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Mac versus Windows

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Mac versus Windows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mac versus Windows. How I learned to love my Apple. Why did I buy a Mac?. My PC use to freeze frequently and was quite slow when editing large photographic files Windows Vista was a bit of a nightmare Which? Magazine consistently awarded Macs their highly recommended category

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Mac versus Windows

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    1. Mac versus Windows How I learned to love my Apple

    2. Why did I buy a Mac? • My PC use to freeze frequently and was quite slow when editing large photographic files • Windows Vista was a bit of a nightmare • Which? Magazine consistently awarded Macs their highly recommended category • Apple brought out the Mac Pro laptop with a ‘Retina’ screen

    3. Mac Keyboard Symbols • ⌘ Command key • ⌃ Control key • ⌥ Option key (Alt) • ⇧ Shift Key • ⇪ Caps Lock • fn Function Key

    4. Mac Pro Keyboard

    5. Mac Keys

    6. Mac Keys

    7. No ‘delete’ key on Mac Pro • To delete to the right you have to use delete to the left plus fn key

    8. Mac Features • Apple’s interface is simple - you pin the apps you want to use to the dock at the bottom of the screen and they are always available. • It’s also got rapid-fire startup and resume times - although Windows 8 machines are comparable in this area.

    9. Mac Good Points • The best thing about using Mavericks OS X is the stability - no freezing or crashing • Because Apple doesn’t license out OS X to other manufacturers, there’s no ‘bloatware’. • Windows machines, on the other hand, are plagued with useless programs, which eat up system resources and are a pain to uninstall

    10. Mac Good Points • Hackers are preoccupied with tormenting the dominant Windows installed base because it's still seen as an easier target • Apple releases OS updates on a yearly basis. It used to charge around to upgrade to the latest version but this has all changed. • Mavericks was the first to be made available for free!

    11. Mac Good Points • In comparison, it looks like Microsoft will continue to charge users a license fee when it launches it’s next flagship OS - Windows 9.  • No need for anti-virus? • Apple has built-in malware protection via the GateKeeper tool. Apple’s machines are also shipped without Java and Flash pre-installed - two of the most vulnerable plugins on the market.

    12. Mac Good Points • However, I use MacKeeper just to be on the safe side. It also tunes up the computer. • Windows has always had an update problem. Clicking on the ‘update and restart button’ can lead to mammoth waiting times as you sit there watching tens and sometimes hundreds of updates installing. Windows 8 does not do anything to remedy this.

    13. Mac Good Points • There are no such problems with Mac as Apple rolls out fewer updates - tells you exactly what they are for and installs them quickly. • Those who complain about Apple forcing you to use its proprietary software are misguided. It’s possible to install Windows on any Mac via the built-in Bootcamp tool or by using virtualisation software such as Parallels 9.

    14. Mac Good Points • You’re not forced to use Safari, FaceTime or iTunes. • Indeed, you can download browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, carry out video calling via Skype and buy your music and movies from the Amazon, LoveFilm or stream via Netflix.

    15. Trackpad • The gestures on MacBook trackpads are unmatched. They work flawlessly - so you can swipe between apps, desktops, and windows by flicking fingers up and down the pad. • No Windows machine provides an experience anywhere near as consistent

    16. Cost of Macs • Cost is the main barrier of entry for many people either because they don’t have the means to purchase an Apple device or because they believe that they are not value for money. • However, When you compare the components on offer in most Macs with PCs, you’ll see Apple is offering reasonable value for money. 

    17. Cost of Macs • Macs have a reputation for being more expensive than PCs, but feature-by-feature breakdowns have shown that show the fees are quite comparable. • Building a laptop with similar features as a MacBook Pro, for example, may cost as much or more.

    18. Cost of Macs • With MacBook Pros available from just over £1,000, this is a similar price to most high-end Windows Ultrabooks. • Remember, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

    19. Upgradeability • Apple doesn’t like third-parties - including customers - tinkering around with its products. • As such, most products have components stuck in place with blobs of glue. • This means you have to pick the specification carefully when you purchase devices

    20. Upgradeability • However, the Mac Pro (2013) comes with an upgrade-friendly design - but this is targeted at the professional market and Apple laptops, tablets and smartphones are likely to remain locked down.

    21. Seamless Operation • Apple products are vertically integrated • The company makes its own hardware, software and accessories, and delivers the product whole to the consumer • Instead of making decisions about what components and software to use and then manually installing them, Mac users can simply power up their computers and use them right out of the box!

    22. Servicing • If you have a problem with any component -- from keyboard to hard drive -- there's a single point of contact at Apple's customer service. • By contrast, PCs have hardware and software components made by multiple outside vendors. • Users may need to communicate with several vendors to diagnose and fix a PC problem.

    23. Customisation • However, being able to pick and choose components also makes PCs easier to customize than Macs in terms of both cost and capabilities. • If you love engineering your computer then go for a PC

    24. Closed System • Macs are considered a "closed" system because their components -- software, hardware, and operating systems are not compatible with non-Macs • However, non-Apple-developed apps, accessories and even operating systems are becoming increasingly Mac-accessible.