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Germany. How did the coming of war change life in Germany? 1939-45. 1-The effects of the Allied bombing rids.

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How did the coming of war change life in Germany? 1939-45

1 the effects of the allied bombing rids
1-The effects of the Allied bombing rids

In May 1943 the heavy bombing of Germany by the British at night and American by day. The result were bad. Because in July and August 1943 destroyed 60% of the city. 300,000 houses and killed between 60,000 and 100,000 people.

2 the effects of the war on german village life
2-The effects of the war on German village life

After the war there is to many people go to village (refugees) the villages population increase fast but the houses couldn’t increase at the same level, so they had to share home. So that’s didn’t worked for the farmers so they stopped to tell the Nazi how many did they get from the grow, to keep it for them self.

Because there is to many people so some of them start working in industry.

3 rationing

There wasn’t enough food for everyone so they made rations for the people. They gave each person 7oo grams per week the people broke into zoo’s and killed the animals to eat them. There was never a worrying decrees of food.

4 evacuation

The parents sent them children out from Germany to scape the bombing made by the allies .

5 the hitler youth
5-The Hitler youth

Boys helped the fire services. Delivered post, distributed ration-cards and acted as guides during black-out. Organized collections of metal, bones, kitchen waste, clothing and books.

Girls in kindergartens, old people’s homes and hospitals they helped in whatever way they could. They bought coal and food for the homeless, war windows and refugees. They even formed choirs to entertain the sick and wounded.

how did war affect the germans
How did war affect the Germans?
  • The vast majority of German did not want war, but Hitler’s initial successes set aside their doubts. After losing the battle of Stalingrad in 1943, the tide of the war turned against Germany and Hitler’s popularity dwindled.
  • Life was hard for German soldiers and civilian. There was rationing, evacuation and some shortage though nothing as serves as in 1918.
how did war affect the germans1
How did war affect the Germans?
  • Nazi policy towards women was reversed ad the labor shortage struck key industries. Incentives failed to persuade women to return to work. The birth-rate did not rise in response to the government’s call to produce more slider.
  • When Hitler committed suicide in 1945 his dream of a thousand-year-old Reich was left in ruins after just 12 terrible years.

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