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1. curriculum

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1. curriculum. We have 4 subjects maths english life skills and afrikaans Maths

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1 curriculum

1. curriculum

We have 4 subjects



life skills

and afrikaans


We teach number concepts up to 34.Oral bonds must be mastered up to 10 and counting must be mastered up to 100. They must be able to calculate up to 20. Word problems including the 4 operations are very important.

2 english
2. English
  • Comprises of phonics , flashwords ,reading, and grammar which includes sentence construction, punctuation and story writing
3 life skills
3. Life skills
  • Comprises of PA-Performing Arts , VA-Visual Arts, BK-Beginning Knowledge . This is background information about the themes. PASW is personal and social wellbeing. This teaches them about relationships and etiquette.
4 afrikaans
4. Afrikaans
  • Taught informally. No written work. It includes, greetings, colours , calendar, counting , poems and songs.
5 uniforms
5. Uniforms
  • The grade ones have PE on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They must wear their track suits from home. We do not encourage the little ones to change into their tracksuits at school as they lose a lot of time changing and clothing items get lost. Please label all items of clothing so that should they get lost, it is easy to find the owner. Remember to write your child’s name with tippex inside the shoes or takkies as well. Soon, we will start sports training and socks and shoes will be removed. Shoes can become mixed up.
6 ailments
6. Ailments
  • Please inform the class teacher if your child has any ailment, eg : a weak bladder, asthma, wheezing, bleeding nose or if he/she is on any medication. We find that many learners are often leaving the classroom to go to the toilet. Some of them genuinely need to go to the toilet, but some just want to go out for a breather and they miss out on the lesson being taught. Learners who are absent, must produce an absentee note on their return to school.
7 flip files
7. Flip files
  • Please ensure that all school handouts and newsletters are read and removed from your child’s flip file. If they need to be signed and returned, then please do so timeously. Please check your child’s flip file or homework book daily for any handouts. Please ensure that your child’s flip file has all the sheets filed neatly and orderly and there are no unnecessary documents in them. The flip file is like the child’s Quran. It is used daily in class and therefore must not be left at home. Please get a document envelope and place the flip file, phonic book and a dictionary in it. This dictionary will be sold to the children very soon.
8 pick up points
8. Pick-up points
  • At school, we constantly remind learners not to run on the driveway at dismissal time and to watch out for cars. Please re-inforcethis rule at home. Learners who are picked up on Hartley Road must be taught to use the side walk and exit from the main gate. They must keep off the driveway. Learners being picked up at school must wait in the pavilion area.Madressahchildren will be received by the apasin the pavilion area. Learners waiting for older siblings must wait in the pavilion area. They must keep away from the senior classes and the courtyard, as this disturbs the classes in session.
9 late coming
9. Late coming
  • Learners must go to bed early so they can wake up early and be on time for school. Learners who have late school nights battle to concentrate and cannot manage the full school day. Outing during the school nights should be avoided except in cases of emergency, as this disrupts the learners routine. Punctuality at school is vital as the learners who come late miss assembly announcements and classroom instructions in the mornings. If learners come late more than twice , he or she will be detained during the first half of the break. This will also jeopardize their character award which they look forward to.
10 stationery
10. Stationery
  • All stationery must be labelled.Learners continuously drop stationery and if not labelled they sometimes get mixed up with other learners stationery. After completing homework ensure that they, themselves , pack their stationery , flip files and phonic books in their school bags. Quite often learners forget stationery at home. Make sure they sharpen their pencils and have a full compliment of crayons as they often work with specific colours and only in class, do they realise that a colour is missing. Sharpening pencils, missing colours etc slow them down in their work. The flip file must only have their worksheets given by us. Please remove all circulars and notices from flip file.
11 lunch
11. Lunch
  • Please ensure learners carry healthy bread lunches to school. Too much junk food leads to hyperactive behavior. Try and restrict spending to certain days eg: Thursdays or Fridays. We find that learners without lunch spend most of their break in the queue and have little time to eat their lunch. We often give grade 1 learners a few minutes before break to eat in class, before the tuck shop opens.
12 homework procedure
12. Homework procedure
  • Parents must supervise and sign all homework on a daily basis. Books can be marked by parents as the teacher will not mark in detail. Shoddy work must not be accepted. Learners must do their homework themselves. When constructing sentences they must use words that they have learnt in class. Presently they should use words from set 1 and set 2 as they will be able to construct and read these sentences themselves. Use of correct punctuation eg capital and full stops must be emphasized. Read a story to your child every evening and ensure that they are members of a local library.
13 assessment
13. Assessment
  • Each term learners will receive the assessment plan with the assessment topics and dates. The dates are flexible due to learners being ill, missing out on concepts when not in school, extracurricular and incidental events at school and/or when learners do not understand the concepts taught and these lessons have to be re-taught. Parents are to sign and acknowledge the assessment plan.
14 procedure for swimming
14. Procedure for swimming
  • This term both girls and boys will do swimming every alternate week. Please ensure that all items of clothing are correctly labelled. Teach your child how to wear their clothes correctly eg. Not to wear their t-shirts back to front, how to tie shoe laces etc.
15 the daily news
15. The daily news
  • Everyday daily news is done. However in order to make learners become aware of a diverse array of news we have devised topics for each day. Please ensure that learners learn at home how to speak using correct language. The following is a breakdown of what type of news is required daily:
  • Monday – weekend news
  • Tuesday – media newspaper news
  • Wednesday- nature news
  • Thursday- show and tell
  • Friday- library book news