Effects of secondhand smoke
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Effects of Secondhand Smoke. Pat McKone, Director American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest. We’ve come a long way since,…. What is Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) ..Secondhand smoke?. Indoor Air Pollution 90% of time spent indoors. Surgeon General Report. What’s in Tobacco Smoke?.

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Effects of secondhand smoke

Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Pat McKone, Director

American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest

Indoor air pollution 90 of time spent indoors
Indoor Air Pollution smoke? 90% of time spent indoors

What s in tobacco smoke
What’s in Tobacco Smoke? smoke?

  • Particulates

  • carbon monoxide

  • nicotine

  • benzene

  • nitrosamines

  • polycyclic hydrocarbons

  • 3,000 - 4,000 others

It s a serious danger to health
It’s a serious danger to health smoke?

  • Secondhand smoke is a leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.

    • Mokdad, AH et al. “Actual Causes of Death in the United States, 2000.”JAMA. 2004; 291: 1238-1245.

  • Secondhand smoke causes at least 38,000 deaths annually in U.S.

    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Annual smoking-attributable mortality, years of potential life lost, and productivity losses.” MMWR. 2005; 54: 625-628

  • Hundreds of studies have documented secondhand smoke as a cause of serious health problems.

U s surgeon general s 2006 report conclusions
U.S. Surgeon General’s 2006 Report smoke?Conclusions

No Risk Free Level of Exposure

Tobacco smoke
Tobacco Smoke smoke?

  • The concentration of some chemicals in side-stream smoke is 10 x greater than in main-stream smoke


Health effects on children
Health Effects on Children smoke?

  • Fetal growth retardation

  • SIDS

  • Respiratory problems in children

  • Asthma in children

  • Eye and nasal irritation

  • Middle ear infections in children

  • Lung cancer

  • Nasal sinus cancer

  • Heart disease

  • Mortality due to heart disease

    (1997 Comprehensive Study by Cal EPA)

Other health effects
Other Health Effects smoke?

  • Pre-term delivery

  • Asthma induction in adults

  • Breast cancer in younger (primarily pre-menopausal) women

  • Acute and chronic heart disease

  • Altered vascular properties

  • About 49,000 deaths (not including breast cancer)

    (2005 Report Expanded Impacts)

Effects on the heart
Effects on the Heart smoke?

  • Interferes with normal functioning of the heart, blood and vascular systems

  • Increases “stickiness” of platelets even with brief exposures

  • Damages the lining of blood vessels

Lung cancer
Lung Cancer smoke?

  • All major health authorities agree that secondhand smoke causes cancer:

    • U.S. Surgeon General linked SHS to lung cancer.

      • U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services. The Health Consequences of Involuntary Smoking: AReport of the Surgeon General. 1986; p. 7

    • Classified as a Group A carcinogen by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, meaning it is known to cause cancer in humans.

      • U.S. EPA, Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders. 1992; p. 5-68

Lung cancer1
Lung Cancer smoke?

Ventilation smoke?

  • According to ASHRAE, the organization that establishes industry standards for ventilation:

    • The only means of effectively eliminating health risks associated with indoor exposure to SHS is to ban smoking activity.

    • Engineering approaches, such as ventilation and air cleaning, cannot be relied on to control the health risks associated with SHS exposure.

      • Samet, J et al. “ASHRAE position document on environmental tobacco smoke.” 2005.

Thirdhand smoke
Thirdhand smoke? smoke

  • Residual chemicals left on a variety of indoor surfaces

  • The science is still emerging

What can we do
What can we do? smoke?

  • Only Smoke-free policies fully protect

  • NO SMOKING sections do not protect

  • Cleaning the air or ventilating buildings does not fully protect non-smokers