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Radiant Barrier PowerPoint Presentation
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Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier

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Radiant Barrier

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  1. Radiant Barrier

  2. Solar radiation causes roof temperatures to reach 160 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat is conducted through roofing materials and reradiated to the mass insulation and ceiling below. Attic air temperatures climb to superheated levels…typically 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Radiant heat transfers into air conditioning ducts increasing energy costs. Attic structure and contents saturate and continue to transfer heat even after the sun has set. Air Conditioning (A/C) run time increases and in peak loads cannot maintain internal temperature set points – comfort is compromised. Problem (Summer Conditions):

  3. What is the Solution for this problem? An attic radiant barrier. • Radiant barriers consist of at least one low emittance (0.1 or less) surface (usually aluminum foil) bounded by an open air space, for the primary purpose of limiting heat transfer by radiation. • Aluminum foil has the properties of High reflectivity and Low emissivity and blocks up to 97% of radiant energy, so heat transfer through radiation is significantly reduced.

  4. What is most effective Radiant Barrier ? 1&2 3 Best Performing Application Unique multi-layer design has two layers of protection AND the installation covers a large percentage of the underside of the roofing and framing.

  5. What is the main advantage of installing a Radiant Barrier in your home or building? LOWERS ATTIC TEMPERTURE UP TO 30 DEGREES Radiant barriers are very effective at reducing radiant heat transfer, which is often the primary source of heat gain and loss in a structure.Radiant barriers work with standard ventilation (soffit and roof vents) to create a system that reduces heat gain.

  6. 16” & 24” widths for trusses and rafters 30” width for hip roofs and gable ends Improves HVAC duct performance up to 50%

  7. Estimated Cost Savings = 35%

  8. Silver Shield Radiant Barrier can be used to meet Energy Star Criteria for “Fully-Aligned Air Barriers” of the Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist, by insuring insulation is fully aligned with air barrier. Also meets building code flame spread and smoke developed ratings required for wall systems; Silver Shield has a Class A flammability rating. Another Solution:

  9. Benefits of Silver Shield Radiant Barrier… • Saves Energy. • Reduces Attic Temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in Summer. • Reduces heat loss in Winter. • Unique multi-layer design provides peak radiant heat control in attic spaces. • Improves duct performance up to 50%. • Increased comfort in unconditioned areas of the structure • 20-year Transferrable Warranty …Results in more comfortable, Energy Efficient Home or Building.