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Seating Assessment

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Seating Assessment. Mohan Gopal Occupational Therapist Fit For Life. Seating Assessment: Basic. Advanced Seating Assessment:. Physical Assessment Neuro developmental Status 1) Muscle Tone 2) Reflexes Observation in current seating/wheelchair,

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seating assessment

Seating Assessment

Mohan Gopal

Occupational Therapist

Fit For Life

advanced seating assessment
Advanced Seating Assessment:
  • Physical Assessment
  • Neuro developmental Status

1) Muscle Tone

2) Reflexes

  • Observation in current seating/wheelchair,

Supine Lying and Sitting on Plinth

1) Pelvis ( Tilt, Obliquity and Rotation)

2) Trunk ( Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis)

3) Lower Extremities (Angle, Position and Windswept)

seating assessment1
Seating Assessment:
  • Upper extremity position ( shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand grip )

AROM & PROM (Supine Lying)

  • Head and Neck

1) Cervical curve

2) Neck Position

3) Control

  • Lower extremity position

AROM & PROM (Supine Lying)

  • Levels of Pressure risk
  • Linear Measurements (in sitting)
  • Advance Measurements ( in sitting)
  • When to refer?
  • Whom to refer?
  • Why you should refer?
assessment for group 1
Assessment for Group 1:
  • Br. Peter 65 ., CVA, Lymphedema of both legs, IHD, Hypertension, Bilateral Hip OA, Obesity and Bipolar Disorder.
  • Requires assistance of 2 people for all his daily needs. He is 6 feet tall and weights 18 stones.
  • Chair bound, Difficulty with weight bearing on his ankle due to Odema. Sits in a normal chair with ordinary cushions. Developing pressure areas on his sacral area.
  • Analyse this client with possible and suitable seating and comfort needs.
assessment for group 2
Assessment for Group 2:
  • Pamela ., 68 retired teacher in lives alone in her apartment. She has a diagnosis of CVA ( 3 years before ) Lt Hemiplegia, dementia, osteoarthritis, prone to skin tears, bruising, alcoholism, increased agitation, decline in cognition and history of falls.
  • She finds it difficult to stand (weight bear on her ankle and knee) and has difficulty with her mobility. Sits in a wheelchair (given the relative as he passed away) with no cushions on it. Son complains about Ms. Pamela leans to her left with head down all the time, with the chance of falling off from the chair. Left leg is not rested on the foot plate and its totally moved away.
  • Analyse this client for possible seating and comfort needs.
we need good posture and seating for
We need good “Posture and Seating “ for
  • To maintain functional posture
  • To maintain correct alignment of head, trunk and extremities
  • To restore normal physiological functions
  • To reduce the impact on trunk muscles and fatigue
  • To reduce pain
  • To enhance and maintain recovery of function
  • To protect tissues from pressure ulcers

Highly recommended to attend these following courses-

  • Postural Care (Protecting Body Shape ) by

John and Liz Goldsmith, Sarah Clayton ,Anna\

  • Seating Assessments and Solutions- Level 1 & 2

Enable Ireland (SeatTech), Sandyford

any questions
Any Questions:
  • My contact details-

Mohan Gopal

Occupational Therapist

Fit For Life, 3 Sandyford Village,

Sandyford, Dublin


  • Ergonomic Seating- A true Challenge

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Principles by

(Bengt Engstrom)

  • Ergonomic Seating Guide- Handbook
  • Invacare Think Clinical Seating – Guide
  • Occupational Therapy for Physical Dysfunction

Pedretti 3rd Edition

Trombly 3rd Edition