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At a glance. Avanade provides business technology services that connect insight, innovation and expertise to help customers realize results…. 3,500 Global Customers 12,000 Professionals Worldwide Local in 24 Countries $950M in FY10 revenue Leading Industry Solution Specialists

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At a glance

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  1. At a glance Avanade provides business technology services that connect insight, innovation and expertiseto help customers realize results… • 3,500 Global Customers • 12,000 Professionals Worldwide • Local in 24 Countries • $950M in FY10 revenue • Leading Industry Solution Specialists • Relentless Focus on Delivering Measurable Business Results

  2. State of the industry 30 billion new Facebook photos added annually 346 million people globally read blogs 25% of search engine results for the top 25 brands link to user generated content 15% of all ad spend is online DigitalContent Facebook passed Google in 2010 as top destination 78% trust peer recommendations 30% of offline sales influenced using online tools 80% of Gen Y connect with people on Social Media SocialNetworks 30% of offline sales influenced using online tools $500 million in 2009 globally from mobile internet advertising MobileEffect

  3. Industry Trends • Digital content volume is growing • Content is very dynamic and difficult to keep updated • Growing interest from suppliers to support content publishing • Vast amount of structured and unstructured content Increased demand for new channels and campaigns • Extranets, Mobile, Kiosks, RSS, social media, and newsletters • Demand for Micro-sites and Time-boxed Campaign Sites • Partner channels Lack of Targeting and Personalization • Multiple business units and geographies with variations on: • Products, solutions, services, agreements • Customer profiles Inability to “get in” and “find” what you’re looking for • Partners unable to find content resulting in increased call center activity or worse, complete abandonment • Engineers choosing to search on manufacturers website

  4. Our experience spans the digital marketing and eCommerce landscape Business to Business Business to Consumer / eCommerce Wide-ranging application functions Application Complexity • Convert, retain shoppers • Product-specific targeting • Advanced search • Efficient biz relationship • Complex biz rules • Complex Integration Corporate Presence / “corporate.com” Brand Marketing / “brand.com” • Static Content • Information-only • Limited personalization • Product-centric • Interactive • Personalized No integration, shopping carts, transactions, etc. User Experience Static Content Dynamic Content , Interactive, & Personalized

  5. Digital Marketing VisionComplementary Solutions to Internet Sites GAMING MESSAGING MOBILE DISPLAY INTERNET SITES SEARCH SOCIAL

  6. Digital Marketing Solution Alternatives:Individual Point Solutions vs. Pre-Integrated Platform Next-Generation Pre-Integrated Conventional Custom Integrated Backend Systems Backend Systems WCMS ESP SharePoint FAST Foundational Components Foundational Components COMMERCE ANALYTICS COMMERCE ANALYTICS Discretionary Components Discretionary Components • Isolated intelligence • Inferior workflow & orchestration • Disjointed personalization & optimization • Disparate component development strategies • Unified intelligent layer with common logic and profiling • Orchestrated total-experience optimization • Cohesive product and solution development roadmaps to sustain harmonious interaction

  7. Analyst ratings for Digital Marketing solutions Microsoft is a consistent leader across the breadth of capabilities highlighting the advantage of a pre-integrated application portfolio Search Business Intel Integration Internal Social External Social Web Content Portals With flexible deployment models for on premises and/or cloud-based implementation

  8. Capability Maturity Model:Most companies are operating with “Fundamental” capabilities on their portal platforms. Our goal is to establish a Roadmap to move our customers into a position of “Differentiation” and “Leadership” in the online marketplace. Capability Maturity Model Leadership Customer Centricity Implementing newprograms thatgrows market share,builds retention,and builds loyalty Differentiator Advanced Digital Capabilities Leadingbusinessesare leveragingthe latest Web 2.0capabilities Fundamental Standard B2C &B2C Capabilities Available on mostof the largerwebsites • With each step in the process, we strive to help your exceed the standards for customer service and online capabilities

  9. Capability Prioritization and Evaluation Criteria • Legend: • Tier 1 – Fundamental • Tier 2 – Differentiator • Tier 3 – Leadership • Targeted Content • Proprietary Market Reports • Globalization / Localization High • Personalization • Value: • Business impact estimated by: • Increases ability to support increased scalability and growth • Improves ability to delivery new Digital business capabilities • Improves quality and consistency of services • Loyalty • Supplier Scorecards • Mobile Messaging • Community Forums • Multi-Media • Experts Blogs / Wiki’s • Customer Service • Mobile Apps • Customer Insight • Business Insight Value • Advanced Search • New Online Apps • Performance improvements • Security (Single Sign-on) • Modern Application Framework • Data Access • Real-time Integration • Modern, Professional UI • Consistent Look n Feel • Document Collaboration • Online Transaction Processing • Commodity Market Updates Business Transformation & Leadership Market Differentiation Fundamental Capabilities Low Impact Low High • Impact: • Amount of behavioral, process, or technological change required by the business • Complexity and cost of implementation

  10. Industry Examples and Demonstration • Connecting with consumers where they live, work and play • SharePoint FIS- Content Targeting and PersonalizationOltiva Financial: High fidelity, rich internet applications • Dynamics and Flexible ContentContoso Electronics: Business users editing content • Display Ads, Promotions and OffersDockers Ad Network • Social Media: Communities, Videos, Blogs, Forums, etc.Online Shopping • Advanced SearchBest Buy • New Channels and DevicesTouch Screen Technologies

  11. Web Content Management Demo

  12. Industry Examples: Web Content ManagementArcher Daniels Midland Proctor & Gamble

  13. Digital Advertisements / Promotions

  14. Personalizing the User Experience Customer Segment: Novice Dec 1, Chicago, Illinois, 60601, 12noon, sunny day, 68F.... Driving the Highest Desired Outcome Registration Sign up for atasting event Customer Segment: Expert Dec 1, Chicago, Illinois, 60601, 6pm, rainy day, 54F.... eCommerce Sell one of the high-end brands

  15. Search: Merchandising and Guided Navigation • Merchandising • Ability to narrow search • Ability to identify "Best Bets" • Suggestions • Ability to spotlight content • Ability to offer cross-sells and up-sells based on search results • Ability to search certain categories of the site • Guided Navigation • Ability to direct consumers to promotions,discontinued items, i.e. Last Chance • Ability for search results to be categorized based on navigation scheme • Ability to show related categories andsubcategories that are represented in the search results • Ability to distinguish between exact relevant results and close results (e.g. Satin hands)

  16. Personalized and Automated eMails: • Personalization - “We value you and understand you”. ‘Relevance’ is crucial to maintaining customer engagement • Leverage website personalization and individualized customer targeting to deliver highly personalized emails

  17. Connect with Your Customers 2 1

  18. Automated Diagnostics and Search Analytics help identify Key Performance Penalties and undermine your business goals Digital Diagnostics (ADD) Strategic Search Analytics • Leverages available consumer panel data from a 2.25M sample U.S. audience • Proprietary Accenture analysis provides category-specific share for both paid and organic traffic volumes • The result is a clear view of current position, potential and path to get there • Identifies structural problems that undermine performance, compromise customer experience, increase costs and introduce risks • Intelligent scanning agent captures complete view across all interdependent attributes (Data Quality, Site Quality, Compliance) • Prioritizes KPP’s (Key Performance Penalties) which undermine volume, conversion, experience and costs

  19. Strategic Search Analytics ResultsCategory-Specific Keyword Analysis,“recycling”* Search Click Market Share • Consisting of: 553k total clicks, 43K paid clicks and 510k organic clicks • Data timeline: 6 months, Feb – Jul 2010

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