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Motor Controller Subsystem MSD P07302. Project Sponsor: KGCOE. Project Members: D. Shenoy Project Manager S. Tallau Software Design M. Oesterling Hardware Design L. DeSnots Signal Conditioning A. Karani Hardware Layout R. Gupta Power Design R. Cooper Hardware Design.

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Motor controller subsystem msd p07302 l.jpg

Motor Controller SubsystemMSD P07302

Project Sponsor: KGCOE

Project Members:

D. Shenoy Project Manager

S. Tallau Software Design

M. Oesterling Hardware Design

L. DeSnots Signal Conditioning

A. Karani Hardware Layout

R. Gupta Power Design

R. Cooper Hardware Design

Design Review

Outline l.jpg

  • Overview

  • Design

  • Budget

  • Schedule

  • Q & A

Design Review

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Project Description:

  • An open source motor controller that is

    • Scalable: support for various vehicle platforms

    • Reusable: modular design

    • Programmable: reconfigurable functionality

    • Reliable

  • Must be able to sense, control and drive several motors

Design Review

Slide4 l.jpg

Product Specifications:

  • PC104 form factor

  • Maximum CPU usage of 25%

  • 12V DC power supply

  • One hour run-time

  • Scalable motor controller

    • 10, 100, 1000 kg platforms

96 mm

90 mm

Design Review

Slide5 l.jpg

Project Applications:

  • Foundation for future MSD projects

  • US First Robotics Competition


    - Component in other research projects

Design Review

Slide6 l.jpg


PC104 Processing Platform

High Level Commands

Motor Commands

Motor Controller Circuit BoardStacked on PC104

Linux OS

Motor Controller Application

Design Review

Slide7 l.jpg


Onboard Clients

Future Projects



Motor Controller

Motor Systems

PC104 System

External Client Interface

Design Review

Slide8 l.jpg

Design: Operating System

  • Manage other project programs

  • Provide external client interface

  • Provide internal client interface

  • Memory management

  • ISA bus management

Design Review

Slide9 l.jpg

Current State of Design: Software

  • Software Design meets all customer requirements for system control.

  • Efficient Design

    • Condensed instruction set for motor control

    • Event based software system design

    • Reconfigurable client interface

Design Review

Slide10 l.jpg

Current State of Design: Hardware

  • Hardware Design meets customer versatility requirements.

  • Power system meets all PC104 and Motor controller power needs.

  • Efficient Design

    • Did not exceed the space limitations.

    • System can support multiple motors using only one hardware component.

Design Review

Slide11 l.jpg


  • Collaboration across disciplines and teams.

  • Sharing of PC104 resources.

    • DAQ

  • Hardware and software interface

    • Interoperability, Control, Timing.

  • Circuit board fabrication risks

    • Design duration and unresolved manufacturing issues.

Design Review

Slide12 l.jpg


  • Good inter-team organization and communications

  • Resource saving strategies

    • Application optimization

  • Specifications for resource management

  • Strategy for intersystem integration

    • Solid test planning

  • Early development of PCB layout

Design Review

Slide13 l.jpg

Budget: COG

Preliminary Build Cost: $724

PCB Fabrication: $204

Components: $112

Development Kits: $408

Design Review

Slide14 l.jpg










with shared

Power Board



Cost Per 10

Design Review

Slide15 l.jpg


Phase 0: Planning

Phase 1: Concept Development

Phase 2: System Level Design

Phase 3: Detailed Design

Phase 4a: Component Integration

Phase 4b: System Integration









Alpha build

Current phase of development


Design Review

Slide16 l.jpg

MSD2 Milestones:

  • Dec 08: Finalize full system design.

  • Dec 15: Begin Prototyping and finalize Layout.

  • Jan 19: Functional alpha prototype.

  • Jan 29: Design testing complete, begin verification.

  • Feb 09: Verifying design results.

  • Feb 16: Finalize documentation.

  • Feb 23: Final Project Review.

Design Review

Slide17 l.jpg


Design Review