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The World Leader in Crowdsourced Video Creation

The World Leader in Crowdsourced Video Creation. Importance of Video online. 20+ million videos uploaded to Facebook each month 2 billion videos watched YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine Brands are seeking to increase user engagement

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The World Leader in Crowdsourced Video Creation

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  1. The World Leader in Crowdsourced Video Creation

  2. Importance of Video online • 20+ million videos uploaded to Facebook each month • 2 billion videos watched • YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine • Brands are seeking to increase user engagement • Brands need a cost effective way to generate this video content

  3. What is Poptent? • Poptent is a video production company • Primarily for Fortune 500 • We produce “broadcast-ready” videos • 1/10 the cost of traditional production methods • For online video advertising, social media campaigns, websites & microsites, and broadcast

  4. How do we do it? • Crowdsourcing • 1st social networking platform for the videographer community • Over 30,000 filmmakers, directors, animators and actors • Using your assets, style guides • Creators are bound by confidentiality and transfer all rights to the submitted videos to you, the client

  5. Poptent Delivers • High quality video creative • Any length / any demo / any medium • At a fraction of the cost of traditional productions • “Crowdsourced” from young, independent video creators • Edgy and entertaining • Relevant • 30,000 strong creator community

  6. Wouldn’t it be great to have over 30,000 independent creators working for you!

  7. Poptent and Crowdsourcing The Power of the Crowd Applied to Video Production Client Chooses Videos Advertiser Brief Created Assignment Posted to Poptent Creators Register / Agree to Terms Download Assets & Brief Town Hall

  8. Poptent Videos • No talent fees • No residual fees • No 13 or 26-week cycles • All ads owned in perpetuity by the Client • All appropriate releases provided • Talent, music, photo & location • Some edits can be accommodated

  9. Poptent Clients (Partial List)

  10. Facebook • Sour Patch Kids: • Extend "Sour then Sweet" campaign for Facebook & YouTube • Purchased 6 spots to date • Releasing them every few days on their Facebook wall • Asking online audience to vote to decide what happens to the driver

  11. YouTube • Trident Layers: • Expand on their “Get Paid in Gum” campaign • 772 creators registered • 144 submissions • Purchased 5 videos so far • Video has 200,000 views in 1 month (the most by far on their channel)

  12. Traditional or Viral Video • Snickers: • Either traditional or viral video • 956 creators registered • 319 submissions • Purchased 3 videos

  13. Consumer Blog • Intel/Ogilvy PR: • 446 creators registered • 51 creators submitted commercials • Intel/Ogilvy PR selected 2 commercials • Posted on consumer blog, “Inside Scoop” • Promoted through YouTube, Facebook & Twitter

  14. CRM – email marketing • FedEx/Robinson & Maites: • 829 creators registered • 159 submissions • 9 videos purchased so far • Delivered to customers via monthly email blasts

  15. Part of educational video microsite • LG/Alcone Marketing Group: • 899 creators registered • 190 submissions • 8 videos purchased • Embedded into “Text Ed. Class” series hosted by Jane Lynch, star of Glee

  16. National TV • Triaminic: • Introduced children’s Fever Reducer product • Build awareness and trial • While reinforcing Triaminic’s heritage in children’s cough/cold and allergy medicines • Spot will air on national television

  17. Extend existing campaign • Bud Light “Dude”: • Expand on their Bud Light “Dude” campaign • 525 creators registered • 220 submissions • Purchased 4 videos for use online

  18. Direct Response - Retail • Lumber Liquidators: • 0:60 second, informative and compelling direct-response TV ad • Compel viewers to request a catalog, go online, or visit a store • Shot on location at retail outlets across the country • Will soon appear on national television

  19. Longer Form Content • US Bank: • Real life small business stories • Creators either were the subject or found a subject to showcase the needs of small business owners • Shows resourcefulness of the creative community

  20. International Distribution • Sprite: • one of Latin America’s most popular brands • Expand on “Brutal Honesty” campaign • No speaking roles • 100 submissions • Sprite purchased five for international use

  21. Video Storyboards / Testing • Amazon Kindle: • Originally, contracted to create a :30 TV commercial • Returned to test 10 positioning statements • Seven creators from 1st assignment were given 24-48 hours using their existing footage • Amazon used these video storyboards to test positioning statements

  22. Invite-Only Assignment • Nokia – New product Launch: • Selected 50 of the best Poptent creators • Creators had to have been purchased before • Nokia distributed 50 unreleased Nuron phones • Creators delivered 45+ videos that displayed the Ovi Maps GPS ability of the phones • Incredible quality – perfect for new product launch

  23. Discover the Power of the Crowd.

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