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Coaching and Feedback

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Coaching and Feedback - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coaching and Feedback. Claudette Brower Assistant to the Dean of Students VOICES Performance Mgmt & Recognition Byron Myer Administrative Assistant Senior Healthcare VOICES Performance Mgmt & Recognition. Coaching and Feedback Introduction.

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Coaching and Feedback

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    1. Coaching and Feedback Claudette Brower Assistant to the Dean of Students VOICES Performance Mgmt & Recognition Byron Myer Administrative Assistant Senior Healthcare VOICES Performance Mgmt & Recognition

    2. Coaching and Feedback Introduction Voices of the Staff Performance Management Team determined that four components are required for a successful PM program: • Goal Setting • Feedback and Coaching • Performance Evaluation • Rewards and Recognition

    3. Coaching and Feedback Definitions Coaching -Involves communicating effectively and leading by example. -Focuses on the developmental side of acquiring knowledge and skills to help the employee effectively perform the job. -Provides a person or group with the guidance, support and confidence to enable them to enhance their performance continuously. -Managing Performance, Jenny Hill p.87

    4. Coaching and Feedback Definitions Coaching - Process of joint discovery and discussion. Goal is to help staff gain information to support their development. Feedback - Most effective when it is sensitive to the person and the situation rather than following a standard recipe. -Adapted from the Successful Manager’s Handbook by Susan H. Gebelein, Carol J. Skube, Lisa A. Stevens June, 2001; Personel Decisions International

    5. Coaching and Feedback Advantages Providing Coaching and Feedback helps: • Build trust • Motivate employees to achieve organizational, departmental, and individual objectives • Run efficient departments • Equip employee to become leaders • Employee retention rates • Employee satisfaction

    6. Coaching and Feedback Training Trained supervisors are more apt to provide specific ,fair and timely feedback, which will address performance problems to be dealt with more constructively and which will recognize and reinforce good performance. Employees will view their coaching and feedback as coming from a credible source, which is critical for acceptance, if supervisors are trained.

    7. Coaching and Feedback Timing -Doing it continuously saves time in the long run and increases the effectiveness of employees. -Minimally twice a year, best every quarter -As the Generation X cohorts begin to flood into the workplace it has become clearer this constant-feedback-seeking group will not accept waiting a year to find out what they had done wrong or not done at all.

    8. Coaching and Feedback Types • Recognition • Rewards effective performance • It takes 5.6 positive remarks to negate 1 negative remark • Developing • In advance • Improvement • Improvement

    9. Coaching and Feedback Challenges • Who should provide feedback? • Has the supervisor received training? • Is the supervisor accountable for providing performance appraisals to people they supervise? • Is there enough time to provide adequate, meaningful feedback? • Have expectations been clearly defined? • Does this employee have the tools, resources and skills necessary to be successful? • Is feedback immediate and specific? • Is the feedback non-personal; Focusing on the issue or the task? • Is the employee given the opportunity to respond and is the feedback provider listening to what he or she has to say? • Is there a future course of action with set objectives?

    10. Questions? • Questions you might have? • Share experiences that you have had to exemplify positive coaching and feedback • Share experiences that you have had to exemplify how not to do coaching and feedback

    11. Coaching and Feedback Practice • Groups of three • Employee • Direct Supervisor • Observer

    12. Coaching and Feedback Scenario #1 • One of your staff is consistently coming in late, missing days and not following through on their responsibilities. You notice that they seem severely tired. They are often abrasive when talking to colleagues-immediate colleagues are expressing concern that they need to finish this persons work because it is often not complete. You are addressing this at your next one/one session.

    13. Coaching and Feedback Scenario #2 • You have a staff member that has demonstrated that they are very skilled in your office and throughout the department. They are constantly tapped or volunteer for unit and departmental projects. You are concerned that they are on the fast track to burn out and you begin to notice that they are not able to follow through on all their commitment. You have decided to talk to them about this.