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Quick Tips to Build Endurance for Kickboxing PowerPoint Presentation
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Quick Tips to Build Endurance for Kickboxing

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Quick Tips to Build Endurance for Kickboxing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quick Tips to Build Endurance for Kickboxing

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  1. Quick Quick Tips to Build Endurance for Kickboxing Tips to Build Endurance for Kickboxing Have you ever attended kickboxing class at any martial arts academy in Chandigarh? If you have you may know how exhausted you can feel sometimes even before the 45-minutes period is up. While some people may struggle to push through as they become increasingly drained with the exercise, others are somehow able to be energetic till the finish line. Well, the secret behind the people who can power through the end lies in 2 words i.e. stamina and endurance. Follow the quick tips below to increase your stamina and endurance. 1. Reduce Your Rest TimeYou may begin by pushing your body a little further every time you workout. In case you are taking too many breaks in the class then you may need to cut short on the time for breaks. The more you push your muscles harder the greater your stamina will be. Use any gym training tool if you are looking to build up the stamina as you constantly need to exert energy for at least 30 minutes without taking a break.

  2. 2. Focus on Compound Movements Compound movements engage multiple body parts and involve the use of more than one joint at a time such as push-ups, squats, pull-ups, etc. So whether you are getting trained in an academy or practicing on your own pay attention to your push-ups, squats and follow the instructions of your trainer carefully. The compound movements are more likely to improve your overall strength and stamina than isolation exercises where you only focus on one joint and movement. 3. Add Explosive Movements You can give every exercise an additional boost with explosive movements and reap its numerous benefits. Instead of simply squatting you can burst up from the squat before landing back on the ground to the squat position again. Also, practice a power push-up and exert extra force to push the hands off the ground as you come up from the push-up. These explosive movements will help improve stamina as your body adapts to handle more when you workout. 4. Have Balanced Diet Looking after yourself externally is not enough and you also need to pay utmost attention to your diet. To boost your stamina by consuming high-quality proteins and high carb diet at least an hour before the exercise. You can either eat 1/3 cup of oatmeal with egg or a slice of brown bread with a slice of lean meat. As per a study, it is also shown that by consuming beetroot juice the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood increases which also builds your stamina. We hope after following these tips there is an increase in your endurance levels. Join any training academy that teaches martial arts in Mohali to learn Kickboxing. Source: