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Indicator 7 Child Outcomes: Changes & Updates June 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Indicator 7 Child Outcomes: Changes & Updates June 2011. GoToWebinar Attendee Interface. GoToWebinar Attendee Interface. 1. Viewer Window. 2. Control Panel. Agenda. Changes to the data collection Indicator 7 Child Outcomes application additions Internal system

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Indicator 7

Child Outcomes:

Changes & Updates

June 2011

Gotowebinar attendee interface

GoToWebinar Attendee Interface

GoToWebinar Attendee Interface

1. Viewer Window

2. Control Panel


  • Changes to the data collection

  • Indicator 7 Child Outcomes application additions

  • Internal system

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Resources and contact information

  • Questions

Indicator 7 Child Outcomes

Percent of preschool children aged 3 through 5 with IEPs who demonstrate improved:A. Positive social-emotional skills (including social relationships);B. Acquisition and use of knowledge and skills (including early language/communication and early literacy); and C. Use of appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.

Changes to the data collection
Changes to the Data Collection

Beginning July 1, 2011

  • Indicator 7 is now an annual data collection –

    • No longer associated with the Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment Cycle.

    • All LEAs will report entry status on all children who enter Early Childhood Special Education.

  • New definition of Entry Date -

    • Changes to Projected IEP Implementation Date (formerly Initial Placement Signature Date).

Indicator 7 Child Outcomes

Application Enhancements

Application Additions

  • Child Information-Race/Ethnicity

  • Child Information-Primary/Secondary Disability

  • Sources of Information includes:

    • B-3 exit rating

    • Teaching Strategies Gold

  • Contact information for person submitting record

Internal System

Set up a “colored folder” system.

Identify a staff person who will monitor the Child Outcomes “system” on a monthly basis.

Identify a day of the month that child outcomes data is reported.

Set up a process for training new staff on the Child Outcomes process and procedures.

Timelines less than 6 months of service transfer children

Frequently Asked Questions


Less than 6 months of service

Transfer children

Entry Status Timeline

Complete COSF

Within 60

Days of

Entry Date

60 Day Window

Before Entry

Begin Ongoing


IEP Meeting

Entry Date

What If Window Between IEP & Entry Date is More Than 60 Days?

Considering Completing COSF Nearer Entry Date

Within 60

Days of

Entry Date

Begin Ongoing


60 Day Window

Before Entry


Entry Date

If more than 60 days between IEP and Entry Date

Using Birth to 3 Exit Ratings Days?

  • Districts may choose to use the B-3 Exit Rating as the LEA Entry Rating.

  • The ratings can be found on PPS (Additional Information).

  • Best practice is to develop system of communication between B-3 & LEA regarding exchange of Child Outcomes information.

Exit Status Timeline Days?

Complete COSF


Days of

Exit Date

60 Day Window Prior to Exit

Exit Date

Points to remember
Points to Remember Days?

Less Than 6 Months of Service

  • 6 Months of Service – Exit data must be reported for all children who receive a minimum of 181 days of ECSE service.

  • If child exits ECSE and has not received 6 months (181 days) of ECSE service – you must enter the exit date but not exit ratings into Indicator 7 application on Special Education Web Portal.

  • If child enters ECSE less than 181 days from the child’s 6th birthday - do NOT begin outcomes rating process.

Transfers in out of your district
Transfers In & Out of Your District Days?

Transfer Children

  • LEA that completes the child’s Initial IEP includes the child in the Child Outcomes process.

  • If child transfers into your LEA- do not include child in Child Outcomes process unless you do not accept the IEP and complete a new Initial IEP.

  • If child transfers out of your LEA – child is done with Child Outcomes process – enter appropriate exit data into the Indicator 7 Child Outcomes application.

Two common questions
Two Common Questions Days?

Out of District Services

  • If a child is provided ECSE services in a neighboring LEA outside of the LEA of residence – which LEA reports the child?

    • The child’s LEA of residence is responsible for reporting the child’s Outcomes data.

  • If a child attends a LEA through school choice- which LEA reports the child?

    • The school choice LEA is responsible for reporting the child’s Outcomes data.

Support available to you
Support Available to You Days?

Support Available to You

  • Information on Early Childhood Indicator Trainings



  • Indicator 7 online training modules

  • Ruth Chvojicek, Statewide Child Outcomes Coordinator: [email protected] or 608-742-8814 ext. 245

Questions? Days?

Thank You Days?