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Prerequisite Scanner Sprint 5 Demo PowerPoint Presentation
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Prerequisite Scanner Sprint 5 Demo

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Prerequisite Scanner Sprint 5 Demo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prerequisite Scanner Team Sprint Demo. Prerequisite Scanner Sprint 5 Demo. IBM Prerequisite Scanner Team June, 2012. Key Accomplishments. PRS refresh publish on iRAM to support KUD and zEnterprise osdp installation prereq check single server support prototype (Story 26525 & 27406)

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Prerequisite Scanner Sprint 5 Demo

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Presentation Transcript

Key Accomplishments

  • PRS refresh publish on iRAM to support KUD and zEnterprise
  • osdp installation prereq check single server support prototype (Story 26525 & 27406)
  • Feature Request: As a TCR user I would need PRS to detect the  'localhost' name defined in a machine (Story 26121)
  • Test automation stage 2
    • (Story 26622, 26621, 26620, 26619 & 25276)
    • Automation engine setup – leverage jazz build engine
    • Run tests after building test cases for a platform
  • Health check scenario investigation (Story 26446)
  • Build improvement (Story 21469 & 24304)





A valid HOSTS file to pass this check should have at least 1 entry to satisfy:   1) starts with ipaddress   2) in the same entry, at least one of the column is "localhost“.

Config File Entries :



etc hosts file entries
/etc/hosts File Entries

Following are the supported entries in the /etc/hosts file

Example: (Supports the below formats)

  • localhost
  • localhost localhost.localdomain #Alias name
  • localhost # Tab Space
  • localhost.localdomain localhost
  • localhost localhost.localdomain
  • localhost
os localhostinhostsfile results
os.localhostInHostsFile Results

[root@aclinux08 meti]# ./ DMO detail

IBM Prerequisite Scanner


Build : 20120605

OS name: Linux

Machine Information

Machine Name:

Serial number: LKZRA6R

DMO - Prerequisite Scanner Demo [version 0750000]:

Property Result Found Expected

======== ====== ===== ========

os.localhostInHostsFile PASS True True

Prerequisite Scanner Overall Result: PASS

Details also available in /root/meti/result.txt


Prerequisite Scanner Team Sprint Demo

Test Automation – Stage 2 Demo


Ant based test automation framework

Ant is used to:

- perform the test build

- run PRS commands

- run Junit tests

- collect the logs

Junit tests are written to perform comparison between actual and expected results.


Test project in RTC – Directory structure:

Project Name:


Multi-stage development approach:Stage 1 - Completed

  • develop the Ant based test framework
  • manually build the test distribution zip on local Windows machine
  • manually run tests using Ant/Junit on each of the test machines
  • limited to a few basic tests on Linux and Windows

Multi-stage development approach:Stage 2 – Completed (today's demo)

  • allocate and configure a dedicated test machine for running the test builds
  • install and configure the Jazz build engine
  • configure build definition so test builds can be run from RTC similar to dev builds
  • configure the Ant build file to run the Junit tests on that machine after successful test build
  • additional Junit tests added

Multi-stage development approach:Future enhancements – Stage 3 +

  • ability to run tests on remote target machines including some control over which targets to run
  • develop additional tests
  • ability to run one specific test or a group of tests
  • view html reports directly from RTC ?

What is PRS

A lightweight and easy-to-usescanning tool to automate prerequisite checks for single or multiple products in a solution

  • Automated and standardized prerequisite checking solution across products and deployment types
  • Simplicity of use and lightweight solution
  • Improve TTV, with ready-to-use out-of-the-box predefined checks
  • Extensibility to expand coverage easily in the field

IBM Prerequisite Scanner

Key Benefits & Differentiator


Completed sprint 5 stories

As a end user, I want a quick reference to install and run Prerequisite Scanner to scan my target environments (27402)

Story: New cfg files for TPAE 7.5.1 and updates to existing 7.5.0 cfg files (28195)

Story: Refresh build 20120426-1509 for ITM agents team to include fix for defect 27689 (27722)

Story: end of sprint driver regression and documentation update (27551)

Story: as KUD agent team, we need a PRS release to support our June release (27199)

Story: Configure the CVT project: to run the tests for that platform after the build (26622)

Story: Configure the CVT project: to build/run on the Jazz build engine (26621)

Story: Install Jazz build engine on CVT build machine. (26620)

Story: Allocate and build a test machine to run the Jazz build engine for building and running the CVT tests. (26619)

Story: as PRS tester, I would like to improve test by adding additional automated test cases coverage (25276)

Story: Refresh iRAM image with new zEnterprise Monitoring agent (KZE) configuration file (27624)

Story: Configure the Linux build machine to directly copy PRS builds to GSA instead of acwin20 (24304)

Story: Allocate and configure a Windows machine for the build process (21469)

Story: Restructure build.xml to perform PRS install once rather than every time a test is run (27344)

Story: As a developer, I want to post sprint level builds to Boulder for Transparent Dev evaluation (26468)

Story: License and COO need to be updated for 1.2 (27200)

As an admin installing OSDP, I need to check for DB2 and WAS prereqs if not already installed (27399)

Story: as osdp and servicesteam, I would like to understand the design and approach that how PRS support prereq checks (27406)

Story: as osdp and services team, I would like to see and try the stage 1 (single server only) cfg files (26525)

Feature Request: As a TCR user I would need PRS to detect the  'localhost' name defined in a machine (26121)

Story: Investigate utilizing PRS as a Health Checker (26446)