary legislative changes are supported and promptly introduced, to allow for new procedures.
Management Support


Changing to new processing methods often means that fundamental changes to organisational structures are needed.

Changes mean that new skills are required and staff will need training for new levels of responsibility.

Project Management


The task of the Project Management Team is to ensure effective implementation by linking the Project Objectives to the Government and Customs strategies.

  • Skills transfer is an important part of any Project: -
  • Technical expertise in Information Technology;
  • Modern Customs management techniques; and
  • Project management skills
Project Management


The final design and set up of the system to meet national requirements is done by the national team, who are usually regular Customs staff.

The team is also responsible for the procedural changes, local training and implementation.

This is done following training and with the advice and guidance of the Project Experts.

Project Management


Project managementmethodology, quality controls and documentationstandards are the responsibility ofProject Management.

Through training and skills transfer the national team will learn and do much of the work in the implementation.

System Sustainability is the key objective!

Facilities and Equipment


The introduction of computers means more than just hardware purchase and installation.

Major works are frequently needed at office installation sites.

The provision of communications facilities and changes to office layouts (to accommodate new processes) are often the cause of project delays – if not allowed for in the planning process.

Facilities and Equipment


An incidental but very significant benefit of process change and the adoption of automatic data processing is the improvement in facilities and the working environment of the staff.

ASYCUDA++ Objectives


A computer system for:

  • Customs Control
  • Duty and tax collection
  • Accurate trade statistics

- by using and producing information and data

Using and producing.. Information or Data


ASYCUDA information or data sources include: -

  • Laws, regulations and policies, of Customs and other agencies
  • Commercial sources - industry and trade
  • Customs records and intelligence gathering operations
1. Laws and Policies

Information or Data

The system uses or provides information on: -

  • Restrictions, prohibitions
  • National tax regimes
  • Concessions, exemptions
  • Customs procedures and controls

Advisory information is made easily accessible to staff and traders

2. Commercial Data

Information or Data

Commercial data or information is received from: -

  • Traders (importers and exporters)
  • Customs brokers/agents
  • Carriers, transport companies
  • Port and airport authorities
3. Customs Sources

Information or Data

ASYCUDA assists Customs Administrations in collecting, analysing and using information from: -

  • External intelligence sources, such as industry information and from the public
  • Inspection reporting; risk measurement procedures and selective examinations
  • Database analysis
  • Management information systems; audit activities
Customs Controls

ASYCUDA provides data validation and security:

  • Consistency checking of Customs declarations
  • International standard data codes
  • Checks using acceptable unit value range comparisons
  • Full selectivity and profiling options
  • Integrity of data storage and transaction details
Duty & Tax Collection

Flexible and reliable tax calculation mechanisms

  • Easy to set up for any tax situation
  • Record full details of duties forgone through concessions and relief schemes
  • Simple updates and maintenance
  • Fully integrated with cashier and accounting
Trade Statistics

ASYCUDA++collects and stores complete data for national statistics: -

  • Standard report formats for quick response to data extraction requests
  • Flexible: data downloadable to PC databases for sorting and reporting
  • SQL query for routine reporting
  • Data security