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  1. Modern Design Performance Unique Selling Proposition Other Features Specifications Contents

  2. Premium Design Modern Design - Clean Design - Minimalist Design Imagine a simple but stylish and luxurious design of the Samsung air conditioner that provides you with cool comfort using the benefit of innovative technology. Samsung makes you feel like you're living in the lap of luxury. Premium Design

  3. Clean Design • Hidden front grill • Cool blue-point color • Suitable for interior design and decoration Premium Design

  4. Minimalist Design • The gorgeous light-reflecting surface of Forte will light up your life. Premium Design

  5. Performance Performance - Smart Inverter - Fast Cooling & Heating Rates - Energy Saving - High Efficiency - Silent Operation Enjoy the high-performance air conditioner with exceptional technical characteristics and superior quality features. Samsung's air conditioning system maximizes its cooling and heating rates with a high-efficiency compressor, silent operation, and high energy-saving performance. Performance

  6. High Efficiency • A perfect choice for better performance

  7. Silent Operation • Enjoy the sweet silence of a Samsung air conditioner.

  8. Unique Selling Proposition Unique Selling Proposition Good Morning Mode - What Is a Comfortable Sleep? - 3-Step Temperature / Air Control - 3-Step Sleep Control - Deep-Sleep Hours - Mean Skin Temperature for Comfort - Energy Saving Samsung's new Good Morning Mode function helps create a cool, comfortable, and healthy atmosphere which provides physical and emotional comfort leads to increased productivity and efficiency. An artificial intelligence temperature controller keeps temperature at an appropriate level in your sleep. Based on innovative technology, the controller provides you with extra-ordinary comfort. Unique Sales Points

  9. What Is a Comfortable Sleep? • Maintain a Proper Amount of Deep Sleep • Balance the Amount for Each Sleep Stage

  10. Analysis of Human Physiological Signals Analysis of Human Body Temperature Analysis of Indoor Thermal Comfort Assesses the sleeping quality using advanced technology. Measures the level of comfort by sensing body and skin temperatures. Optimizes the temperature / air-stream schedule based model measurements and numerical analysis results. 3 Step Temperature / Air Control

  11. Falling Asleep Mode Fast cooling makes human-body temperature balanced and thus helps you get into a deep sleep quickly. Sound Sleep Mode This mode maintains a mean skin temperature at which you can feel more comfortable and helps you to get continuous sleep, offering an energy-saving solution. Wake-up Mode This mode raises the human body temperature to speed up metabolism—and to deliver a refreshed wake-up. 3-Step Sleep Control

  12. Deep-Sleep Hours • Deep-sleep is an element essential for brain relaxation • and physical recovery and it also related to the growth • process that goes through different stages.

  13. Mean Skin Temperature for Comfort • If the MST time is too short, it makes your temperature drop and thus • causes you to wake up often at night. As a result, this would bother • your sleep and unbalance the skin's moisture levels, so you could get a cold.

  14. Energy Saving • The Good Morning Sleep mode can save you up to 30% of energy.

  15. Other Features Other Features - Multi Air-Purifying System - Silver-Coated Filter - Silver-Coated Evaporator - Waterfall Heating - Automatic Changeover Samsung’s Air Purifying System is essential not only for airpurification, but also for maintaining the inside of the air conditioner clean. Multi-key components inside Samsung's air conditioners are treated with anti-bacterial and anti-mold agents. Since these air conditioners are designed to prevent the multiplication of mold and bacteria inside, you can always enjoy the freshest and cleanest air. Other Features

  16. Multi Air-Purifying System • Take a deep breath with Samsung's multi-air system.

  17. Silver-Coated Filter • Applied to the filter, the silver-nano coating serves to trap • and remove dust particles. Not only does the filter remove • microscopic dust particles, but it also exterminates fungi • and eliminates unpleasant smells.

  18. Silver-Coated Evaporator • The first and only of its kind to coat both the filter • and the evaporator with silver. • The new H-Fin technology further enhances the capability • of removing bacteria.

  19. Waterfall Heating • A wide-angle blade system • Open to an angle of 90 degrees • Directs the air to any part of the room.

  20. Automatic Changeover • Once the temperature is set, cooling/heating is automatically adjusted.

  21. Specifications Specifications Model Forte Option 1 Inverter (R410a) / Constant Speed Option 2 HP / CO / R410a / R22 Capacity 9k / 12k / 18k / 24k USP • Clean Panel Design • High EER • Multi Air Purifying System • - Super Sleep • - Deodorizing Filter • - Catchin Filter • - Silver Coated Evaporator • - Anti bacterial Fan Specifications

  22. Specifications Product Comparison Model Samsung 9K Inverter Competitor 9K Inverter Capacity 9,000 Btu / h 9,000 Btu / h EER 3.40 2.81 Noise Level 23 dB (Indoor) 29 dB (Indoor) USP Good Morning Mode / Multi Air Purifying System Made in Korea World Top 6 years Features • Clean Panel Design • High EER • Super Sleep • Deodorizing Filter • Catchin Filter • Silver Coated Evaporator • Anti bacterial Fan • Simple Design • Blade System • Antibacterial Treatment • Energy saving Mode Specifications

  23. Thank You