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Managing VMware with Veeam PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing VMware with Veeam

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Managing VMware with Veeam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Managing VMware with Veeam. Purvin Vakharwala, EMCPA, VSTP John Dubay – Field Sales Manager Systems Engineer Email : Tel: (561) 865-7182 Tel: (404) 409-0945 .

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Presentation Transcript

Managing VMware with Veeam

Purvin Vakharwala, EMCPA, VSTP John Dubay – Field Sales Manager

Systems Engineer

Email: Tel: (561) 865-7182

Tel: (404) 409-0945

Dan Warhola – Inside Territory Manager

Tel: (614) 339-8233

who is veeam software
Who is Veeam Software?
  • Founded in July 2006 ( Started as Aelita Software 1999 )
  • More than 200 people worldwide
  • VMware Technology Alliance Premier Partner
  • 2,500+ Veeam ProPartners
  • Acquired nworks June 2008
  • Powerful R&D investment (more than 80 people)
  • Focus on innovation and customer feedback
today s business challenges
Today’s Business Challenges

Data Protection and Business continuity

Maintain a healthy Data Center with minimal downtime

  • Provide cost effective protection of assets and applications
  • Reduce Downtime and simplify disaster recovery
  • Eliminate complexity associated with DR/BC

Enterprise Level Monitoring

How do we integrate Virtualization with our Enterprise Monitoring System

  • Leverage existing standard tools by extending capabilities
  • Improve service levels with proactive alerting and monitoring
  • Single pane of glass to manage physical and virtual

Compliance and DR/BC documentation

Maintain “Blueprints” of IT assets

  • Fully document ever changing IT environment
  • Ease the rebuild Datacenter build process in event of disaster
  • Change management reporting
  • Provide Compliance based documentation , SOX, ITIL etc.

Business Alignment of Resources and host Configuration Management

Maintain standard host configurations as well as align IT assets to the Business

Manage Host configuration drift

Quickly deploy changes in IT environment

Align VMs to business function

management solutions for vmware
Management solutions for VMware

Reporting & Documentation

• Executive-level reports

• Change control

• VM sprawl control

• Reports in Visio, Excel, Word and PDF

• Business View

Backup & Recovery

• 2-in-1: backup and replication

• ESXi support, with & without VCB

• Fast file-level recovery for Windows & Linux

• Built-in de-duplication & compression

Configuration Management

• Automated discovery

• Configuration change management

• Compliance auditing

Performance Monitoring & Alerting

• Performance analysis

• Storage & hardware monitoring

• VMware Management Pack for SCOM

• VMware Smart Plug-in for HP OV

veeam backup
Veeam Backup
  • 2-in-1: Backup and Replication
  • Support for ESX and ESXi
  • No agents to install on Host or inside VM
  • Synthetic Backup
    • Replication Rollback
    • Optimized recovery process (Full, VM files, Guest OS files)
  • File-Level recovery for Windows & Linux
  • VM templates backup
  • Data de-duplication and RLE compression
  • Accurate VSS Support
    • Microsoft Windows 2003 & Windows 2008
veeam backup1
Veeam Backup
  • vSphere4 Support
  • Granular scheduling engine
  • Support for 64-bit Operating Systems
  • Reporting and Notification
    • Automatic e-mail notifications on backup tasks
    • HTML formatted reports from the console
    • Real-Time backup statistics
    • In-depth recovery information during restores
    • Backup results can be updated into a VM’s Notes attributes
vsphere vstorage api for data recovery
vSphere: vStorage API for Data Recovery
  • Allows for performing LAN-free backups directly from SAN storage.
  • With vSphere, vStorage API is the recommended API for VMware vSphere backup, not VCB
  • New features like thin provisioning are only supported with vStorage API by VMware.
  • Native support for vStorage API makes Veeam Backup most future-proof solution currently available on the market.
veeam business view
Veeam Business View
  • Manage your VMs from a business perspective
  • Prioritize resource allocation and utilization across your business
  • "Set & forget" automated VM categorization and workflow
  • Integration with your existing VM categorization process
  • Open architecture
  • Control VM sprawl
  • Define your chargeback model
  • Leverage your investments in Veeam
create custom reports
Create Custom Reports
  • Create custom reports using Veeam Reporter Enterprise based on Business View attributes
veeam reporter enterprise
Veeam Reporter Enterprise
  • Unattended collection and ad hoc reporting
  • Client/server architecture
  • Change management reporting
  • Remote administration
  • VI environment sprawl control
  • PowerShell integration
  • Custom report templates
  • Visio – Excel – Word – PDF
veeam monitor
Veeam Monitor
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Scalable to multiple VirtualCenter environments
  • Single-screen detailed reporting on your virtual infrastructure in real time or historically
  • Easy-to-set-up alerts at varying levels of granularity with new alarm modeling capability
  • Trend reporting (HTML and Excel)
  • Optional client/server architecture
veeam configurator 2 0
Veeam Configurator 2.0
  • Discover network and storage settings to create host profile templates
  • Report on host configuration to manage “configuration drift”
  • Apply configuration templates to bring hosts back into compliance
  • Organize and group hosts independent of VirtualCenter
  • Quickly deploy new configurations to multiple hosts at the same time
    • Test mode before applying (with report for use in change management)
    • Roll-back capability – in case something goes wrong
option four
Option Four…

The Veeam/nworks Connectors

  • The Smart Plug-in for Vmware

( HP Open View )

  • The Management Pack for Vmware

( Microsoft MOM & SCOM )

leverage your i nvestment in hp
Leverage your investment in HP
  • Use OpenView as your “single pane of glass”
    • Full visibility of all vSphere components –
      • vCenter, ESX Hosts, Clusters, VMs
    • Enable all standard management functions –
      • Performance, events, state
      • Service Maps
      • Reporting, auditing
      • Notifications, responses, automation
      • End-user customization
hp spi connect physical virtual and application
HP - SPI - Connect physical, virtual and application

“Join the Dots!”

  • Monitor your mission-critical applications – and the vSphere where they run
  • End-to-end visibility:
    • Hardware to hypervisor
    • Hypervisor to VM
    • VM to apps & services
management pack for vmware
Management Pack for VMware
  • Agentless Architecture – no agents installed on ESX or ESXi hosts
  • vCenter events
  • VI3 specific metrics for Clusters and Resource Pools
  • VMware ESX & ESXi hosts and VMs as discrete Computer Objects
  • State Views
  • Configurable threshold-based state-enabled (dynamic) alerts
  • Performance metric collection for ESX and ESXi hosts and VMs
  • Microsoft Integrations
    • MOM 2005
    • Systems Center Operations Manager 2007
  • VMware Solutions
    • ESX & ESXi
    • vCenter 2.X
connect physical virtual and application
Connect physical, virtual and application

“Join the Dots!”

  • Monitor your mission-critical applications – and the vSphere where they run
  • End-to-end visibility:
    • Hardware to hypervisor
    • Hypervisor to VM
    • VM to apps & services
veeam partnership advantages
Veeam partnership advantages
  • VMware
    • Premier-level Technology Alliance Partner
    • VMware Ready charter member
  • Microsoft
    • System Center TAP member
    • VMware MP on the System Center Catalog
  • Dell
    • Certified ISV Partner
  • HP
    • Member of Developer & Solution Partner Program
    • SPI for VMware in HP Software Solution Catalog