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STARS IN THE MAKING!. SOAR Charter Academy THIRD GRADE Mrs. Wilson & Ms. Lopez 2013-2014. 3rd Grade is a Transition Year. Student Expectations Class hours 7:55 a.m-2:45 p.m. Breakfast 7:55-8:10 a.m . Be on time & ready to learn - attendance is taken promptly at 7:55 a.m .

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    1. STARS IN THE MAKING! SOAR Charter Academy THIRD GRADE Mrs. Wilson & Ms. Lopez 2013-2014

    2. 3rd Grade is a Transition Year Student Expectations • Class hours 7:55 a.m-2:45 p.m. • Breakfast 7:55-8:10 a.m. • Be on time & ready to learn- attendanceistakenpromptlyat 7:55 a.m. • Homeworkpacketis due every Friday. No HW- loss of recess time/ fun activities

    3. Homework • Homeworkwill go home on Mon/Tues and willbereturned to school Friday mornings. • A valuable tool in helping students make the most of their experiences in class. • Reinforces what was learned in class. • Prepares students for future lessons • Helps develop positive study habits • Teaches responsibility

    4. CharacterDevelopment • We are bucket fillers. As a part of our character counts education we encourage students to be good students who care for and respect each other. Wewill focus on strengtheningskills and building new ones. • Responsibility • Trustworthiness • Respect • Fairness • Caring • Citizenship

    5. Rewards and Consequences • Bucket Fillers (schoolwide)- given for demonstratingcaring, fairness, trustworthiness, responsibility, citizenshipwithoutasking • Daily « tickets » are given in class for greatbehavior/manners. Studentswillbe put in a drawing to pick out a treasurechestprizeweekly. • Studentswhodemonstrategreatcharacterwillreceive a medalwiththeirname on itthatwillbeplaced on ourcharacter bulletin board for the month. At the end of the monthwewillclear the board and send all the medals home. • Wewillbeusing aCharacter ticketsystem based on the 6 pillars of character. • 1st Warning: « I need to improvemy CHARACTER today » ticket for one of the Characterpillars. • 2nd Warning: Sign and take home the ticket to get a parent signature. Please return signed ticket to yourteacher the followingday. • 3rd Warning: ReflectionTime-Write on the back of the ticket whathappenedtoday and whatneeds to improve for tomorrow? • 4th Warning: Miss a Weekly Fun Activity.

    6. Field Trips • We will be having fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for our fieldtrips and third grade activities. • September 2013- Third Grade: Gabrieliño Walk Students travel back in time to discover the lifestyle of local Native Americans. They twine plant material to make string, create music using authentic instruments, hunt and learn how the Tongva (Gabrieliño) and Acjachemen (Juaneño) used plants as food, shelter, and medicine.  • Family Science Day at the CaliforniaScience Center, Los Angeles-weare planning our first annual Science Day wherefamiliescantravel and explore the Science Center at the discountedprice of $5 onnSundayNovember 10, 2013. This is a field trip open to familymembers. Wewill tour the SpaceShuttleEndeavor and watch an IMAX movie « Hubble .»

    7. Community Service • Our focus for community service willbereading and how wecan support ourcommunitywithour love for reading. • Eachstudentisrequired to complete an individual or familycommunityservice project. • Westrongly encourage community service projectsthat have something to do withreading/books. • Due: The weekweget back fromSpring Break: Week of March 31st • Please note: Onlystudentswho have completedtheirindividualCommunity Service Project willbeinvited to the annual End of the Yearswimday.

    8. Parent Volunteers • If youwouldlike to volunteer in ourclassrooms or are available to chapperone on Field Trips pleasefill outa Parent Volunteerform. • We are looking for a volunteerwhoiswilling to pick up our class recyclables and takethem to a neighboringrecycling center. Pleasewrite down on the parent volunteerform if you are interested.

    9. Communication • HW and important announcementswillbelocated on SOAR’swebsite: • Gradebook-www.engrade.complease check yourstudentsprogressfrequently. Wewillbesending home a code for each parent to check yourstudents grades. • Remind 101- pleasetake a moment to sign up for our class Remind 101 account.