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DMD Binary Magazine. next. DMD Binary magazine. We made this magazine to congratulate our clients and friends with winter holidays. We wish you happiness , wellbeing and success next year. next. In this issue. 1. DMD Binary publishes a magazine « Get to know who we are »

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dmd binary magazine1
DMD Binary magazine

We made this magazine to congratulate our clients and friends with winter holidays.

We wish you happiness, wellbeingand success next year.


in this issue
In this issue
  • 1. DMD Binary publishes a magazine

«Get to know who we are»

  • 2. Mobile platforms review

«Choosing a mobile phone today, you choose the phone ecosystem»

  • 3.iPhone4S TopsHolidayTechWishlists

“What’s the most sought-after gadget this holiday season? ”

  • 4. 7 steps to prepare for holidays

“Review of the best winter iPhone applications”

  • 5. Want to present my child with iPad

“iPad does not replace the world for children, this device complement it”

  • 6. Stories from our friends

«Wish you realize your projects successfully next year»

  • 7. That’s funny

«Sum up the results of “Funny apple” the competition»

  • 8.That’s interesting

«What are you doing with you phone now?»

  • 9. Next year

«Our plans for the next issue»

dmd binary publishes a magazine
DMD Binary publishes a magazine

We are the team of young but experienced iOSprogrammers who recently developed for local offices ofsuch companies as for example Gameloft and G5. But we have our dream and our vision of how the game development company should look like and work. Now we proposing our own game and entertainment development and our own philosophy of keen attention to every project of every customer. We do full cycle of app development, including analytics, graphic design and testing.

We suppose the iPhone to be the most renowned next-generation mobile platform in today's market.

During software development process we use the most modern programming languages and technologies. We are always happy to take a dare that dynamic and evolving technologies challenge to us, and meet it finding individual solutions for each individual task.

We provide our clients worldwide with wide range of premium-quality iOS applications. We are happy to prove our reputation facing challenging projects again and again.

In a series of magazines, we would like to share our experience and knowledge.

We want to establish a strong relationship with our readers together to explore the world of mobile technology.



mobile platforms review
Mobile platforms review

You you've decided to buy a new mobile phone, but how to choose what is the best for you? About what to be guided and what questions to ask at the store? Note that choosing the phone today, first of all, you choose the phone ecosystem in which your phone will work, and final phone performance will depend on the work of this ecosystem.

Do not know what the ecosystem is and what are the main in modern world, their characteristics and features? Or you already have a smartphone, and you want to learn more about its the ecosystem.

In this issue we are telling you about iOS. Click on image to read more.




Are you an owner or do you want to buy these devices?

Then you will be interested to know that they work with Apple iOS (formerly iPhone OS) - an operating system developed by Apple based on the stationary Mac OS X.

Applications can be developed using Xcode for Mac and published in the App Store - the largest online store for mobile applications.

Standard iOS applications package includes:

-Contacts, Messaging,


- Notes, Clock, Timer,

Stopwatch, Calculator. - Photos / Camera.

- Voice Recorder (synchronized via iTunes);

- Apple Mail Mobile - quite comfortable and fast email client.

- iBooks - application for reading books.

- Music, Video

- Safari Mobile (search on Google, Yahoo! and Bing)

- Maps (definition of the location using Google Maps);

- YouTube;

- FaceTime (Video calls are made through WiFi) ;

- Voice Control.



ios main advantages
iOS. Main advantages

IOS and programs developed strictly for a specific and well-known hardware with known characteristics - models of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This frees users from the mistakes of hardware and any incompatibilities.

Competent work with battery.

Simple and intuitive desktop appearance.

Synchronization with your Google account.

Work with wireless communications

The creation of interface design, application and hardware - Apple has no equal concurrent. It all looks so stylish. It is no surprise that Apple has an army of fans.

Easy to use. You just buy the product, open it and start using it. You only need to download and install any additional required application, and it is done quickly and easily.

Using iTunes and Apple Store provide increases the security. iTunes by itself will take care of saving applications and user data. Finding applications in the Apple Store almost always guarantees that it at least will not spoil anything on the device.



i phone 4s tops holiday tech wishlists
iPhone 4S TopsHolidayTechWishlists

What’s the most sought-after gadget this holiday season? If you guessed the iPhone 4S, you’re right!

Money or gift cards (39%) and vacations (30%) are more wanted than tech devices (21%) and clothing or jewelry (10%).

The survey also found desired tech gifts don’t need to be physical — 59% of respondents think apps make good gifts.

So what do you want for the holidays?

Objects of desire of respondents to a Nov. 11 survey



holiday apps 7 steps to make your holidays more interesting
Holiday apps. 7 steps to make your holidays more interesting.

Your Winter clock application shows that holidays is on its way. It brings you in holiday atmosphere with falling snow, glittering frost and winter storms. And you already feel holidays in your iPhone.

Click on the app pictures to read more.












holiday apps flakery
Holiday apps. Flakery

1. Let it snow, let in snow…

For those who live in warm countries or who do not have enough snow I propose The Flakery. Create your own unique snowflakes and watch a flurry of your flake creations!



holiday apps christmas tree decorator
Holiday apps. Christmas Tree Decorator

2. Prepare Christmas tree

If you always dreamed of that perfect Christmas tree, now it can be yours! With Christmas Tree Decorator turn the green guest to beauty with colored lights, ornaments, candy canes and icicles.



holiday apps christmas fire
Holiday apps. Christmas Fire

3. Set Christmas fire

Do you like when family gather round the fire and listen to those classic Christmas favorites? Well with Christmas Fire you will always have it with you in your pocket. Listen to the crackling of the fire with one of the includes CD Quality Christmas tracks or turn the music off just to listen to the realistic roaring fire.



holiday apps christmas c@rds
Holiday apps. Christmas C@rds

4. Share holidays atmosphere

Snow is falling outside, it’s warm from the fire at home. Don’t forget about your relatives and friends. With Christmas C@rds you can quickly, easily, creatively send all your loved ones personalized Christmas greeting cards right from your iPhone.



holiday apps talk to santa
Holiday apps. Talk to Santa

5. Meet Santa

Do you want to talk with character of your child dreams? Talking Santa application will help you. You can not only Talk to Santa and he will repeat your words, try to Poke, swipe or tickle Santa and see his various reactions. And Touch the bag to see your gifts.



holiday apps santavoice
Holiday apps. SantaVoice

6. Be Santa

Ever wish you could transform your voice to Santa or one of his Elves? Now this is possible with SantaVoice and Elfvoice! Let your kids and friends believe they've got a message from Santa.



have a happy holidays
Have a happy holidays.

DMD Binary wish you spend holidays not only with your iPhone but family and friends.



want to present my child with ipad
Want to present my child with iPad

Remember what have you asked Santa?

And what is the best present for you child now?

If you’ve decided to present your child with iPad, ask for what will be the most interesting applications next ear.



for children from 5 to 7 years
For children from 5to 7 years:


Magic Puzzles

Magic Puzzles – all puzzles in one application. Puzzles are useful because they develop logic, memory, attention, creative thinking, fine motor skills and eye, patience and perseverance of the child.

Kids love to draw, because it, they can fully express their feelings.

As the application runs board immediately opens with colorings, divided into five themes. There are 20 different colors of pencils and 21 for color. Drawing with pencils, you can change the line thickness. In the paint selected area just filled with color. Painted pictures are saved and can be mailed, having pleased his family and friends.


In one of the rave reviews at the AppStore some mom gave the following comment: "If you want to keep the iPad itself, but not forever give him a child, never buy this games!"

Company Toca offers the following games specifically for the iPad:



for children from 7 10 years
For children from 7-10 years:

Supermarket Mania 2

Fairy Farm

Allows your child to choose good character, and then shelter good-natured animal and grow funny plants. After collecting the incredible fruits child can make magic potions, elixirs and learn spells. There will be the adventures in which he/she will need to carry dozens of jobs.

In this game your child will find two play modes: story and endless. His/her job will be to fill the shelves with products. Whether your child to help her keep track of goods, scavenge for buyers, a plan for sales? I’m sure yes!


Tap The Frog

Take care and feed the dragons, as well as building improvements and expansion to new islands, these are the jobs waiting for your child in the game. Child can go to visit friends (on Game Center or Facebook), to give them gifts and watch how things are going in their parks.

16 levels of play to help develop quick response in children. Faster, more attentive, more correctly - is the motto of this game that will surely become a favorite in your child.



stories from our friends
Stories from our friends

Why from many messages sent to our email have we chosen this story? Because Nicolas like every member of our team is a creative person who always tries to innovate and think in huge.

In his 19 he is already Chief at Burnt Soap, a young mobile development company. Articles from his blog will appear in our next magazines.

Here is his story:

I've started coding since I was 12 years old, I was passionate about technology and how I could make the computer obey me, since my first application was not very rewarding, I found that there was a new world with lot of empty corners ready to be discovered.

At the age of 17, I decided to work in a project for McDonald's Foundation Argentina, developing a desktop application capable of manage all the staff.

While developing the application, I discovered OOP (object oriented programming), and since that moment I'm working hard everyday to deliver and innovate new technologies to the market.

If I could turn back time, I would choose again to be a developer and a tech guy because it's amazing how things are changing with technology. Technology is replacing the way of communicate, and discovering new areas and markets. Giving people the power to innovate, generating new tools and the way it's growing is really surprising.



stories from our friends1
Stories from our friends

In my experience, for the ones that are starting with technology and want to develop his own applications, first start developing short apps, see the results and then continue working on more features, always is better to write on a paper which is the clear idea of your application.

Don't be frustrated if the things don't go well, you have to be perseverant and move forward, while developing apps you will always have problems with how to write a specific function or just testing.

Be proud of who you are, believe in big ideas, reading is almost a good way to learn new technologies and open your mind.

Books that I recommend are :

Objective-C Programming : The big nerd ranch guide

Cocoa Design Patterns by Erik M. Buck

Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook by David Chisnall.

When developing applications the most common problem is planning, is a weakness that I still have, mostly because planning requires a high knowledge about how your resources work, must be pessimistic with time and cover all the possible risks.

As well as developing applications, i love writing, I have a blog and love helping other people with his start ups in tech, now trying to make an Argentinian iOS community , looking forward to future.



that s funny
That’s Funny 

Our team hold funny competition on our Facebook page.

Such pictures were posted by our readers.

By a vote the winner picture

Posted by IrfanSarwar

To participate in our competitions




that s interesting
That’s interesting

More than 5 billions people on Earth use mobile phones. Every minute you can use your device in different way.

So what are doing with your mobile phone now?



next year
Next year

As every company we want to be more successful next year and continue to publish this magazine.

In the next issue we will to add more stories of success of our friend. If you have something interesting, just get in touch.

We will hold more interesting competitions on our Facebook page, so you are welcome to participate.

Prepare questions for New heading “Ask our team”and the most interesting requests will be published.

For your ideas, comment and wishes use our contacts.

By email:

Skype ID: tanya.evlanova