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New Born Baby Products - InfantBabyNewBorn PowerPoint Presentation
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New Born Baby Products - InfantBabyNewBorn

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New Born Baby Products - InfantBabyNewBorn - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on is a website dedicated to keeping parents informed. We will help you to find the best products you need for your infant newborn with buying guide.

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About us

A free buying guide for personal care baby products, baby shampoo baby lotion, baby sunscreen is a website dedicated to keeping parents informed.  As companies create new products each year, we will continue to research and review baby products from a parent’s perspective.  We have hired experienced writers and researches in the baby infant newborn products field to review personal care items and help you understand what makes these products safe.


Free products

Tips for Finding Free Baby Products

There's no harm in trying before you buy, and that rule applies no greater than when discussing baby products. There are a huge number of free baby items out there for free out there and if you know the secret to finding them, you can take full advantage of trying new products for your infant as well as saving a ton of money in the process.






Baby toys

Birthday and holiday gifts for baby. These are two times every year that most parents will be split between being extremely happy so many presents have arrived for their little one and then the flip side is being annoyed or afraid of the gift because of safety issues with the baby toys. Here are the most common reasons that some baby toys are considered unsafe and how to eliminate the chances for your baby to be hurt by a well-meant baby toy gift.



Here are a few facts about health and disease in the United States, specifically as these issues relate to environmental contaminants:

1.     The American Cancer Society estimates that 75% of all cancers are caused by environmental sources.

2.     Asthma is a common chronic disease among children in the United States and can be caused by environmental compounds.

3.     In a University of Washington study published in Pediatrics, February 2008, every one of 163 infants tested positive for at least one Phthalate and 81% for 7 or more phthalates.


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