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RobotShop, the World's Leading Source for Domestic and Professional Robot Technology. Here you will find personal robots, professional robots, robot toys, robot kits and robot parts for building your own robots. Visit us at :

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RobotShop, the World's Leading Source for Domestic and Professional Robot Technology.

You will find

■Personal Robots

■Professional Robots

■Robot toys

■Robot kits

■Robot parts


Personal and Domestic Robots

The purpose of what we do in robotics is to liberate people from unpleasant or dangerous tasks and give them more liberty and security.

Backed by extremely dedicated and passionate people who go the extra mile to serve our growing clientele, we are definitely the world's leading source for domestic robottechnology.

Professional and Service Robots are used in a variety of applications at work, in public, in hazardous environments, in locations such as deep-sea, battlefields and space, just to name a few.

In addition to the service areas such as cleaning, surveillance, inspection and maintenance, we utilize these robots where manual task execution is dangerous, impossible or unacceptable.


Some of our products

KA LawnBott LB1200 Spyder Robot lawn Mower

The world first robot lawn mower is operate without perimeter wire

Aquabot Turbo T2 in Ground Robot Pool Cleaner

Only Aquabot provides you with power of one hour pool cleaning and quadruple functionality to scrub, power wash, vacuum and micro filter clean any pool from floor to waterline including the water itself!


Some of our products

iRobot Scooba Floor washing Robot 5800

Make mopping a distant memory! With the Scooba Robot Floor Cleaner, you will never have to touch dirty mop and bucket again

Litter Robot 2 Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box (Black)

The most reliable & easy to use Self Cleaning Litter Box on the market is guaranteed to leave you and your cat purring! The Litter Robot 2 is the automatic self cleaning cat litter box that really works.


Some of our products

Educational Robotics:

Vex Classroom Lab Kit

Advanced Robot Kit:

Robotis Bioloid Comprehensive Robot Kit

Robot Toy: Meccano Spykee Wi-Fi Spy Robot

Robot Toy: Wow Wee Rovio Mobile Webcam


Unique Selling Points

■ We have an enormous amount of very useful Free Content for Robot Builders and Robotics Passionate People.

■ Free shippinganywhere in North America, for orders that are above $250, and we always Ship the Same Day.

■ We are one of the very few on the market to have a Robot Repair Center.

-One Stop Robot Shop, The world leading source for domestic and professional robot technology- World Class Online Support Center- Lifetime 5 years warranty for the popular iRobot Roomba.Only at RobotShop


Contact us


Thank you.

Robotics at your service!™