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iVMS Product S uite PowerPoint Presentation
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iVMS Product S uite

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iVMS Product S uite - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5200P. 5200E. 4200. iVMS Product S uite. iVMS-5200 Enterprise. 1024 Devices. Up to 1024 cameras. Unlimited Devices & Cameras. iVMS-5200 Professional. iVMS-4200. 256 Devices. Up to 1024 cameras. Suitable for small to mid-size business Cost-effective

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iVMS Product S uite

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    1. 5200P 5200E 4200 iVMS Product Suite iVMS-5200 Enterprise 1024 Devices Up to 1024 cameras Unlimited Devices & Cameras iVMS-5200 Professional iVMS-4200 256 Devices Up to 1024 cameras • Suitable for small to mid-size business • Cost-effective • ONVIF and third-party IP camera support • Designed for large distributed installations • 24/7 surveillance • Reliable scalability • Stand-alone • Hikvision only • Free software

    2. iVMS-4200 Client …… …… Hikvision

    3. iVMS-5200 Profession 3rd Part Hikvision CMS …… …… Mobile Client C/S Client Web Client

    4. iVMS-5200 Enterprise 3rd Part Hikvision CMS SMS SMS SMS SS SS SS …… …… Mobile Client C/S Client Web Client

    5. Security trend and how we react 行业试探产品 iVMS-5200 Profession-V • Vertical Market 已有产品,项目应用 iVMS-5200 Enterprise • Solution Driven 推广产品 iVMS-5200 Profession • Channel Driven 已有产品 iVMS-4200/iVMS-4500 • Product Driven

    6. Contents Overview 1 2 Feature walkthrough 3 Coming soon 4 1

    7. iVMS-5200Pro Features

    8. Feature walkthrough Total solution

    9. Total solution • Central Management • Enhanced Stability • Reduce total cost of ownership • Manageable Operator behavior

    10. Central Management E-Map Resource CMS …… …… Client Client Client

    11. Central Management E-Map Resource CMS …… …… User a User b User c

    12. Allow many users in various locations to view a video feed simultaneously, without overcrowding the network, by using the Stream Media Server (SMS) to manage and distribute the stream. • Central Management Stream Media Solution Video Stream SMS User a User b User c • Stream Media Solution help you to save the bandwidth effectively

    13. 5200P provide the function to automatically switch the resolution of your video streams, based on the size of the video tile • Central Management Dynamic Stream Selection Main Stream Sub Stream • Help you to reduce the load on your network and workstation

    14. Graphical on-line and off-line status • Timely recording status • Camera Status and Health Monitoring • Incident Reporting • Central Management Immediate status check • System status greatly saves users’ maintenance investment. • Recording status reduces data loss caused by device / server failure.

    15. Enhanced Stability CMS SMS PSS MAG SS Watch dog • Some servers abnormal or quit, the watch dog will auto-restart the server, ensure the stability of the servers.

    16. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership … • 1024 cameras one server • Provide powerful centralized management with single server • Make full use of server • Benefit • Reduce investment cost with less hardware. • Removeextra training cost and difficulties with initial deploying.

    17. Manageable Operator Behavior It’s OK.I’ve dealt with it. ——User A Acknowledge by User A Acknowledge User A User B It’s OK.I’ve dealt with it. ——User A Acknowledge by User A User C • One user can acknowledge the alarm. Avoid duplication of work.

    18. Manageable Operator Behavior Please check the storehouse. ——User A User A User B User C • One user can send manual alarm to another online user with description.

    19. Manageable Operator Behavior Freeze User A User B Force logout User C • Use advanced function to manage users.

    20. Manageable Operator Behavior PTZ PTZ 50 100 PTZ 50 • PTZ control permission is dependent on the permission level of user.

    21. Feature walkthrough Smart

    22. Smart • Video content analysis • Behavior analysis & Auto-Tracking & People counting

    23. Video Content Analysis Perimeter Intrusion Enter/Exit Region Line Crossing People Counting Auto-tracking • Reduce invalid events, improving accurate recognition and handle efficiency. • Provide business-based analysis data to optimize and adjust operation strategy.

    24. Video Content Analysis Capture Record • VCA alarm: capture / record

    25. Video Content Analysis Export • Daily / Monthly / Annual People Counting statistics • Export Report

    26. Feature walkthrough Open

    27. Open • Integrate Third Party Cameras • Capable to be integrated (V3.2, Mar. 2015)

    28. Scalable Integration SDK ONVIF • Open to everyone: Holding openness in mind, it will allow users to easily integrate with other leading CCTV equipment • Existing system integration: Distributed architecture design makes it flexible and easy to interconnect with various types of security and business systems, providing endless possibilities and adaptions

    29. Contents Overview 1 Feature walkthrough 2 Coming soon 3 4

    30. Coming soon V3.2 V3.0.1 V3.1 • Client:Win8.2 • Memory extend • Platform SDK • More cameras support(>10 Brand) • Cascading • Mobile client with video push • Integrate third-party system • Much wizard to improveeasy of use • Integrate Access Control • Integrate VCA: Heat mapping statistics • Active Directorysupport • Server:Win7 / 8/8.1 support • Client:Win 8/8.1 support • Retail features: PoS • Basicwizard support 2014.7 2015.3 2014.9

    31. POS Integrations in V3.1 POS integrations adapted to the retail scene perfectly. Commodity name Commodity ID Commodity Price Commodity NO. Time ……

    32. Active Directory support in V3.1 Inherit your original user management mechanism, make your system more flexible. When you running the software the system will verify your Domain Account. Active Directory

    33. Cascading in V3.2 One client can manage maximum three Central Management Servers (CMS), equivalent to support 3072 channels. Make the software more capacity to adapt the mid size project. 1024 Channels Client can switch the CMS smoothly … CMS-A 1024 Channels … CMS-B 1024 Channels CMS-C …

    34. Platform SDK in V3.2 More open, more flexible! Provide the possible to be integrated with other system and secondary development

    35. Wizard in V3.2 Help the user, without any training, to configure the system parameter easily and quickly. What you need to do is just follow the steps.

    36. First Choice for Security Professionals