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Brief Introduction to Political Psychology

Brief Introduction to Political Psychology. Orator:Cherry Hao. What do you know about Political Psychology?. Politics deals with……Psychology deals with……,so comes my topic

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Brief Introduction to Political Psychology

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  1. Brief Introduction to Political Psychology Orator:Cherry Hao

  2. What do you know about Political Psychology? • Politics deals with……Psychology deals with……,so comes my topic • The roots of political psychology can be traced back to the 1940s when psychoanalytic research into personality and politics became fashionable. • In more recent times, however, political psychologists have tended to embrace the scientific method as a way of understanding and predicting political behaviour and the discipline has grown increasingly important and influential as a result.

  3. What is political psychology? • Wikipedia:Political psychology is an interdisciplinary academic field dedicated to the relationship between psychology and political science, with a focus on the role of human thought, emotion, and behavior in politics. • Information: • 1、entities such as voters, lawmakers, local and national governments and administrations, international organizations, political parties, and associations. • 2、the wide scope of the disciplines from which political psychology draws, including anthropology, cognitive and personality psychology, sociology and social psychology, psychiatry, international relations, and other more distant fields such as economy, philosophy, and the arts.

  4. 3、Combine politics and psychology,stress psychology 4、How do all the elements work together and make a difference? 5、Try to find out the secret behind the political behaviors;And all of this work helps us understand why political events unfold as they do. 6、The International Society of Political Psychology(ISPP), is dedicated to the analysis of the interrelationships between psychological and political processes.

  5. Nine great points it concerns 1、Political learning, belief systems and cognitive styles 2、The political relevance of culture and personality 3、Personality and politics; mass psychology andauthoritarianism 4、Emotions and political behavior 5、Challenges of Effective Decisions-Making 6、 Prejudice, diversity, and social dominance theories 7、The dilemmas of multiculturalism; dealing with minorities 8、The fruits of hate: Ethnic cleansing, religious extremism and revenge. The roots of humane aggression: social and biological determinants of aggressive behavior. 9、 The psychology of holocausts and their perpetrators andhow political psychology helpsstatecraft.

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