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Holy Week. This slide show is a prayer; take time with JESUS to mount to Jerusalem. Let us take along our sins, our miseries, our wounds, JESUS will set us free. Palm Sunday. Translation of the antiphon of this slide show.

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Holy week

Holy Week

This slide show is a prayer; take time with JESUS

to mount to Jerusalem.

Let us take along our sins, our miseries, our wounds,

JESUS will set us free.

Holy week



Holy week

Translation of the antiphon

of this slide show

( Cum audisset )

When the people heard that Jesus was going to Jerusalem, they took

Palm branches and went out to meet him, and children cried out:

« It is HE who is coming to save the people. He is Our Saviour, the Redeemer of Israel. Who is He, for the Thrones and the Dominations rush to meet Him ?

Do not be afraid, daughter of Zion: here is your KING coming to you, mounted on the foal of a donkey, as it is written.

O KING, creator of the world you come to redeem us. »

Holy week

Entering Jerusalem

Blessed is the one who comes

in the name of the Lord !

Hosanna in the highest haeven !

Holy week

Palm Sunday

Holy Week opens up in joy.

The Church celebrates the triumph of Our Saviour, his entry as Messiah in Jerusalem. It is already his victory as the Resurrected.

Our Fathers called this Palm Sunday,

« Easter in bloom ». During the Middle Ages it was a custom to bless flowers along with palms and branches.

Hosanna in the highest heaven !

May He be thanked to establish his reign among us.

Holy week

The Church



Hail , O King ,

creator of the world

who has come to redeem us.

Blessed are Thee, who has come to us with exceeding

mercy !

Holy week

The Church sings Hosanna

More than a remembrance, the

Mysteries that we celebrate are for us

a living reality.

Represented by the celebrant , Our Lord JESUS receives

the ovation of the Christian community.

The crowds come to meet the Redeemer, with

flowers and palms; to this victorious King, they offer

a tribute worthy of HIM.

Nations proclaim that He is SON of God

and cheers of praise to God

ring out to the skies:

Hosanna !

Holy week

Long live the son of David !

Blessed is the coming reign ,

the kingdom of David our father !

It is HE who shall come to save

His people ,

It is HE who is our Saviour and the Redeemer of Israël !

Holy week


The entry of Jesus

did not create in Him the power

that made Him the Messiah, but shows

to mankind that He is the Messiah.

(Saint Justin)

After ascending to Jerusalem for several months, a slow but determined progression to the place of his sacrifice, six days before Passover, Jesus arrives to the doors of the Holy City.

Jesus, as a king in his capital, accepts to enter solemnly in this city which God had chosen to dwell among his people.

He asks to fetch the colt which he will be mounting, a colt that no one had mounted yet, because of the sacred nature of this procession.

Holy week

The Elected

Servant of God

Holy week

The Elected of God

People spread their cloaks and branches on the road, a royal honour.

His disciples who have seen so many miracles, cry out their joy.

Enthusiasm is gaining not only the pilgrims arriving from everywhere for the Passover, but also a good part of the inhabitants of Jerusalem: they are coming to meet their Master with palms in their hands.

Holy week

The paschal triumph

of Christ the King

At the doors of Jerusalem, for the first time, Jesus was presenting himself publicly, as King & Messiah, the King that had been announced...

…to proclaim peace to the nations; his domination shall be from sea to sea, and from the river Euphrates to the ends of the earth.

(Zech 9, 10)

Holy week

With joy, the Church proclaims from age to age, that her Lord is the Messiah.

The disciples of Jesus did not understand at first; but, when he was glorified, then they remembered that these things had been written of him and it was what had been done to him. Jn 12, 16

Jesus said: now my soul is troubled.

What should I say? Should I say: Father, save me from this hour?— Well, no ! It is for this reason that I have come to

this hour!

Father, glorify your name !

Holy week

Holy Monday Lord is the Messiah.

Jesus-Christ is

the servant of God ,

his elected one ;

the Father has filled him with all joy

and with his Spirit

Holy week

The Beloved Lord is the Messiah.

Servant of God

At the name of JESUS

every knee should bend ,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth ,

every tongue should confess


is Lord

in the glory of God the Father.

Holy week

Holy Tuesday Lord is the Messiah.

The Church lifts up a gaze of love and thanksgiving towards this cross where her Saviour is nailed:

this cross is now her treasure

Disciples of JESUS and sons of the Church, we can glorify and put our pride in this Rood which is for us the source of all the good things we cherish most.

If we have started to discover what is life with JESUS, life for God, we cannot put our pride anymore in human things.

Holy week

He humbled himself and became obedient Lord is the Messiah.

to the point of death

even death on a cross.

Therefore God exalted him

and gave him the name that is

above every name.

Holy week

Holy Wednesday Lord is the Messiah.

JESUS , gentle and humble in heart

can come and help all those who grieve and are heavily burdened.

Lord Jesus , hear my prayer.

Let my cry come to you !

Holy week

My soul deeply grieves, even to death. Lord is the Messiah.

Remain here and stay awake with me...

Stay awake and pray...

Mt 26, 38-41

Holy week

We bow down before your Cross , Lord is the Messiah.

Lord Jesus ,

we sing praises and glorify

your Holy Resurrection

Holy week

Father most holy, greet this sacrifice we offer you, Lord is the Messiah.

and grant us your mercy:

when celebrating the passion

of your Son Jesus, may we enter in his mystery of love.

Lord our God , grant us

to really believe that through the death of your Son

suffered on the Calvary ,

announced in each Eucharist ,

you gave us eternal life.

Holy week

Chant : Lord is the Messiah.

The Benedictine monks

of the Abbaye Saint- Pierre de Solesmes

( Cum audisset )

Commentaries :

Father Abbot Dom Jean Gaillard

Benedictine Monk

of the Abbaye St-Paul de Wisques

Text :

Liturgy of the Hours



A suivre...


The Benedictine Moniales of the

Abbaye Sainte-Marie des Deux-Montagnes

( Canada )