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Veeam Backup & Replication and Nimble Storage CS-Series PowerPoint Presentation
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Veeam Backup & Replication and Nimble Storage CS-Series

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Veeam Backup & Replication and Nimble Storage CS-Series - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Veeam Backup & Replication and Nimble Storage CS-Series. Ben Pierson, Inside Systems Engineer, Veeam Software Nicholas Schoonover, Technical Marketing, Nimble Storage. Speed up backup & recovery with flash-optimized storage. Nimble Storage Company Snapshot.

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Presentation Transcript
veeam backup replication and nimble storage cs series

Veeam Backup & Replication and Nimble Storage CS-Series

Ben Pierson, Inside Systems Engineer, Veeam Software

Nicholas Schoonover, Technical Marketing, Nimble Storage

Speed up backup & recovery with flash-optimized storage

nimble storage company snapshot
Nimble Storage Company Snapshot
  • Founded in January 2008; started shipping in August 2010
  • Headquartered in San Jose, CA; operations in US, Canada, Europe, and Australia
  • Over 250 employees
  • Rapidly growing installed base of over 600 customers and 1100 deployments
  • Partner eco-system expanding quickly, with over 200 VARs
  • Strong alliances with VMware, Microsoft and Cisco
  • Leadership team brings deep industry expertise and business building experience
storage architectures the engine powering storage
Storage Architectures–The Engine Powering Storage

Today’s Storage Architectures

  • Architected to use disk only; overlaying flash on top results in partial solution

Purpose-built, Performance Hybrid

  • Designed from the ground up to leverage the best of flash and disk
  • Eliminates compromise between performance, capacity, and data management
engineered for efficiency
Engineered for Efficiency

2-5x More Usable Capacity/$

2-5x More Performance/$

  • High capacity disk
  • Always-on compression
  • High ratio of usable to raw capacity
  • Responsive flash cache accelerates reads with no RAID overhead
  • Serialized writes eliminate need for high RPM spindles







Scaling at the Lowest Incremental Cost

Scaling at the Lowest Incremental Cost

Instant Backups & Restores





  • Thin snapshots with no performance penalty
  • Retention for months, not days
  • WAN-efficient replication
  • Scale just performance, just capacity, or both
  • Scale-out cluster eliminates storage silos
  • Scale with zero downtime
  • Scale just performance, just capacity, or both
  • Scale-out cluster eliminates storage silos
  • Scale with zero downtime
accelerating applications with casl
Accelerating Applications with CASL

SSD Cache





  • Guaranteed coalescing of random writes to sequential stripes; eliminates dependency on spindle speed
  • Coalesced writes to flash increase lifespan by 500%
  • Variable-size blocks enable fast inline compression
  • Elimination of read-modify-write penalty allows compression of all applications
  • Cache populated intelligently on first write, instantly on cache miss
  • Metadata in cache accelerates all accesses
  • 2-5x better performance / $
  • 2-5x better capacity / $
  • ~ 4x reduction in footprint, power and cooling
nimble cs series storage solution
Nimble CS-Series Storage Solution
  • Consolidate 4x more–high perf and efficiency
    • Compact 3U chassis
  • Instant snapshot and restore
    • 1000’s of efficient snapshots
    • VSS / VMware integration
    • WAN-efficient replication
  • Scale-to-fit architecture
    • Scale-up/scale-capacity/scale-out as needed
  • All-inclusive enterprise features
    • Cloning, thin provisioning, replication, etc.
    • Simple management for storage, backup, DR
scale to fit with casl
Scale To Fit with CASL




  • Scale capacity alone using expansion shelves
  • Scale performance and capacity by adding nodes while managing centrally
  • Scale IOPS and reduce latency by scaling cache and/or compute

Scale flexibly and non-disruptively at the lowest incremental cost.

what is modern data protection
What is Modern Data Protection?

VM Recovery in minutes from backups that work

Veeam Backup & Replication

  • Fast, reliable recovery…LOW RTOs
  • Hyper-V and VMware …1 console
  • Replicate VMs off-premise …Included
  • Deduplication, Compression …Included
  • Exchange & SharePoint recovery…Included
vpower recover vms in minutes
vPower …Recover VMs in Minutes
  • Exclusive patented Veeam technology
  • Runs the VM directly from the backup file
  • Publishes the contents of the backup file as a datastore a host can connect to

“This is why I love Veeam.They take all the virtualization technology pieces on the table andput them together into a functioning business solution.”

– Brett WestoverIT AdministratorTherapeutic Research Center

instant vm recovery
Instant VM Recovery

Fast:restart a VM directly froma backup in 2 minutes

Readily available:uses existing backups and backup storage

Buys you time:users keep workingwhile you troubleshoot

how it works
How it works

Back to work in 2 minutes!



DeduplicatedBackup File


Migrate online

Backup storage

Production storage

  • Verify the recoverabilityof every backup
  • Every virtual machine
  • Every restore point
  • No increase in backup time, additional hardware or staff
  • Leverages vPower and Virtual Lab

Check all

Check some


how it works1
How it works

Verification Job







DeduplicatedBackup File


Backup storage

Production storage

veeam r eplication
Veeam Replication
  • Host-based replication
  • HA and DR: replicate onsite for high availability, offsite for DR
  • WAN support: numerous optimizations for efficient WAN replication
  • Multiple restore points: protects against corruption
  • Assisted failover
  • Failover individual VMs
  • Automatically re-IP after failover
  • Real failback
  • Delta sync
  • 1-click and confirm – for one or several VMs
  • Automatically re-IP after failback
veeam explorer for microsoft exchange
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

Exchange Item Recovery in Minutes! NO additional licensing, NO charge

veeam explorer for microsoft exchange and sharepoint
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint

No extra cost, no agents, no additional licensing

Supported platforms: Exchange Server 2010 & 2013, SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2013 coming soon


Available in all editions, including Free Edition

All editions: Export to .PST, export to .MSG, send as attachment

Enterprise Edition: Also includes restore to original mailbox store

return on investment
Return on investment
  • Reduce costs for data protection
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Prolonged recoveries (for example, rebuild vs. restore, instant recovery)
  • Failed recoveries
  • Maximize server consolidation and savings:
  • Less Equipment
  • Less Power
  • Less cooling
  • Less floor space
  • Less Management
  • Keep your job (and your sanity): priceless
  • Business challenges
    • Consolidating demanding applications such as Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint increases the need for higher storage performance
    • Infrequent backups or none at all, leaving important business data unprotected
    • Cost-prohibitive Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Technical challenges
    • Long backup windows impacting availability of business-critical applications and services
    • Complex, time-consuming, and costly to manage mixed-environment backups
    • Limited array capacity preventing more frequent RPO’s
joint solution overview
Joint Solution Overview
  • Nimble’shigh-performance storage is a perfect complement to Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Cost-effectively retain months’ worth of snapshots on a single Nimble array, with restores performed in seconds
  • Use Veeam to archive backups for longer retention periods, while retaining flexible and granular recovery options
  • Replicate for disaster recovery protection
  • Reduce costs and protect virtualization investments while simplifying their backup process and environment
veeam and nimble storage
Veeam and Nimble Storage
  • Veeam and Nimble provide an optimized, end-to-end storage and data protection solution for virtual environments providing:
    • Flash-optimized hybrid storage performance
    • Instant backups and recovery
    • Capacity efficiency with compression and backup de-duplication
    • WAN-efficient replication for offsite DR
    • Lower costs than traditional solutions
  • Ideal for performance-intensive applications
    • Highly dense Microsoft Exchange deployments with item-level recovery
    • Tackle VDI boot & login storms while maintaining data protection per VM, desktop, file or application item
technical details
Technical details
  • Configuration
    • No additional software updates to install
  • Supported versions
    • All CS-Series arrays
    • Veeam Backup & Replication
    • iSCSI SAN
best practices
Best practices
  • Backup
    • Nimble for primary storage and short to mid-term snapshots
    • Veeam for longer term archival backup
    • Repurpose legacy storage as backup target
  • Restoration
    • Nimble for quick restoration within 60-90 days
    • Veeam for item-level recovery and long-term restoration
more information
More information
veeam nimble storage joint promotion
Veeam & Nimble Storage Joint Promotion
  • The best VM backups – simple and economical!
    • 30-day FREE Trial of Veeam Backup and Replication bundled with Nimble CS-Series Array.
    • Link to the page will be provided following the webinar to all registrants.

CS-Series Array

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