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FY09 Annual Planning Human Resources Division

FY09 Annual Planning Human Resources Division. Focus in FY08: Get the “trains running on time”. Level of service and support It’s all about our people Compliance issues related to benefits and insurance. HQ Departments Country Programs. HQ HR. HQ Divisions P&S Field Divisions.

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FY09 Annual Planning Human Resources Division

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  1. FY09 Annual Planning Human Resources Division

  2. Focus in FY08:Get the“trainsrunning on time” • Level of service and support • It’s all about our people • Compliance issues related to benefits and insurance

  3. HQ Departments Country Programs HQ HR HQ Divisions P&S Field Divisions • Global Reach • Standardize or Customize where needed • Learning Cycle • Improve effectiveness Connecting HR Globally

  4. Human Resources Organizational Chart

  5. Build the capacity of CI employees to lead, manage & achieve organizational objectives FY08 Successes • Solidified HR structure and hired competent, committed staff (5 new) • Energized global HR network through meetings and workshops • Improved HQ Orientation program • Supported restructuring at the organizational and division levels • Improved alignment and awareness of organizational and division-level goals and indicators.

  6. Promote professional development and talent management throughout CI FY08 Successes • Launched Talent Management Team • Created cross programmatic/cross geographic team • Steve Edwards accepted leadership role • Held several team meetings in person and via phone • Presented preliminary recommendations to RMG • Holding brown bag during AP • Final set of recommendations due by June 30 • Provided skills-building trainings throughout CI • Held 2 “Essentials of Facilitation” (HQ & Field) • Held 2 leadership skills trainings (Brazil & HQ) • Held 1 Ethics & Values Training (Philippines) • Pilot 2 HR for Leaders (Madagascar and Guyana) (planned for June 2008)

  7. Ensure compensation, benefits and reward/recognition programs serve to attract and retain staff FY08 Successes • Conducted country-by-country analysis of benefits (complete by end of FY) • Successful transition to new medical insurance carrier in US (AETNA) • Established VP and SVP job profiles and implemented process for approval of jobs at this level • Revised Executive (VP & above) bonus program and gained Board approval • Updated compensation pay bands globally • Revised (streamlined & simplified) International Assignee Program

  8. Institutionalize CI policies & practices • Phase I of operations manual nearly complete • Reviewed and updated HR policies • Training held during Global HR Workshop • Roll out plan developed for FY09 • Translations will occur before end of FY • Manage organizational risk related to property, liability and employee safety and security • Engaged new international insurance broker (for property & liability) and conducted through analysis of coverage • Reduced redundancy of coverage with HQ and some field offices • Increased awareness of coverages provided FY08 Successes

  9. FY08 Disappointments • Director of Organizational Development still vacant • No progress on development of a competency model • No progress on re-instituting program to train managers • Slow progress on creating a robust new employee orientation program for the field • Not meeting the organizational demands for team-building and facilitation • Time-consuming compliance issues and theft of computer • Oracle HR not delivering what’s needed • Completion of policies and roll out to the organization too slow

  10. FY09 Plan Build the capacity of CI employees to lead, manage & achieve organizational objectives • Training & Professional Development for Leaders & Managers • deliver HR for Leaders in each field division • Develop and deliver bi-monthly modules at HQ • Offer at least 2 field and 2 US trainings focused on leadership development • Sponsor at least 5 senior leaders to attend a leadership/business training program • Improve orientation for new employees in the field and for staff relocating from one country to another • Expand exit interview process to include field and develop process for analyzing and communicating trends • Improve Systems & Processes • Work with PMP to re-purpose the Planning Database for use by HQ Division • Develop system for tracking operations capacity in field offices in support of Regional Operations Capacity Building team (ROC) • Integrate outcomes of strategic planning process into organizational and division planning and reporting • Implement recommendations of the Talent Management Strategic Team

  11. Talent Management Strategic TeamObjectives & Examples of Recommendations • Improve ways to find and hire talented staff by strengthening recruiting, branding CI as a “best place” to work, and establishing metrics and tracking. • Provide all staff with opportunities to contribute, engage and advance professionally by establishing a mentoring program, promoting training opportunities, and encouraging staff exchanges. • Retain high performers by creating professional development plans, establishing a “technical track,” and strengthening the awards program,. • Focus on succession planning by determining and integrating leadership competencies and ensuring a pipeline for senior positions. • Regularize staff meetings to ensure field participation.

  12. FY09 Plan Ensure compensation, benefits, and reward/recognition programs serve to attract and retain staff. • Develop a robust compensation program that: • is easy to understand and administer • provides timely and relevant compensation data • includes generic job descriptions as the foundation • Evaluate minimal (core) benefit offerings across all countries and ensure parity. • Ensure a global HR system that provides timely, accurate and relevant data.

  13. FY09 Plan Institutionalize CI Policies and Practices • Improve emergency plans for US and Field offices. • Implement global strategy for property and casualty insurance. • Reduce risk by better preparing CI travelers: • Develop a pre-travel checklist and an Intranet site for travelers • Design training module for CI travelers and host 2 HQ trainings • Develop training module for CI Policies & Practices. Work with ROC to localize Operations Manual in 10 countries.

  14. System Development and Integration Divisional Role: Ensure accurate, timely, and relevant information on CI’s staff is available via Oracle HR. Ensure alignment between goal setting and reporting at the organizational level, divisional level and individual level. FY09 Activities: • Work with PMP to re-purpose the Planning Database for use by HQ Divisions. • Fix Oracle HR. FY09 Details

  15. Capacity-Building Efforts Divisional Role: Build the capacity of HR staff at the division and country program level. Support operations capacity building efforts through ROC. FY09 Activities: • Develop operations capacity tracking system in support of Regional Operations Capacity Building team (ROC). • Improve new employee orientation in the field. • Offer or sponsor 9 leadership trainings, including sections on ethics, values & policies. • Create a Global Operations Learning Network and a monthly Operations newsletter. FY09 Details

  16. Organizational Sustainability Divisional Role: Support managers’ efforts to hire and retain competent, committed staff. FY09 Activities: • Implement recommendations from Talent Management Strategic Team and consider Phase II of team as a follow on to strategic planning • Create awards committee to better integrate and coordinate all of CI’s annual awards. FY09 Details

  17. Headcount

  18. FY09 Budget Growth

  19. FY09 Budget Detail by Expense Category

  20. FY09 Budget Detail by Funding Source

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