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Kitchen Safety

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Kitchen Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kitchen Safety
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  1. Kitchen Safety Do This Now! Title your #8 page “Ecology in the Kitchen” – 10 facts. Be prepared to view the video and take your post test today

  2. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: 1. Why is kitchen safety essential? 2. Explain methods of accident prevention from cuts, burns, fires, shock and poisoning.

  3. INTRODUCTION: The kitchen can be one of the most hazardous places in the house. This module teaches about the importance of safety practices in the kitchen. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: 1. Why is kitchen safety essential? 2. Explain methods of accident prevention from cuts, burns, fires, shock and poisoning. AKS: #5, 6, 7, 17, 40, 41 OBJECTIVES: 1. Identify the personal need for safe and sanitary practices in the kitchen. 2. Identify kitchen safety techniques 3. Differentiate between safe and unsafe kitchen practices. MATERIALS: -ranch dressing -carrots VIDEOS/DVD: -Kitchen Safety Smart, Ecology in the Kitchen, Knives EQUIPMENT: TV/VCR Computer Range Pot holders Cookie sheet Frying pan w/lid Sharp knife Vegetable peeler Dish towel Dish cloth

  4. Activity #1 • 1. Locate the pretest and complete it according to the instructions before you go to the next step. • 2. Review the following vocabulary words before you begin the module. When you find the words in the reading material or the videos as you come to them during the next four days: define them on your own paper. • Sanitation • Hazard • Electrical Shock • Outlet • Smother • Fire Extinguisher • Poison • Flammable • Smoke Detector • Poison Control Center • 3. Locate and read the information sheet titled “Activity One – Information Sheet”. Answer the 4 study questions on your own paper. • 4. Locate and view the video titled “Kitchen Safety Smart”. • Write 10 video facts on your own paper. • Title it Kitchen Safety Smart Video Facts. • 6. When you have finished viewing, rewind the tape and return it to its proper location. • 7. Clean up your module area and make sure everything is returned to its proper location.

  5. Activity #2 • Read Activity # 2 Information Sheet and answer Activity Two Study Questions on your own paper. • 2.Watch the DVD- “Knives”. Write 10 facts from the DVD on your own paper. Label this sheet- 10 Facts about Knives. • 3.You are now going to practice or demonstrate safe procedures in a kitchen. • Demonstrate with your partner the safe way to put a cookie sheet in and out of the oven. • Pull the top oven rack out, put the cookie sheet in, push the rack in, and close the oven door. • Using the skillet, demonstrate with your partner how to safely position the skillet on top of the stove (range). • The pan handle should not stick out. It should be turned to the inside of the stovetop. • Demonstrate how to safely put out a grease fire if you were frying bacon in the skillet. • Go to the computer. • Find the OJ Software icon. • Locate the Decipher-Kitchen Safety Game. • Work through the program following the directions. • Play against your partner. • 5. Clean up module area and make sure everything is returned to its proper location.

  6. Activity # 3 • Locate and read Activity Three Information Sheets- Guide to Kitchen Safety. • 2. Locate in this notebook the picture of an unsafe kitchen. • Notice all the hazards in this kitchen. • Title a piece of your own paper with the heading Kitchen Hazards • Make a list of all the hazards that you can find. • You must find at least 15 hazards. • Locate the video “Ecology in the Kitchen”. • Watch the video and write 10 facts about the video. • Head your paper “Ecology in the Kitchen – Video Facts”. • Be sure to rewind the video after viewing and put your fact sheet in your folder. • 4. Clean up your module area and put everything is in its proper place.

  7. Activity # Four • 1. Locate the post test and complete it according to the directions. • Get out a piece of notebook paper and place your name, class and student number in the upper right hand corner. Place your module name on the top line. Copy the following list, and then gather the assignments in order. Place your cover sheet on top and staple together. • -Pre-test • -Vocabulary • -Activity One- Study Questions • -10 Kitchen Safety Smart video facts • -Activity Two- Study Questions • -10 Facts about Knives • -Activity Three – Kitchen Safety Hazards • -Activity Three- 10 facts from the “Ecology in the Kitchen • -Essential Questions – skill points • -Post-test • (Extra Credit) • Read the two page article called “ How Safe is Your Kitchen?” • Write a two paragraph summary of the article on your own paper.