new born baby with new technique n.
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New born baby with new technique PowerPoint Presentation
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New born baby with new technique

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New born baby with new technique - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New born baby with new technique. During the beginning of the year a new technique was devised for laparoscopic treatment of tubal blocks The Mrs. Lalmawipuii d elivered the first healthy baby after the new technique. Vellangiri. Went home walking . Epispadias repair @ Seesha - KRCH .

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New born baby with new technique

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    1. New born baby with new technique • During the beginning of the year a new technique was devised for laparoscopic treatment of tubal blocks • The Mrs. Lalmawipuiidelivered the first healthy baby after the new technique

    2. Vellangiri

    3. Went home walking

    4. Epispadias repair @ Seesha - KRCH • Despite going to several places in Kerala and Tamil Nadu including medical colleges he was told that it would cost several lakhs and would not be possible to repair (only removal was possible) • Underwent surgical repair on April 6, 2011

    5. A rare surgical procedure • In September it was the turn for creating a vagina from vascularized tissues nearby

    6. Research Publications • Tropical Doctor • Rural Surgery • Topical vacuum therapy • Non invasive BP monitoring • Respiratory rate by acoustic tracheal sounds • Wearable monitors

    7. Video inguinal block dissection • 8th team in the World to perform this procedure • Morbidity improved from 85% having complications to less than 10% • First patient discharged without complications

    8. TVP with saline • 3% of morbidity during prostate surgery is due to Glycine/water that is used • Recently Bi TUR invented where safer normal saline could be used • We modified it for doing vaporizing surgeries

    9. Endometrial vaporization • For certain conditions where Uterus has to be removed this minimally invasive method could be used instead • Published in international Journal called “Tropical Doctor”

    10. URS for renal stones • Technique published in “Tropical Doctor” Journal • Largest number in the World of this procedure • Only a fraction of cost of the usual methods

    11. Core through EIU • Had complete rupture & separation of urethra in an accident • Spent over Rs. 50000 for small drainage procedure at CBE • Underwent a difficult endoscopic corrective Sx

    12. Vacuum therapy @ KRCH • This FMPB missionary had fracture both bones and serious wound infection in the post operative period • The 3 in 1 machine developed @ KU/Seesha and produced by Silicon Technologies did the miracle

    13. Burn’s patient • >40% burns are dangerous with poor survival rate • Mr. presented with about 60% burns and very sick after treatment elsewhere at CBE. • God’s grace and good nursing are helping him

    14. Minimally invasive surgery for CTS • Carpel tunnel syndrome is becoming more common now • Low cost minimally invasive surgery was devised here and carried out successfully

    15. Minimally invasive thyroid surgery • This is a new technique that is available thanks to the development of laparoscopic surgeries • The first MIS for thyroid was carried out at SKCH for Mr. Solomon

    16. @ Braunschweig GERMANY • They are the pioneers in gas less laparoscopic surgeries that has many advantages • They have given their instruments and recognized SEESHA as one of their training centers

    17. New minimally invasive surgeries for infertility • Tubal hydro insufflation with normal saline using Ureterorenoscope • Laparoscopic drilling of the fallopian tube • Ovarian drilling

    18. Minimally invasive single incision ovarian cystectomy • Low cost • Minimally invasive • With usual instruments for open surgery

    19. Gasless laparoscopy @SKCH • Thanks to the new gas less laparoscopy equipment from Germany we were able to perform a minimally invasive abdomino – perineal resection for Mrs. Amsaveni on March 21, 2012.

    20. Gasless SILS Appendicectomy @KRCH • The first ever Gasless Single incision laparoscopic Appendicectomy was performed at KRCH • It is a safe, less expensive, faster and efficient procedure with the best cosmetic result

    21. Gasless single incision surgeries • Safe surgeries • Smaller incisions • Well known and tested instruments are used • Comfortable for the surgeons