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Working Groups

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Working Groups. Mesh Networking Summing June 24, 2004. Goals. Get a better understanding of the problem space and state of the art Identify research opportunities. Guidelines. Duration : 1 hour 45 minutes Group leaders already identified Elect a notes taker Elect a presenter

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Working Groups

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working groups

Working Groups

Mesh Networking Summing

June 24, 2004


Get a better understanding of the problem space

and state of the art

Identify research opportunities

  • Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Group leaders already identified
  • Elect a notes taker
  • Elect a presenter
  • Suggested procedure:
    • Give each member 3-5 minutes to state their position( < 45 minutes)
    • Open discussion ( > 45 minutes)
    • Summarize conclusions (15 minutes)
wg report
WG Report

Suggested Outline

  • Define the problem space, application scenarios
  • Assess state of the art
    • Focus on facts!
  • Identify challenges / research opportunities
    • Prioritize, we want to know the top three.
    • Focus on Neighborhood Mesh Networks, Residential Broadband Access
  • How to evaluate solutions?
    • How would we know when we have solved the problems?
  • Predictions for the future?
    • Timeline 5 years & 10 years
after the wg
After the WG
  • Each WG presents its report (12 minutes per WG)
  • 30 minutes for open discussion following WG reports
  • Hand over notes to Nitin Vaidya
  • Your notes and presentation will be available to the rest of the community
  • A report will be compiled based on the notes.Your help will be solicited when preparing the report.
working groups6
Working Groups

Group 1: Mesh Capacity

Group 2: Mesh Connectivity

Group 3: Mesh Security and Management

Group 4: Mesh Distributed Services & IP Networking

If you do not see your name in the WG members, let

Nitin know which group you would like to join

mesh capacity wg
Mesh Capacity WG
  • Meeting Room: Ballroom
  • Topics: Directional antennas, MAC & PHY design, interference management, multi-radio systems, channel management, link estimation, cognitive radio, power management, capacity estimation, 60 GHz wireless etc.
  • Group Leader: Nitin Vaidya
  • Participants: Bahl, Dunagan, Freebresyser, Haley, Kumar, Krishnamurthy, Kyasanur, Niknejad, Popoff, Sabharwal, Stratford, Wolman, Yao
mesh connectivity wg
Mesh Connectivity WG
  • Meeting Room: Falls Terrace
  • Topics: Routing, metrics, topology control
  • Group Leader: David Johnson
  • Participants: Anand, Belding-Royer, Burke, Das, Draves, Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Morris, Padhye, Srikrishna, Srivatsava, Stanforth
mesh distributed services ip networking wg
Mesh Distributed Services& IP Networking WG
  • Meeting Room: Atrium
  • Topics: Clock synchronization, distributed naming services, address assignment/auto-configuration, P2P, fairness, quality of service
  • Group Leader: Ion Stoica
  • Participants: Chandra, Erwin, Ginchereau, Kurose, Padmanabhan, Shenker, Zill
mesh security management wg
Mesh Security & Management WG
  • Meeting Room: Vintage
  • Topics: Information distribution, fault detection, isolation, diagnosis and management, incentives, security
  • Group Leader: David Wetherall
  • Participants: Adya, Arbaugh, Burgess, Hubaux, Jukan, Kelly, Savage, Qiu, Rao