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Quick German - German Language Learning Lessons PowerPoint Presentation
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Quick German - German Language Learning Lessons

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Quick German - German Language Learning Lessons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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QuickGerman is a new method developed especially for English speaking ones which helps you to learn more than 1200 words within only 38 lessons. Learn to speak German language with online German Speaking and Learning Course! Visit us at :

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About Us

Hans Peter Pan. Hartmann is a German teacher, born and educated in Germany. Since 1983 he teaches abroad, specialized in private teaching and especially in developing systems of quick-learning and easy understanding of the german language.

He is using the latin and the greek element of the german and other languages to make it easier to be understood by english speaking persons and in the future by french and spanish speaking ones. Especially the similarities of syntax, words and phrases between german and the languages mentioned above help to learn faster and easier.


What is Quickgerman?

  • Quickgerman is a new method devoloped especially for English speaking ones.
  • This new method is helping you to learn more than 1200 words within only 38 lessons ,to use them correct ,to understand them and to make conversation.
  • The German colloquial language exists to ninety percent of these 1200 words.
  • In the end of this program you will be able to say:"I speak German."
  • Even after the fifth lesson you will start to under stand and to speak common sentences.The English translation is adapted in a special way to the German text,that you note the resemblances of these both languages immediatly.

What is Quickgerman?

  • This method was developed with the help of several pupils between twelf and sixty years old.Besides these experiances,Quickgerman was improoved constantly.
  • You learn three words at the beginning.These three words help you to learn the next ten words and with these you learn the next hundred words ... Et cetera. You learn without trouble and without to learn each word by heart.Read the text and listen at the same time to the german audiotext. Segment for segment.
  • Thus you will learn the right pronunciation.
  • Stop the audiotext occasionally to read the English translation.
  • If you are ready with a lesson,you can repeat it easily by audiotext during your work at home,after work,in the car or in the livingroom when you rest.

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