Mac versus pc
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Mac Versus PC. Presented by Gabriella Guo , Tony Ha, Lizzy Le, Christy Pang, Geoffrey Tjen , Eve Torres . Introduction.

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Mac versus pc

Mac Versus PC

Presented by Gabriella Guo, Tony Ha,

Lizzy Le, Christy Pang, Geoffrey Tjen, Eve Torres


  • W.Benjamin discusses the loss of “aura” through technical replication, yet suggests at the same time that art and style are inserted within the agent, while it’s been replicated. As a result, the replica is disguised in the glamour of this “pseudo aura.”

    (Benjamin, p. 220)


  • The most powerful is the film agent(Benjamin,p.221)

  • Aura in film context is captured though the manipulation of lighting, zooming in and out, panning and camera angles….(Benjamin,p. 228)

  • Vincent Carducci expands on this Aura


  • Aura is added value to the brand.(Carducci,39)

  • Aura breaks away from Ford’s assembly line model and forms its own “batch” of commodities. (Carducci, 40)

    Eg. Apple/Mac computer

  • Utilizes Freud’s psycho analysis

  • Wants turns to needs


  • Lifestyle Marketing emerged in the 1970s(Carducci,41)

  • Designer logos now seen on the front(Carduccci,41)

  • “Synthesis of brand and aura is essential to todays economic world”(Carducci,41)

  • According to James Miller, people consume to express themselves.(Carducci,42)

Utm speaks out
UTM Speaks Out

  • A survey of Mac and PC users among UTM


Mac users
Mac Users

  • Provide users with other useful products

  • Predict what people want

  • Macs are superior to PC

  • Brand name influences buyers

Pc users
PC Users

  • Traditional and well-known

  • Accustom to functions

  • Cheap

  • More functions


  • How were Macs able to predict the wants of their users?

  • Do you think that Macs can eventually replace PC? If so, why?


  • Mac

    Get a Mac – Restarting

  • PC

    Microsoft - I'm a PC - Stereotype Commercial #1


  • What if Mac changed? What if Justin Long was replaced?

  • How do you think that would change our perception?