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Quick Build - Mechanical PowerPoint Presentation
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Quick Build - Mechanical

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Quick Build - Mechanical - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quick Build - Mechanical
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  1. Quick Build - Mechanical The University of Memphis

  2. First Saturday Morning Wheel Group Assemble Wheels Transmission Group Assemble Transmission Afternoon One Mech Group Base Layout Cut List Second Saturday Morning Assemble Base Afternoon Integrate Base with Power and Control Systems Plan for two sessions

  3. How to Prepare • Sort components, but bring the whole kit • Don’t open bags unnecessarily. Keep parts together that were shipped together. Order  Disorder

  4. Wheel Box Inventory List Transmission Box Inventory List Three Boxes to have Ready • Chassis Box • Inventory List

  5. Inventory Lists • I will give you a list to put on the top of each box. The lists are in your packet (envelope). • Lists for: • Transmission Box • Wheel Box • Chassis (base)

  6. Label the Boxes • Team Number • Inventory List

  7. Tool Lists • We can’t provide tools, so be sure to bring all of the tools on the tool lists at the quick build. • It is a good idea to make sure you have the right allen wrenches and sockets to fit the hardware in the box. • I have made a list for each group: • Wheel Team • Transmission Team • Chassis (Base) Team (but bring all tools!)

  8. What we plan to do • First: Assemble Transmissions and Wheels • Second: Design frame • Third: Mark frame for cutting • Be sure to mark EACH PIECE to be cut with your team number! • If there is not time to cut all frame pieces, you can leave them with us to cut between sessions. • Fourth: Assemble complete robot base and integrate with power and control.

  9. Cutting Metal • While we can’t let minors use the cutting machines, we can cut rails to a specific length. The rails can also be cut with a hacksaw.

  10. Instructions • I will pass out the slides provided by US First. Please review these before coming to the build sessions. (These are in your packet)

  11. Finally… • As I find out more about the 2011 kit, I may need to post updated files on the website. • Be sure to plan ahead, and bring all of your tools and the whole robot kit to both build sessions. • Bring safety glasses!

  12. Questions?