do you notice beauty l.
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Radiant Point

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Radiating Point

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Radiant Point

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do you notice beauty
Do you notice beauty?
  • Often we hurry about; stress and the burdens of daily life impede our senses and we neglect to notice the beauty around us.
  • Beauty goes unnoticed because of our state of mind.

Our capacity to notice beauty reveals much about our mental and spiritual condition.

how does my radiating point help
How does my Radiating Point help?
  • Your Radiating Point is something you have that always uplifts you.
  • How you feel about your Radiating Point, the aspects you love and cherish, is a reflection of who you are.
  • Whatever you recognize outside yourself originates from within.

The beauty of a rose is the beauty of you!

an exciting time
An Exciting Time…..
  • Each Radiating Point has within it an opportunity for an individual to experience themselves beyond what they have ever known; this is an exciting time!
  • It becomes an access point that allows you to fully merge with an object that touches the soul.
begin anew
Begin Anew!

Your journey begins in this very moment!

Find the beauty within


recognizing the beauty without!