Fiscal year fy 2012 budget period progress report bpr noncompeting continuation revised may 27 2011
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Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Budget Period Progress Report (BPR) Noncompeting Continuation Revised May 27, 2011. BPR Technical Assistance (TA) page: Agenda. Overview Application Due Dates & Times Submission Process Program Narrative Update

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Fiscal year fy 2012 budget period progress report bpr noncompeting continuation revised may 27 2011

Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 Budget Period Progress Report (BPR)Noncompeting ContinuationRevised May 27, 2011

BPR Technical Assistance (TA) page:


  • Overview

  • Application Due Dates & Times

  • Submission Process

  • Program Narrative Update

  • Performance Measures

  • Budget

  • Important Facts

  • Technical Assistance Contacts

  • Question & Answer Session


The Budget Period Progress Report (BPR) provides an update on the progress and challenges of Health Center Program grantees who do not have a project period end date in FY 2012 (October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012)


A Health Center Program grantee whose project period ends in FY 2012 (October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012) must complete a Service Area Competition (SAC) application instead of a BPR


  • The BPR is submitted only in the HRSA Electronic Handbook (EHB)

  • Grantees can begin to complete the BPR approximately 2-3 months prior to the submission deadline*

  • Information on completion of the BPR submission can be found in the BPR Instructions and the Noncompeting Continuation (NCC) Progress Report for BPHC User Guide for Grant Applicants available in EHB and on the BPR TA page at

    *see following slide for details

Submission process
Submission Process

  • Grantees will receive notification from EHB that the BPR is available for completion approximately 2-3 months before the deadline

  • All required information must be provided in EHB

  • Incomplete or non-responsive progress reports will be returned through a “request change” notification

  • Failure to submit the BPR by the deadline or submission of an incomplete or non-responsive progress report may result in a delay in Notice of Award issuance or a lapse in funding

Submission requirements
Submission Requirements

  • SF-PPR and SF-PPR-2 (basic information forms)

  • Budget Information: Budget Details

  • Budget Narrative (also known as Budget Justification)

  • Program Specific Forms

  • Program Specific Information (Performance Measures)

  • Attachments (including Program Narrative Update)

    see Tables 2-5 (pages 6-9) in the BPR Instructions

Attachments and forms
Attachments and Forms

  • Form 1C (Documents on File) has been revised

  • Attachments 6 (Summary of Contracts, Agreements, and Sub-Recipient Arrangements) and 7 (Sliding Fee Discount Schedule(s)) are new for FY 2012

  • Attachments 1 (Program Narrative Update) and 7 (Sliding Fee Discount Schedule(s)) are required

  • All other attachments are “as applicable” based on organizational and/or programmatic changes since the last SAC application, New Access Points application (for new starts), or BPR submission

    see Table 3 in the BPR Instructions for a list of Forms

    see Table 5 in the BPR Instructions for a list of Attachments

Program narrative update
Program Narrative Update

Attachment 1: Program Narrative Update

  • Need

  • Response

  • Collaboration

  • Evaluative Measures

  • Impact

  • Resources/Capabilities

  • Governance

  • Support Requested

Program narrative update1
Program Narrative Update

The Program Narrative Update should address broad issues and changes

  • Highlight the CURRENT STATUS and describe any CHANGES

  • Information must be provided for each item within each section

  • Grantees may not indicate “no change” for any item

Program narrative update2
Program Narrative Update

  • An item about FQHC-related benefits and BPHC/HRSA-targeted initiatives has been added to the Response Section

  • An item about EHR/HIT and meaningful use has been added to the Resources/Capabilities Section

  • An item has been added to the Governance Section for grantees who are Indian tribes or tribal, Indian, or urban Indian groups

Clinical performance measures
Clinical Performance Measures

  • Standard Clinical Performance Measures:

    • Diabetes

    • Cardiovascular Disease

    • Cancer

    • Prenatal Health*

    • Perinatal Health*

    • Child Health

    • Behavioral Health

    • Oral Health

      *may be marked “not applicable” if services are only provided via referral

Clinical performance measures1
Clinical Performance Measures

  • NEW Clinical Performance Measures:

    • Weight Assessment and Counseling for Children and Adolescents*

    • Adult Weight Screening and Follow-Up*

    • Tobacco Use Assessment*

    • Tobacco Cessation Counseling*

    • Asthma – Pharmacological Therapy*

      *may be marked “not applicable” for this BPR submission only; all grantees will be required to report on these measures in the 2011 Uniform Data System (UDS) Report

Clinical performance measures2
Clinical Performance Measures

  • REVISED Clinical Performance Measures:

    • Diabetes – revised to capture data on HbA1c levels that are < 7%, < 8%, < 9%, or > 9%*

    • Child Health – revised to add 2 Hepatitis A shots, 2 or 3 Rotavirus shots, and 2 influenza shots*

      *The measure forms will include the unrevised version of these measures. If reporting on the revised version, grantees must note this in the Comments field of the measure form. If reporting on the unrevised version, no note is required. All grantees will be required to report on the revised measures in the 2011 UDS Report.


Financial performance measures
Financial Performance Measures

  • Standard Financial Performance Measures:

    • Total Cost per Patient

    • Medical Cost per Medical Visit

    • Change in Net Assets to Expense Ratio*

    • Working Capital to Monthly Expense Ratio*

    • Long Term Debt to Equity Ratio*

      *may be marked “not applicable” by tribal and public center grantees

Performance measures general information
Performance Measures:General Information

  • Grantees are encouraged to create program-specific performance measures (clinical and/or financial measures) by selecting Other

  • If a previously-defined Other measure is no longer tracked, mark it as Not Applicable and provide a justification in the Comments field

  • Information that will not fit on the performance measures forms should be included in the Evaluative Measures section of the Program Narrative Update

    see Appendix B of the BPR Instructions

Performance measures general information1
Performance Measures:General Information

  • All measures will be pre-populated with data submitted in the 2010 UDS Report

  • If pre-populated data is changed, a justification must be provided in the Comments field

  • Use the Qualitative subfield of the Progress Toward Goal field to describe contributing and/or restricting factors that have impacted progress and identify new and emerging issues (e.g., target populations and/or service areas)


  • Budget information should be consistent with information included in the most recent Notice of Award

  • The Budget Information: Budget Details form replaces the Budget Summary and Budget Categories forms

  • Provide sufficient information in the budget narrative to show that costs are reasonable and necessary for implementation of the proposed project

  • The budget narrative should include a line-item budget and any narrative required to explain costs

    see Section IV of the BPR Instructions (pages 10-12)

Important facts
Important Facts

  • Applications may not exceed 60 pages or 8 MB (see Tables 2-5 (pages 6-9) in the BPR Instructions for items included in the page limit)

  • Submit single-spaced narrative documents with 12 point, easily readable font (e.g., Times New Roman, Ariel, Courier) and 1-inch margins

  • Failure to include all required documents may result in a submission being returned for changes which could delay award

Technical assistance contacts
Technical Assistance Contacts



    Program Related Questions

  • Cheri Daly: or 301-594-4300

    Budget Related Questions

  • Donna Marx: or 301-594-4245

    EHB Related Questions

  • BPHC Helpline: or 877-974-2742

Question answer session
Question & Answer Session


Throughout the application process, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the BPR TA page located at