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Murchison Goes Solar Project. Braemac at a Glance. Murchison Goes Solar. Braemac Energy is an Australian owned company that delivers clean, green energy solutions for households, councils and schools looking to take a positive stand for the environment. Braemac Energy provides:

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Braemac at a Glance

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Presentation Transcript
murchison goes solar
Murchison Goes Solar

Braemac Energy is an Australian owned company that

delivers clean, green energy solutions for households, councils and

schools looking to take a positive stand for the environment.

Braemac Energy provides:

  • Custom PV solar energy arrays, (on and off grid). Solar hot water
  • Wind energy systems
  • Custom hybrid systems

Our solutions are backed by in-depth industry know-how and a

complete professional service.

Murchison Goes Solar project is grid interactive

murchison goes solar3
Murchison Goes Solar

Grid Connected PV Array

  • During the day solar panels convert energy from the sun into DC energy.
  • The inverter then converts the DC to 240V AC for the home.
  • Once installed, during the day your home uses the energy and any surplus is fed back into the grid.
murchison goes solar4
Murchison Goes Solar
  • 6 x Sharp NUS0E3E Solar Panels, requiring approx 10sqm roof area
  • High-power module (180W) using 155mm square single-crystal silicon solar cells.
  • Textured cell surface to reduce the reflection of sunlight to improve cell conversion efficiency.
  • Using white tampered glass, EVA resin, and a weatherproof film along with an aluminium frame for extended outdoor use.
  • Output terminal : Lead wire with waterproof connector
  • 25 year warranty
murchison goes solar5
Murchison Goes Solar

Latronics Inverter

  • 3yr warranty, optional 5yrs.
  • Outdoor Enclosure if required.
murchison goes solar6
Murchison Goes Solar
  • Pitched Tile Roof
murchison goes solar7
Murchison Goes Solar
  • Pitched Tin Roof
murchison goes solar8
Murchison Goes Solar
  • Flat Roof - Tilt Rack
solar homes communities plan government rebates dept of environment water heritage the arts
Solar Homes & Communities PlanGovernment Rebates(Dept. of Environment Water Heritage & the Arts)
  • Residential Rebate scheme
  • Household annual taxable income below $100,000 may be eligible for a up to $8,000
  • PV system must be designed and installed at the principal place of residence
  • NEW SYSTEM: Up to 1 kW @ $8/w up to 1,000w ($8,000 rebate)
  • UPGRADE EXISTING SYSTEM: Current PV systems can be upgraded to a max. size of 2kW @ $5/w up to 1,000w ($5,000 rebate)
  • Community Buildings scheme
  • A competitive scheme with an educational element
  • 50% rebate for the cost of a 2 kW PV system
  • Larger PV systems allowed although component not funded
  • Schools eligible through the National Solar Schools plan
murchison goes solar10
Murchison Goes Solar

Step by Step Process

  • $100 deposit on submission of Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) paperwork (means tested/primary residence)
    • Tonight
    • tomorrow at Murchison Bakery or
    • by post before 31 January 2009 when fixed price offer ends.
  • Site inspection and quotation
  • Acceptance of Braemac customised quote.
  • Payment of $900 upon AGO rebate approval.
    • AGO approval is currently taking 10 weeks)
  • Balance – 14 days after PV array is commissioned by a VIC Safe Inspector, is fully operational, connected to the Electricity Grid and all works approved by AGO.
how much power does a 1kw braemac energy system produce
How much power does a 1kW Braemac Energy system produce?
  • 1kW system in Northern Victoria will produce approximately:
  • 4-5 kWhr/day
  • 1,750 kWhr/year
  • $280/yr reduction on power bill (@$0.16/kWhr)
  • Victorian nett feed-in tariff pricing (proposal)
    • $0.60/kW nett (ie surplus to household use). To be resolved shortly for implementation in January 2009.
    • Currently not all power distributors accept a feed-in tariff (Origin, Country Energy & Red Energy do)
  • Payback period is approximately 6.5 years
    • surplus power goes into grid & reverses meter
    • assume cash payment and fixed power price
    • Will be quicker with gross feed in tariff, higher tariff or increase in power price
murchison goes solar12
Murchison Goes Solar

System Servicing

  • A service agreement is in place for 2 years, which covers any failure of the PV system.
  • After 2 years, the manufacturer’s warranty applies, which covers the repair or replacement of the faulty product.


  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – the Government allocates a number of RECs based on the size of a PV system and the postcode. These RECs have a monetary value that can either be used to reduce the cost of the system by trading them with the installer, traded on the open market or retired.
murchison goes solar13
Murchison Goes Solar
  • Schedule of Works
cost schedule for 1kw system
Cost Schedule for 1kW system

Braemac fixed cost for a 1kW Photovoltaic (PV) solar

panel system grid connected with a 1kW inverter $10,337


government rebate $8,000

Surrender Renewable Energy Certificate $ 817

Sub Total $1,520


Powercor reverse meter,

installation & certification $350 (approx*)

Total $1,870

Refer to the schedule of rates for variations

Although not under its control, Braemac will assist customers from completion of installation to completion of fit out of meter and assist customers with any issues if and when they arise.  

Final payment will only occur after this work is completed.